What is the Matrix – Vol. 3: God

What is the Matrix – Vol. 3:  God

“Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.   He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.” – I John 4:7-8

What is the Matrix – God

The last couple of videos were about the intro to who I am, what this series is about, as well as to give you some context about what would be following as the series moves forward.

And so today, we are going to jump right into the topic of God.  I know, it’s a big one, and some might consider it presumptuous of me to even be able to talk about such a subject as God, but just stick with me and I’ll show you what I’ve seen and experienced over the years.

Why Don’t We Know God the Way We Know the Taste of an Orange?

For me I always thought it was curious as to how we as a human race could be so sure of things like sunlight, air, water, and food in our lives and be so unsure of God.

And when I say so sure of these things, I mean in the sense that these are all universal human needs, we all know this regardless of our background, race, culture, or belief system, and we also know beyond any shadow of a doubt that these things satisfy our most fundamental needs as human beings.

For instance, if someone is thirsty, we all know we need water or something similar to drink to quench our thirst.  There is a need that we feel within us, and when we get water or a similar drink we feel an innate satiation of that need.

We feel fulfilled in the deepest way, and it leaves us no doubt whatsoever.

So for me, if things like sunlight, air, water, and food are such universal needs for our lives, I always thought that something like God must be our most fundamental AND universal need.

Is God not our greatest need? And yet somehow our general experience and knowingness of God is a bit hazy or something of doubt for many people.

There are of course many different religions and spiritual paths that see God differently or believe that God has different attributes, leading many to be fearful of other ideas or paths about God, or fearful of God Himself. Or Herself.

Of course from this fear of the unknown springs all kinds of conflict between different people with different belief systems, religious backgrounds and points of view.

But how can this be? How can we not know God so deeply and fundamentally within our own being that there is no doubt about what God is or isn’t or who has the ‘real’ God or not?

How can it be that we don’t know and experience God the way we do sunlight, or air, or water or food? Especially since God is far more fundamental to our being and our lives than sunlight air water and food?

God CAN be Known Directly

Well, the truth is, God CAN be known directly and personally and so fundamentally so as to dispel all doubt, confusion, and fear of any kind.

And Not only CAN God be known this way, but it is in truth the ultimate destination for all souls, and is what has been referred to as moksha, nirvana, the promised land, or the Kingdom of Heaven.

Knowing God within one’s own being through and through the same way we know the feeling of sunlight on our skin, or of breathing in fresh air that fills our lungs, or of drinking water and eating food that satisfies our thirst and hunger is the reason why we’re here in a world like this.

Not only this, but knowing God directly and thoroughly is to experience true and divine love, divine bliss, and true and lasting fulfillment the way nothing else in this world can provide.

It’s all about God, but it’s also about the direct personal experience for each soul that exists or ever has existed, or the reunion of the soul with the infinite spirit of God.

Everything rests in God. Everything is about God, and everything is all leading back toward God.

It’s said that God is the rock upon which we build our lives in spirit.

But in my opinion God is the rock of the entirety of all creation regardless of what happens or what people do or what people believe.

In my opinion this is the miracle. In my view this is true unconditional love.

God is the Creator of Our Being, and is Divine Love

It’s my belief from everything I have seen and experienced that the word God stands for the creator of life and our true being, but also a word that stands for divine and unconditional love, bliss, fulfillment, and joy.

Furthermore, I believe that the word God is the same as the word Brahman, or Yahweh, or Allah.

I believe they are just different words for God, the same way there are many different words for the sun in different cultures and languages.

I believe that God is an infinite ocean of cosmic bliss awareness and love from which we’ve all sprung, in which we live move and have our being, and into which we will all melt and merge into again one day.

Some people talk about how certain people are going to hell or some place like that to suffer for eternity.

Hell is Only the Perception of Separation from God, or Divine Love

My view is that our perceived separation from God IS hell, and that we will continue to experience hell and suffering and death until we make the conscious effort to find God in our lives and to have that direct personal experience that we’ve been talking about.

Some people believe that certain religions are the only way to get to God, but I believe that all paths ultimately lead to God in the end.

If you don’t have to be part of a particular race, group, sect, or religious belief system in order to benefit from sunlight, air, water, and food, then how could it matter what religion you’re a part of in the light of how fundamental God is to all life?

I also believe in the theory of reincarnation, or that our souls incarnate in a world like Earth or similar worlds over and over again until we stop running from God and turn within to seek Him earnestly.

God is TRUE Reality

I believe that God, being divine love and bliss, is TRUE reality, and that anything that doesn’t reflect unconditional love and eternity is not truly real, such as the world we are currently living now.

I believe that God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, which means that God is all pervading and exists equally everywhere, including within you and I.

And I believe that to truly find God again, one must go within in some form or fashion to commune with Him there and then strive to find Him and to pursue Him whole heartedly the way one would do with any other goal until we FIND Him within every molecule of our being.

I believe that God is like the ocean, and we are like waves on the ocean.

We seem to have a separate existence, but it’s only an illusion,   In truth God is all there is, and all there ever was.

And this brings us to a view that is shared by many different belief systems and spiritual paths, including what’s called the Gnostic Christian teachings, and that view is that the world and the universe that we are currently residing in is NOT the actual creation of God.

How could it be when we experience SO MUCH pain, suffering, and then ultimately death here?

The World we Experience Now is the Result of the Fall or the Separation from God

Traditional views state that this world we know now is a result of the separation from God, or the fall of man, or the temptation of Adam and Eve in the garden of eden and original sin.

And this view is the view I hold as well, but also that the original sin is actually the belief that we COULD be separated from our Father in Heaven.

That being made in the image and likeness of God, as children of love and light, that we could give birth to a world of darkness and suffering is to me the greatest illusion as well as the greatest blasphemy to believe.

Instead of experiencing eternity and oneness with God we now were experiencing time and space and we appeared to be in a place where everything was separate.

Instead of experiencing eternal life we now experienced aging and death.

Instead of being aware of the perfect bliss and light of the kingdom of heaven, we now experienced living in a world in which evil and darkness seemed to reign.

Well, it’s my belief, just as it is the gnostics, the Buddhists, the Hindus, students of A Course in Miracles and others, that THIS WORLD IS NOTHING BUT A DREAM of separation from God, and that it does not exist in truth.

Getting back to the original state of perfect bliss, awareness, love, and union with God in full realization and experience, rather than belief, is the purpose of our lives here in this world and in similar worlds.

But of course this gives rise to the next big question: if God the Father isn’t responsible for this world and all this suffering and chaos that we are all subjected to, then who or what is?

Well, it all has to do with that story of the snake or serpent we’ve heard so much about slithering about in the Garden of Eden. It has to do with that whole thing about the dark lord and the fall from heaven.

They call him by many names but he is known by most as satan.

And that my friends, will be the topic of the next entry into the series.

Until next time.

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