What is the Meaning of the World? – A Metaphysical Look at the World We Live In

What is the Meaning of the World? – A Metaphysical Look at the World We Live In

What is the meaning of the world?

I’m sure the question has crossed your mind on more than one occasion in your life.

It seems like a lofty question that many of us would LIKE to have answered, but many of us also believe that the question really CAN’T be answered.

Of course, there are those from various religious and spiritual backgrounds who have their own views on what the meaning of the world is.

And to be honest, when it comes to the MEANING of the world we live in, we do have to answer the question through some kind of spiritual explanation of things.

But how do we know for sure?

What IS the meaning of the world we live in?

Does the World Have a Meaning?

If we were to ask scientists about the meaning of the world, they could maybe give us some ideas about HOW the world was formed or maybe WHEN.

They might even have some theories on how the cosmos got started altogether with such things as the big bang.

But can any of them actually tell us WHY the world was created in the first place?

Such a question of course would have to mean that something or someONE consciously created the world we live in and did it with a purpose in mind from the very beginning.

I suppose that one would have to be able to answer the question as to whether or not there was a higher intelligence guiding all life before they could start grappling with the question of WHY this world was created in the first place by this being.

And again, there are MANY people who believe that no one has ever found the answers to these questions (although there are many who HAVE).

But suffice it to say that there IS a meaning to the world and that it WAS created consciously by a higher power.

This higher power can very much be proven to exist as well when one sincerely desires to know this being, and it can be done through things like prayer and meditation.

But even when one comes in contact with the divine itself, the question of what is the meaning of the world can still persist.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I would like to explore the major views of the purpose behind the world as well as the one that I like the best.

The 4 Major Views on the Meaning of the World We Live In

Now when we talk about the views on the meaning of the world, we’re not talking about any particular religion.

Rather, we are talking about the 4 major views that exist within ALL religions and spiritual paths.

These 4 major views are:

  1. Dualism
  2. Semi-Dualism
  3. Non-Dualism
  4. Pure Non-Dualism


With dualism, this view is basically that a creator, we’ll just call it God, created the world and universe we are in, and then interacts with it in various ways.

The basics of this view is that there is ‘God’ and then there is ‘everything else’.

Another word for there being a subject and an object is duality.

As you can see basically everyone who believes in the divine in some way sees the universe like this for the most part.

There is a general belief that God or some other higher entity created the world we live in and then interacts with it in various ways at different times if He or She chooses.

The meaning of the world from this point of view is that God simply created the world as sort of a hobby, OR that it was created so that He could have children to share his love and creation with.

But for some people, the question then arises as to WHY such a being would create a world such as the one we live in, with all kinds of suffering, madness, and insanity that goes on here.

Why would God, an all-loving, all-knowing, all-powerful cosmic father figure create children of his and then subject them to unbelievable suffering, hell, and death?

When one starts to ask themselves these kinds of questions, it leads us to the next view of the cosmos and the world we live in, which is….


With the views of semi-dualism, the basic views of duality are still in place.

There is still the view that there is fundamentally a subject as well as an object in the universe, or God as the creator along with His creation of the universe, the world, and human beings.

However, with semi-dualism the views OF God begin to shift a little.

In this view, there begins to dawn an awareness on the part of the one asking questions about God, that perhaps God doesn’t really have anything to do with our situation at all if God IS all-loving.

With this view, it becomes a little bit easier to start to be more trusting of God if we can start to perceive, even if it’s ever so slightly, that it’s not GOD that’s responsible for our lives and the world we are in, but that somehow or another WE are the ones responsible for our experiences in the world and what we see around us.

The meaning of the world from this point of view is that we are to learn to discern between what is God’s will and what is the ego’s will, or what will bring us in harmony with divine love and what will bring us suffering.


Now non-dualism is historically a view from the eastern world and is not something you see or hear about much in the west.

The basic premise of non-dualism is that ONLY God exists and that NOTHING else is actually REAL.

This view is primarily from the Advaita Vedanta if one is familiar with that.

And it says that if God is eternal, changeless, divine love, that ANYTHING that does not also contain these qualities is not in fact real, which would mean the ENTIRE universe of time and space, as it is constantly changing.

I know, that’s a bit mind-blowing.

But the meaning of the world we see here is simply that it is something of an ILLUSION projected by a part of a collective cosmic mind that believes itself to be separate from God.

Some call this the lower mind, some refer to this as satan.

But in this view, the meaning of the world that we are in is to strive to wake up from the cosmic dream of delusion suffering and death and to reunite with God, the source of all life and reality for eternity in eternal bliss and life.

However, one question that this view does not seem to be able to answer, is if this universe of time and space and of relativity and death is unreal, then WHY was it created or APPEAR to have been created in the first place?

And THAT major question brings us to the next major point of view of the meaning of the world:


The view of pure non-dualism is something that is VERY new in the world we live in today and comes from the spiritual test A Course in Miracles.

The basic view of pure non-dualism is very similar to the views of non-dualism, that being that only God is real and the universe of time and space are completely illusory.

But pure-nondualism goes one step further and provides the explanation as to WHY this world and universe appear to exist IF they are mere illusion.

The reason for the existence of our dream universe that pure-nondualism gives is that this universe is essentially a place the collective son of God came to hide from God the father.

The basic story is that the Son and the Father existed in perfect harmony throughout eternity, sharing ideas with each other and extending creation and bliss.

Then at some point the son of God contemplated the concept of separation from the Father, just to see what it would be like, and when the Father didn’t respond to this thought because it was impossible, the son then REACTED to it and collapsed within himself out of shock fear and confusion.

Out of this shock fear and confusion, the son of God then PROJECTED the complete OPPOSITE of eternity and oneness with God, or heaven, in the form of the universe of time and space.

This metaphysical story is exactly the same as the one in Genesis in the Bible where Adam and Eve partake of the fruit in the Garden of Eden when tempted by the serpent in the garden, and then are cast out of paradise in sin and subjected to suffering, torment, and death as a result.

Interestingly, Genesis also says that a deep sleep fell over Adam, and nowhere in the Bible is there any reference to him waking up.

Some could say that Adam and Eve being ‘kicked out’ of the garden didn’t actually happen at all and that it is JUST a DREAM!

SO, with this view of pure non-dualism, the meaning of the world is one where we learn how to forgive and love OURSELVES for our perceived sins and shortcomings, by learning to see that our TRUE self is actually ALL people, places, times and events.

The world is also a place where we come to learn that the perceived SEPARATION from God or the source of all bliss NEVER actually occurred at all and that the world of suffering and death is simply something that we are DREAMING.

The goal then is to wake up to our TRUE reality of timeless joy, love, and bliss, in divine harmony and union with God!

Wrapping it Up


I know that is A LOT to try to take in all at once!

To wrap up these four different views of the meaning of the world, they are:

1. Dualism – the view that God created the world and the universe of time and space and the meaning is simply some kind of hobby for God or simply a place where He can enforce his will and/or share his love with us, even though he puts us through unbelievable suffering and trials.

2.  Semi-dualism – the view that God created the world out of love so that we could learn from our own mistakes and overcome them and that perhaps it’s not God that is responsible for our suffering so much as ourselves.

3.  Non-dualism – the view that only God is real and that ANYTHING that does not reflect the nature of God, namely anything that is not timeless and changeless is COMPLETELY illusory and has no real meaning whatsoever.  The meaning of the world here is simply to wake up to the truth.

4.  Pure-nondualism – the view that only God is real and the universe of time and space is not, but that instead of God the Father being responsible for this illusion of suffering and death it’s a dream of the SON of God (of which we are ALL a part) and it’s a place to hide from God and to punish ourselves for our belief that we sinned against or SEPARATED from God.

The meaning of the world here is to forgive ourselves, to learn to love ourselves, and to trust God again, as well as to fully realize that the separation from God NEVER actually occurred at all.

Now, I don’t know about YOU, but I would say that given these views the meaning of the world is LOVE.

Learning to love ourselves.

Learning to love others.

And learning to love God once again.

Doesn’t that sound like a nice meaning to you?

Over to YOU now!

What are YOUR thoughts and feelings on everything discussed here?

Do you agree or disagree with anything discussed?

Do you favor a particular point of view than another?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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Talk soon.

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