What is the Matrix? Vol. 13 – Breaking Free from the Matrix

What is the Matrix?  Vol. 13 – Breaking Free from the Matrix

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Hello and welcome to vol 13 of the what is the matrix series.

So When the polarities are united, or yoga or union of soul and spirit are achieved, then one is fully aware of one’s connection to and oneness with God forever, and the cycle of shock fear confusion reaction ceases.  Here one achieves liberation and is free from the matrix forever. 

This is also where one will find the true and everlasting peace, joy, bliss, love and a feeling of wholeness that we have all been searching for in all of our lives but have never been able to truly find. 

We have been like wanders roaming a desert trying to quench our thirst with mirages for thousands and millions of lifetimes. God is what we are truly looking for and is the only thing that will ever bring us true love, joy, happiness, and freedom.

Now, although the paths of karma, bhakti and jnana yoga are the fundamental paths toward desiring God and of achieving a place of complete nonreactivity or forgiveness in the mind, they are slower and a bit more difficult paths to pull off. 

Because of this, and in these auspicious times of the comforter that we have been discussing, very special means have been given to humanity to make this process far faster and more doable.  

Although there are a number of paths that are some form of karma, bhakti, or jnana yoga, the two most direct and quickest paths are the science of Kriya Yoga and the teachings of A Course in Miracles. 

Kriya Yoga and A Course in Miracles are literally the keys to the kingdom of heaven. 

They will allow one to achieve rapid spiritual growth and awakening above and beyond any other path.  However, because they are both nonsectarian, they can and are designed to be able to be practiced regardless of one’s religion. 

It’s been said that the kingdom of heaven is within you. 

Well, these two methods given by Babaji Maharaji at the request of Christ, and one given by Christ himself, are the ways to truly be able to experience the kingdom of heaven within, to truly love God with all one’s mind heart soul and will and to be able to achieve a state of nonreactivity, nonjudgment or true forgiveness. 

Kriya Yoga is a synthesis of karma, bhakti, and jnana yoga and it is a powerful and quick method to experiencing the kingdom of heaven within.  It is also said to be the airplane route to God.

It is a completely experiential and physiological method that focuses on the breath to realize the divinity within.  When this happens one is able to much more easily perceive the divinity in one’s brothers and sisters as well as in everything and everyone.

A Course in Miracles is a synthesis of bhakti yoga and jnana yoga as it uses the mind and the heart to practice true forgiveness by seeing the divine within one’s brothers and sisters, and to also realize that the separation from God never occurred. 

By seeking God whole heartedly and by forgiving one’s brothers and sisters by seeing that their sins never occurred, one will achieve the state of union with God or what the Course calls the Atonement.

These paths are the highest and quickest means to breaking free from the matrix, and of finding true and lasting peace, joy, bliss, love, and wholeness.  This is how one desires God whole heartedly and is able to achieve a state of nonreactivity in a direct and real way.

 If you would like to learn more about Kriya Yoga I would recommend reading the book autobiography of a yogi by paramahnsa yogananda to see if it resonates with you and to learn more about it. 

The precise techniques must be taught directly by a qualified teacher and cannot be given here. You can also visit the home of my own Kriya lineage, the kriya yoga institute at www.kriya.org.

To learn more about A Course in Miracles, I would highly recommend reading the book the Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard. 

Using humor and getting direction from masters in the text, A Course in Miracles is explained in simple, powerful, and clear details. From there you can check out A Course in Miracles for yourself, which can be found in most book stores or amazon. 

 The straightest path between two points is a straight line, and so following one path is recommended once you’ve found one you like.  However, Kriya Yoga and A Course in Miracles are uniquely designed to complement one another and do not interfere with one another.

Now, in order to aid greatly with one’s ability to truly forgive and to heal oneself emotionally at the same time, I have a devised a simple yet powerful process to do this that I call the bringing delusion to truth process. 

 It is primarily a writing technique that allows one to process and heal from traumatic experiences of shock fear and confusion in one’s life that has taken place now or in the past, and really slows down the process of practicing nonreactivity and forgiveness so that it becomes much easier to do. 

Furthermore, when following any spiritual path and when dealing with people, even if we are trying to be loving and forgiving, many times what can happen is that instead of truly forgiving, we simply suppress and bury our judgments and emotions down into our minds.

In fact, in A Course in Miracles it actually says that it is necessary for us to bring our deeper or darker thoughts and feelings to the surface where we can share them and give them to the Holy Spirit so nothing is being hidden or kept from God and we can truly heal. 

This writing process I developed allows one to do just this in the privacy of one’s own home and in their own time. 

It allows one to heal from and process through any emotional or psychological trauma, to really dig deep within our minds for hidden resentments, judgments, and negative feelings and to bring them to the surface where they can be fully processed, released, and forgiven.  This will allow you to get to a place of less and less reactivity in your day to day life as well.

 This process can be used with any issue, situation, or memory of a troubling situation as it arises.  It is also a safe and compatible method that can be used with any therapy you might already be in, or with any religious or spiritual path you might be on.

It allows us to process through traumas in our lives, but also to get down to the core trauma of the perceived separation from God and the subsequent feelings of shock fear and confusion that the collective mind experienced at the beginning.  This will allow one to be able to release the attachment to the shock fear confusion reaction loop so we can wake up a bit easier as well. 

This simple yet powerful process is designed to be interactive with the From Delusion to Truth podcast and channel, as well as with anything else in your life that arises to cause you a sense of shock fear and confusion, or a loss of inner peace.

 Doing this kind of healing work on yourself will also have an impact on healing the collective consciousness of the world and help to make the world a better place at the same time, so thank you for being willing to do this work if you choose to.

It is available as a simple mini e-course and you can access the course through my website fromdelusiontotruth.com in the store, and a link will also be given in the description below.

The next video is the final video in the series where we will wrap everything up, and take a look ahead to see what the apocalypse and entering into the new world really means.  See you then. 

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