What is the Point of Mind Control?

What is the Point of Mind Control?

Have you ever heard of mind control?

If you are a part of the underground truth world, there is a chance you have.

But what people don’t generally understand is that there is BOTH hard mind control as well as soft mind control.

Hard mind control is when someone’s brain and mind are literally broken down through intense repeated trauma and programmed a certain way where they can literally become robotic, whereas soft mind control is a more gradual manipulation of people’s perception of reality and of what’s really going on in the world.

But WHAT is the point of all this?


And WHY control?

Because your mind has the capacity and potential to literally create reality just as the divine does.

THIS is what it means to be created in the image and likeness of the divine.

And there are some people who want to use YOUR abilities for THEIR benefit at the EXPENSE of you.

This is what could be termed the dark occultists at the highest levels.

So what’s the solution to all this?

TAKE your mind back and take control of your OWN mind.

The truth is, many of us allow our minds to drift and become complacent with laziness and various habits along with a general lack of focus.

Some think it’s too difficult to consciously focus one’s mind and to consciously create things in their life.

But it’s NOT true!

It doesn’t take much to take back your own mind and to start using it consciously for your own life, as well as to prevent yourself from being manipulated and used by outside forces.

You CAN control your mind and although a little challenging, when you do you’ll be able to do ANYTHING.

Like, Jesus wasn’t kidding around.

THIS is what some don’t want getting out.

To start to take your mind back a little, why not write some things down that you’ve always wanted to do or thought you might not be able to do that are realistic to accomplish now, and work on using your WILLPOWER to tackle each thing on your list one at a time?

You’d be amazed how amazing you’ll feel when you learn to harmonize your mind, inner feelings, and your actions and in how much your confidence increases too.

So what’s the first step toward ALL solutions??

Mind control!

And if you don’t control your own mind…..others will do it for you……

Have fun experimenting and we’ll talk soon.


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