What is Think and Grow Rich? – A Review of this Unbelievable Book

What is Think and Grow Rich? – A Review of this Unbelievable Book

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What is Think and Grow Rich all About?

Think and grow rich?  Yeah, right.

Honestly, that was the thought that crossed my mind when I first saw the book and noticed the title.  But then I couldn’t help but wonder to myself, what is think and grow rich really all about?

shocked man in purpleSo I decided to pick the book up and check it out.  After reading a few pages I found that it didn’t just blow my socks off, it blew all my clothes off in one shot.  Do you know what it’s like to be standing in the middle of Barnes and Noble stark naked?  I pray you never do.  But I have to say, this book was absolutely worth the shame and embarrassment, along with all the stares.

Honestly the title of the book pretty much sums the whole idea up:  you can literally produce riches for yourself in your life with the quality and consistency of your thoughts.  Not only that, but it’s a systematic process that anyone can follow, almost like a recipe for success.

It’s a Scientific, Step by Step Process for Success

If you were looking for a clear, concise, step by step process for achieving success in any area of your life, this would be it.  I mean really, Think and Grow Rich is literally a scientific step by step method for success.

The process consists of 13 steps:

1.  Desire

2.  Faith

3.  Auto-suggestion

4.  Specialized Knowledge

5.  Imagination

6.  Organized Planning

7.  Decision

8.  Persistence

9.  Power of the Mastermind

10.  The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

11.  The Subconscious Mind

12.  The Brain

13.  The Sixth Sense

As you can see all these 13 steps really take into consideration absolutely every area for achieving success in life.  Not only that, but it gives you the tools you need to sharpen your skills in each of the 13 areas.

So you might be thinking to yourself, ok, well aren’t those the general steps that people use to achieve success anyway?  I mean, yeah, ok you need to have an idea and work hard to get it, we already know that.

But don’t be fooled.  This book takes that premise, takes you by the hand, and leads you on a journey that can yield absolute success in wherever you place your focus and determination.  It will give you the direct experience that you really can create your reality with your mind.

And yes, it is about having an idea and working hard for it.  Massive action toward any goal is definitely a key component to success.

But the steps provided here along with the content of this book will allow you to take the basic premise of having an idea and working hard to bring it to life and amplify your ability to do that by about 50 times if not more.

In fact, once you familiarize yourself with this book and what it has to say, you will begin to realize that such information and technology if you will, will allow one to achieve absolute success in any area of their lives, and not just in terms of money.

It’s Not Just About Finances, it’s About Revolutionizing Your Entire Life

Not only is this about sharpening your ability to bring finances into your life, it’s about completely revolutionizing the way we live our lives and in how we go about cultivating success.

In fact, I myself was thinking that this kind of information could literally revolutionize the world in city worldevery way from top to bottom.  If people were consciously applying these principles in their lives not just for money, but in how they conducted everything in their life, I think the world could be revolutionized over night.  That’s how powerful and amazing this information is.

I also think, and the book itself says the same thing, that this kind of information should really be taught in schools.  This would help the children and students to know and understand the power of their minds as well as to understand that whatever they focus on consistently and work hard at they can achieve.  Of course this would include being able to do better in school, as well as to achieve more in school and in their career and lives all around.

Imagine what would happen if children knew and experienced that they can literally think whatever they want and bring it into manifestation.  And then imagine what would happen to the world if children and people in general knew that they could do this and not fail.

I’m telling you, friend, one way or another the concepts in this book are going to be the foundation for the revolution of the future of how we live our lives and experience life.  People will begin to realize that all the tools and resources we need for success of any kind really are within our own minds and have been there all along.

Are You Ready to Think and Grow Rich?

lady with moneyI think I’ve said all that I can about this book without giving it away.  The next step is to get yourself a copy of this amazing book and transform your life forever.

And of course in this day in age with Amazon, you can pick this up for yourself or a loved one super cheap.  There really is no reason not to pick up a copy or two.

Wherever you are in your life, and wherever you’d like to go, Think and Grow Rich will provide the tools for you to be able to change your thoughts and then to change your life forever.  The most amazing part about all this is that the more you realize you are in full control over your destiny simply with the ability to focus your thoughts, you will begin to experience an innate joy within you.  This joy will increase as you listen to the yearnings of your heart and then use your mind consciously to bring your hearts desires to life.

So you see it isn’t just about thinking and growing rich financially, it’s about thinking and growing rich in joy and happiness as well.

So what are you waiting for?  Get yourself a copy of this amazing book and start thinking rich and growing rich in absolutely every area of your life today!



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