What is the Matrix? Vol. 7 – The Underground History of Mankind Part 2: The Race for a New Global Order

What is the Matrix?  Vol. 7 – The Underground History of Mankind Part 2:  The Race for a New Global Order


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Hello and welcome to vol 7 of the what is the matrix series.  Today we’ll be covering the final part of our ancient and underground history as seen from an occult perspective and the race of the light occult and the dark occult toward a new global order.

In their quest for manipulation, domination, and control of minds, entire nations, and eventually the world itself, the dark occult primarily through the agency of the Jesuit Order and the Catholic Church would wage war both seen and unseen on all those deemed heretics in the eyes of the dark occultists and the catholic church.

Namely, anyone who wasn’t roman catholic or part of a dark occult family line.

The principle weapons the dark occult would use in this conquest were the science of mind control primarily through religion, infiltration of various political, religious, and social organizations, and propaganda via various forms of media as they developed.

Infiltration into various religious organizations, secret societies, and even governments around the world would allow them to sew the seeds of discord amongst different groups to cause chaos confusion and eventually various forms of revolutions and wars.

The other primary weapon the dark occult would use was the agency of banking and finance and in particular central banking via the fiat money system.

Through these agencies the dark occultists devised a way to get people and in particular governments indebted to them by loaning them money with interest and then effectively taking over the government like the mafia when the payments couldn’t be made or fell behind.

This also allowed the dark occultists to be able to seize control of entire economies with artificial booms and busts through artificial inflation of the money supply.

This would allow the dark occultists through central banking to bring people and whole nations to their knees so that people and governments would be more likely to do the bidding of these dark occultists in the form of central bankers.

Seeing these things happening primarily in Europe, and knowing that the dark occultists were behind them, the light occultists began to devise a plan for a new nation that would be free of such tyranny completely, and ruled over by serpents of wisdom that were elected by the people via a democratic republic.

Plans for this ‘new world’ were already underway by the late 1600’s and European serpents of wisdom began coming to North America across the Atlantic.  Freemasonic and Rosicrucian lodges were constructed and formed the basis of the new world, that some referred to as the new Atlantis.

The idea was for a new enlightened nation whereby the people were free and where tyranny and in particular the dark occultists could not reign via oppressive governments and in particular the fiat money system that they devised.

Not only did the serpents of wisdom create the blueprints of a democratic republic that would be ruled by the people and by serpents of wisdom, but to prevent the dark occult from being able to manipulate the nation through the economy they created a currency that was backed by gold and silver and did not allow a privately owned central bank into the country.

The American revolution was indeed a revolution of the serpents of wisdom and the light occultists against Europe, the Jesuits, the catholic church and the dark occultists.  The majority of those who fought in the American Revolution were masons and Rosicrucians, and those who drafted and signed the constitution and the bill of rights into place were also masons and rosicrucians.

America was designed to be a free world as well as to be a blueprint and model for the light occultist’s vision of a new world order, a global democratic republic ruled by the people and by serpents of wisdom.  Enlightenment and freedom would flourish and the dark occult would have no more power or influence in such a nation, and ultimately in the envisioned new world.

Of course after the American revolution and all the way up until 1913, nonstop struggles and even wars were fought in America in order to get a central bank instituted into the country.

The dark occultists wanted to do this to get a foothold in America and in the American government and to eventually get the American government off of a gold standard so they could be manipulated dominated and controlled like other parts of the world.

For the first half of American history the masons, rosicrucians, and those in office were well aware of the dark occults schemes and in particular the work of the Jesuit order and fought to keep them out of our country and our government, especially to keep the central bank out.

This is one of the primary reasons that John Adams wrote to Thomas Jefferson and said, “This society [Jesuits] has been a greater calamity to mankind than the French Revolution, or Napolean’s despotism or ideology.  It has obstructed the progress of reformation and the improvement of the human mind in society much longer and more fatally.”

Some believe that the civil war itself was fought in order to try to get a central bank instituted in America.  Although there was a great resistance to this for the sake of liberty and freedom, a central bank was finally instituted in America in 1913.

The dark occult, the sons of belial, the Jesuits and the catholic church finally had a foothold in the United States of America, and their own version of a new world order was now within reach of being brought into reality.

You see the concept of the new world order is something that has been around for quite some time, and many people have some awareness of it or have at least heard of it.  It is essentially the model of a global government to one degree or another.

What is less known, however, is that there are two visions for the new world order.  As we’ve discussed, it was the vision of the serpents of wisdom, the sons of the law of one, the great white brotherhood and the light occultists to have a global democratic republic where all people are free and can pursue their own happiness and enlightenment.

The second vision for the new world order is what some refer to as a dark world order, or a one world government ruled by the dark occultists with an iron fist.  This would be a fascist one world order where the elites rule over everyone else as slaves to the global system.

This vision includes a one world digital currency that all have to use and if anyone should do something to fall out of line their digital currency via a chip or some kind of debit card is simply turned off and that person can’t eat or survive.

To bring this vision into reality, all the dark occultists needed was enough conflicts, terror and war in order to justify ushering in their world system.  With the creation of the federal reserve in 1913 and with the rate that technology was progressing, the stage was set for the final sprint to the finish line between the light occultists and the dark occultists to bring to life their own vision of a one world system:  global freedom or global tyranny.

As the dark occultists, the Jesuits, the Rothschilds and other dark occult families had been financing and manipulating both sides of wars for quite some time with their central banking cartels, a final plan was put into place for total global dominance.

The idea was to manipulate into being 3 world wars that would be brought into manifestation via various forms of sewn discord along with artificially created economic depressions in various nations to justify these wars.

After these artificially created wars with artificially created boogie men of various sorts were over, new laws would then be put into place throughout nations for the ‘safety and security’ of the people, which would serve to gradually erode individual liberties at the same time.

As we all know, after 1913 and the institution of the federal reserve banking system into the United States things really moved into high gear fast with World War I, the great depression, World War II, and the subsequent Cold War and War on terror.

The dark occultists via the federal reserve were also successful in taking us off a gold standard completely so that our economy could be manipulated and ultimately destroyed.  With these plans all being largely successful, the dark occult was now closer than ever to global dominance through a final world war and a global economic depression of biblical proportions.

In 2016 some events took place that led many to believe that there was a resistance to the dark occults plan with outlets coming to the surface such as wikileaks, which released a ton of information that showed unbelievable amounts corrupt activity that was going on within the US government.

Later the outlet known as QAnon appeared on the scene who would gradually inform the public as to what was and had really been going on behind the scenes in the government for many decades, and how close we were to a final world war.

Whether or not this resistance is real remains to be seen as we wait to see whether or not the world is plunged into a global economic depression and a 3rd world war.

Of course it’s always important to remember that although there are evil and corrupt people in our world, there are also plenty of good, courageous and strong people willing to fight for what’s right.

And hopefully with insights into the reality of both the light occultists and the dark occult, you can take some comfort in knowing that there are indeed people out there fighting for the light and who are aware of the dark occult and their schemes and who have been fighting them all this time.

In the next video we will take a more in depth look into the truth about religion, the occult, and of beings like Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus, who and what they really are and what their connection is to us.

See you then.

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