What is Trance formation of America? – The Deep State Exposed

What is Trance formation of America? – The Deep State Exposed


Have you heard of the book, Trance formation of America by Cathy Obrien and Mark Phillips?  Have you wondered what it’s about but haven’t quite had the time to delve into it or get the book?

Well sit tight because in this brief intro to the book, you will be given a brief glimpse of what the book is all about and to be given the answer to the question, just what is Trance formation of America?  Check out the review and brief synopsis below.

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Trance is an Autobiography of a Woman Who Claims to be the Victim of a US Government Mind Control Program

This is a book review and brief synopsis of the book, Trance-formation of America by Mark Phillips and Cathy O’brien.  Trance-formation of America is an autobiography by a woman named Cathy O’brien who claims to be a victim of mind control as perpetrated by a criminal element within the United States government.

The mind control program that Cathy was allegedly apart of is now famously known as MK ULTRA and project Monarch, which were programs conducted by the CIA.

Trance-formation of America was released in 1995 as a book after Mark and Cathy’s testimony to the US Congressional Permanent Select Committees on Intelligence Oversight was halted for ‘reasons of national security’.  The book was released so that the information that they had could be disseminated to the public for their own survival and the survival of the United States and the world.  Trance is now in law libraries across the world as it has done a tremendous job at exposing corruption within the United States government.

Essentially, Trance is Cathy’s account of her experiences in MK Ultra mind control to usher in what Adolf Hitler and George HW Bush called the new world order. Her story begins as being born into a multigenerational incest abuse family in Muskegon Michigan in 1957, where she was horrifically abused sexually by her father even as an infant. Due to her abuse, Cathy developed what’s known as DID or dissociative identity disorder.

Interesting Things Happen to the Brain When it is Exposed to Trauma

You see, When the brain is subjected to trauma or particularly intense and repeated trauma, neural pathways in the brain shut down around the trauma and push it back toward the subconscious mind so that the rest of the brain can function normally in any traumatic event.  This is called compartmentalized trauma, and these areas of the brain can be accessed when the brain sees something that triggers that particular memory.

This science was known to ancient societies around the world to one degree or another, including the catholic church after their experiences during the Spanish inquisition and the crusades.  The science of course relates to the effects of trauma on the brain and the brains subsequent suggestibility or even to total control.

The Science of Mind Control was of Particular Interest to Hitler and the Nazis

It became of particular interest to Hitler and Himmler during world war II, and various experiments were conducted on people, specifically children who had been part of extremely abusive upbringings including multigenerational incest abuse, and even more extreme forms of occult ritualistic abuse.

After WWII nazi mind and propulsion scientists were brought to the United States under project paperclip in 1945.  In 1947 the National Security Act was passed which was a major reorganization of military and intelligence powers, and essentially allows the government to do whatever it wants and when questioned, the government can say we can’t discuss these things for reasons of national security, and no one looks into it.

Such is the case with project MK ULTRA, project Monarch, and all the other programs these people were subjected to over the years and probably up until the current day.  Now children like Cathy who had been subjected to the repeated sexual abuse of her father were of particular interest to this criminal element of our government because of her conditioned mind with repeated trauma.

Due to the fact that Cathy’s father was not only abusing her, but producing and distributing child pornography through Michigan’s local mafia porn ring, Cathy’s father was caught and approached by then local Michigan politician Gerald Ford.

A Corrupt Element of the CIA and US Government Sanctioned Child Sexual Abuse and Child Pornography so These Children Could be Used in Their Experiments

It was explained to Cathy’s father what the significance of Cathy’s traumatization on her brain was, and that if he agreed to sell her into this particular program being conducted by the CIA, that he would remain immune to prosecution for his pedophilia and child pornography ring.

Incidentally, because this corrupt portion of the US government and CIA knew of the effects on the brain of children who were raped and molested by their parents, they actually allowed child pornography rings to go on so that they could have more subjects for their mind control projects.

At the excitement of Cathy’s father, and his new belief that the government actually sanctioned child abuse, Cathy was sold into the program and her father had five more children to sell into this program of mind control.  Once in the project Cathy was taken routinely to Mackinaw Island Michigan where the Michigan governors mansion is located, which is a political retreat kind of like a bohemian grove where politicians met and discussed new world order controls, mind control, mind control of the masses, mind control in the school systems, how to use occultism as a trauma base.

Cathy is Sold in Project MK ULTRA and Gets her Primary Owner, Former US Senator Robert C Byrd

When Cathy was 13 she became dedicated US senator Robert C Byrd as her owner in the program.  Senator Byrd decided where Cathy would go and what she’d be doing as it related to her mind control conditioning and the subsequent operations that she would be under taking.

This all took place during the Reagan Bush administration. Her high school years were spent at Muskegon central catholic school.

After Cathy’s first Catholic communion she endured a ritual that was called the Rite to Remain Silent which involved Guy Vanderjagt, a republican politician from Michigan who helped George HW Bush get elected, and the head of their church at that time a father Don.  They subjected her to an occult blood ritual that was so horrific that her subconscious mind readily accepted the programming that would come next for her.

With the Rite to Remain silent Cathy lost her ability for free thinking and for free will entirely.

This was her primary initiation into a hard mind controlled life of a white house sex slave and courier of drugs and black ops information between government leaders of various countries who were proponents of the new world order initiative.  From that time on her brain would only hear the instructions given to her by her programmers as to what to do which she would then robotically carry out without question.

Cathy Gets Her First Handler, Wayne Cox

After high school Senator Byrd ordered Cathy to be sent to Nashville Tennessee, where she would get her first handler, Wayne Cox.  Wayne Cox would further traumatize Cathy with various traumatic occult rituals, and would also eventually become the biological father of Cathy’s daughter Kelly.

Incidentally, Nashville was heavily involved in the mind control initiative as well as the proliferation of the CIA’s cocaine operation throughout the country primarily to fund their black operations, which included these mind control programs.

The country music industry provided a cover for mind control slaves like Cathy to be taken around the country to various places as designated and also to distribute and deliver the large quantities of cocaine that was coming into the country.

Wayne Cox answered to the orders of Robert Byrd, but also worked directly for then Louisiana Senator J Bennet Johnston, who was also involved heavily in mind control operations.  J Bennet Johnson exposed Cathy to an alien theme of programming rather than an occult theme.

Cathy says that the people running things in the US as a criminal operation claim to be gods, demons, and aliens to make the victims feel totally helpless.  Cathy also says the ultimate plan that these people have is to make us feel totally helpless and surrender to higher controls with something like a staged alien invasion.

Cathy’s First Trial Run was to Deliver Cocaine to Former Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton

In 1978 it was determined that Cathy had endured significant trauma to carry out her first trial run operation.  Cathy was to deliver cocaine to Arkansas, where then governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton’s cocaine operation was in full swing.

Throughout her book Cathy mentions being abused and raped by many entertainers, and politicians, many of whom are household names including people like Gerald Ford, George HW Bush, Dick Cheney, former Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau, and even Hillary Clinton among others.  Although she was around Bill Clinton and even George W Bush, she claims that neither one of these men abused her sexually as they were not into any kind of pedophilia.

In 1980 Cathy’s daughter Kelly is born as her handler Wayne Cox got her pregnant and was directly placed into MK ULTRA.  Kelly was traumatized from birth for MK ULTRA programming with trauma but they also used a more advanced form of vibrating neural pathways opened and closed using harmonics.

At this time Cathy and Kelly were brought back to Nashville where Cathy would get a second handler, a man by the name of Alex Houston.  Alex carried out criminal covert CIA operations that fund the black budget and included bringing in cocaine and distributing it around the us and Canada.

Alex would take Cathy around Canada, the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean to be involved with black operations, and took her to various military and nasa installations for mind control programming as well.

Cathy mentions that once in 1984 she was at Lampe Missouri where she heard George HW Bush and Bill Clinton talking about how when the American public became disillusioned with republican presidents leading the nation to a new world order, that Bill Clinton would be placed into office as a democrat.  Of course for these people party lines are irrelevant, as there are those who are for the new world order and those who aren’t.

Cathy says she was directly part of relaying information between US and Mexican leaders for laying the ground work for NAFTA, or the north American free trade agreement which was just recently renegotiated with President Trump.  The truth is the free trade that these leaders were interested in were the free trade of drugs and children being trafficked between Mexico, the US and Canada.

In 1983 Cathy says she overheard president Reagan and former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney discussing the new world order.  She says Reagan told Mulroney that he believed the only way to world peace was through the mind control of the masses.

Cathy and Her Daughter Kelly are Rescued

By 1988 Cathy was 30 years old and was deemed ready to be ‘retired’ or killed as she was too old for many of these people to be interested in her sexually anymore among other reasons.  At this time Mark Phillips, a CIA officer who was doing business with Alex Houston and who had no idea of these black operations that were going on, discovered Cathy and her daughter and decided to rescue them.

With the help of some intelligence friends who had respect for Mark, he was able to take Cathy and Kelly to the safety of Alaska where they could be safe and Cathy could begin the process of deprogramming herself by writing out her memories.

During this time Cathy’s daughter Kelly began having respiratory failure, which was a form of deep programming designed to be triggered in the event Kelly was ever to try to remember anything or be cracked by the heads of some other government, as her programming was specifically related to espionage and being a spy.

At this point Kelly is taken to Humana hospital where the doctors could not find any physical reasons that Kelly would be going into respiratory failure.  So a state psychologist came in and being aware of the mind control operations going on around the country, brought Kelly back to the state of Tennessee where she remained under the custody of the state of Tennessee for many years, but has since been released.

Mark and Cathy Continue to Fight to Get the Truth Out to the American Public and the World on the Atrocities and Dangers of Mind Control

Ever since then Mark and Cathy continued to fight to get the word out about the realities of mind control and of the initiative to destroy nations and bring them under a one world order totalitarian techno fascist dictatorship.  In 2017 Mark Phillips passed away but Cathy continues to fight to spread knowledge, light, love, and awareness to the world about these things.

As Cathy states in her book that the plan was to usher in this new world order in America and abroad when Hillary Clinton was to be elected president, it was believed by many that the election of President Donald Trump was part of an initiative to stop these evil people from doing what they were doing, to put America first, to put an end to the human and child trafficking, to do something about NAFTA, the border, and to generally prevent these evil plans that have been growing over these last many decades to come to fruition.

There is also a growing belief that many of these corrupt people are actually going to be tried and convicted for their crimes against humanity.

Others believe that this is all part of the original show of corruption and deception, but there are many reasons to believe that this resistance that many of us are seeing now is real.  In fact, many believe, myself included, that the QAnon phenomenon are actually good people within our military and intelligence who are informing the general public about what IS and HAS been going on, which includes the leaks from wikileaks back in 2016 that many believe cost Clinton the election. Well it did in part, but for good reason as she is one of the most evil and corrupt people this world has ever seen, and had she been elected president we would be going through hell on earth.

However, much work still needs to be done to expose these insidious crimes and plans of these people, to raise awareness on child trafficking, the production of child pornography, mind control, and the deliberate destruction of the fabric of the republic of the United States and the sovereignty of nations all over the world.  As of now, The National Security Act is being used to cover up the realities and atrocities of mind control, of the CIA’s war on drugs, the selling out of our country to new world order controls, and must be repealed among other things.

We’ve got to get this information out.  We’ve got to arm others with this information on mind control because KNOWLEDGE is our only defense against mind control.

The information in Trance is information that we have the right to know, and a NEED to know. KNOWLEDGE is our only defense against this corruption and the insidious realities of mind control.

Please inform yourself further of this incredible but important story by clicking the link below and getting yourself a copy of this most important book, and pass it along to people you know as well.  These truths are painful and uncomfortable, but they must be made known for the sake of our children, our loved ones, and the future.

Thank you.


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