What is the Matrix – Vol. 2: What is the Comforter?

What is the Matrix – Vol. 2:  What is the Comforter?

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Welcome to the second entry in the What is the Matrix series.  In this post we are going to be discussing a particular prophecy from the Bible, which is the prophecy of the comforter as spoken of by Jesus Christ.

What is the comforter?  Let’s start our exploration by revisiting the passage from the Bible that Christ mentions it in:

“But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you”. – John 14:26 KJV

Christ Promises to Send us a Comforter to Teach us All Things and to Bring All Things to Our Remembrance That He Taught

Yes, that is a passage from the Bible, and just for the sake of clarity that does not mean that this series will be Christian in nature.  I myself am not a Christian, and frankly do not adhere to any particular religious belief system.  Think of me more like a spiritual scientist who strives to see all things as objectively as possible, yet does so in the realm of the spiritual.

However, I am referencing the comforter in the Bible, which as the passage states is the Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit, because the fact of the matter is that this is the time we are in now.  And I say this not being any kind of religious fundamentalist, or of being one to be real invested in any particular prophecy in regards to what’s to come.

Yet in my journey, believe it or not, I have discovered, experienced and whole heartedly believe that we are in a time period where what Jesus Christ spoke of in this passage is literally happening now.

But what does this mean? And if I’m not a Christian person perse, why would I believe such a thing?  The short answer is because I have seen and experienced the spirit in my life quite powerfully and undeniably.

In fact, you might find it strange to know that I’ve experienced Jesus Christ quite powerfully and undeniably as well.  I am simply more interested in being a direct student to someone like him rather than be a part of some man made religion, even if it is about him.  Make sense?

So to put it simply, and I’ve been inspired to say this for those of you who do consider yourself to be religious or spiritual, what Christ was saying in that passage was that there would come a time where he would send the spirit to remind us and teach us of all things that he said.

People Could Only Comprehend So Much of Christ’s Teachings Over 2000 Years Ago

You know, to clarify what he was talking about over 2000 years ago.  The way I see it personally, was that when he was originally here way back when and teaching to people, the truth is they were simply not capable at that time of really handling or understanding what he was really talking about.

Not to mention the fact that he was speaking and teaching about things that were not necessarily of any particular religion at the time either.  Remember, there was no such thing as Christianity, or even Islam, and he certainly wasn’t talking about traditional Judaism, which was of course his own organized religion at the time.  He didn’t really want to have anything to do with that either.

So here we are now in the early parts of the 21st century, and we’ve come a long way as a human species in what we’re able to understand and accomplish.  We’ve had a technological explosion as well as much progress in the areas of science and even medicine in a relatively short amount of time.

It’s because of this in part that we have grown to a mental capacity to perhaps start understanding deeper spiritual truths on a larger scale than we were before.  That’s all.

So I know that the previous entry into this What is the Matrix series was called The Genesis and was the beginning or introduction to the whole series, but this entry is also a bit of an introduction to the fact that the material being presented here has directly come from the spirit and is containing insights and information that some might consider ‘blasphemous’ based on their orthodox religious points of view.

But this is precisely why I am making a video about the comforter, and illustrating Christ’s own words, because He himself literally said that there would come a time when he would send the spirit to A. remind us of all the things that he said when he was here, but also to B. teach us all things.  Now why would Christ say this if there wasn’t a lot more to know and understand about truth and spirituality and particularly of Christ himself?

Why Did Christ Tell His Disciples He Gave Them Knowledge to Know he Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, but Not to the Masses?

Why did he tell his disciples that to the masses he spoke in parables but to them his disciples he gave the knowledge to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven?  Why in 1945 were there more scrolls found that correlated to Christian teachings such as the dead sea scrolls and what would become the Nag Hammadi library as well as the various lost texts from Christs other disciples that would eventually comprise the Gnostic Bible?

Simply put, it’s because there’s more to the story.  There is indeed more than what you have been taught and shown thus far.  But so many people are gripped in so much fear and terror that they are going to go to hell if they believe the wrong thing or are tempted by the devil to some other belief system.

But I am one person who is here to say that fear itself is the greatest tool of the devil.  And this so called devil character has already done his work in the church itself with hell fire programming and mind control and priests who molest children and other priests who cover up for them.

Christ’s Full Teachings Have Been Hidden in Part Until the Time was Right to Reveal Them in Full

Christ knew this would happen, which is why his true teachings were hidden to an extent, and why he said that they would come forth again when the time was right.

Many people have been programmed with belief systems of fear and hellfire.  And people will cling to their fears, beliefs and superstitions as long as it makes them comfortable.

But the opportunity is now in this world as it has never been before, to understand oneself truly, to be able to learn and understand the pure teachings of spirit, and to not only understand all things Christ said but to experience them directly.

Much of What People Have Been Taught Concerning Religion Over the Passed 2000 Years Were for Political Reasons and for Mind Control of the Masses

Some of the things presented in this series will be things that you have probably not heard before, and may feel are contradictory to your belief system.  But keep in mind that many of the things that you have been taught if you are Christian, for example, came from fear based teachings from men that were limited in their scope of understanding at the time.  Not to mention many of the teachings presented to people for the last couple of thousands of years were for mind control and social engineering, NOT necessarily spiritual liberation.

And I’d just like to say that all of what will be presented can be backed up by the scriptures most people are familiar with.  I’d also like to say that you have nothing to fear in expanding your awareness of what you’ve been taught and what you believe.

You’ve been taught that understanding and awareness and knowledge is bad or evil, but remember there was a time that the same people who taught this to others didn’t even want the masses to be able to READ the Bible.  So just try to keep things in perspective as we move through the series here.

But the Time of the Comforter as Promised by Christ, is Now

This is the time of the comforter, and this series is directly a part of this time period.  Yeah I know it’s a little bit crazy, and I’m really not your average religious nut.

Like I’ve said before and I’ll say again, I’ve always just been a dude interested in truth.  Little did I know that my knocking and seeking would yield so many insights, answers, and experiences to me.

All I can tell you from here on out in this series, is to hold onto your butts.  Amen.

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