What is the Matrix? Vol. 12 – The Paths to Freedom: From Philosophy to Direct Experience

What is the Matrix? Vol. 12 – The Paths to Freedom:  From Philosophy to Direct Experience

 (Video Transcript)

Hello and welcome to vol 12 of the what is the matrix series.  In this video, we are going to be covering the major ways for how YOU can break free from the matrix FOR REAL. 

Now before we understand how or why a particular path will be able to free us from the matrix or set us free spiritually, we must understand first why we are bound or appear to be bound, and what’s really causing it. 

To understand this we’ve got to go back to the beginning of the course that talks about the original fall of man or the original sin.  This of course is when God the Son and God the Father are existing in perfect union and harmony with one another and then all hell breaks loose.

As we discussed, when the Christ mind had a thought or idea, it would be sent to God the Father and God the Father would bring this idea or thought to life.  In this way was reality extended. This process is TRUE creation. 

So the issue that we covered was when the Son of God had the idea of what it would be like to be separate from God.  You know, basically to contemplate what it would be like to go off and do his own thing. 

Now because being separate from God was impossible, for the first time God the Father did NOT respond to the Son.  This is something that had never happened before, and so it seemed as if God the Father was either angry with the Son OR that the separation from God actually DID occur. 

In this one cosmic instant it seemed as if God the Son lost God the Father and then panicked.  Think of a child who loses their parent at a busy crowded place and then begins to feel that sense of shock fear and confusion wash over them, fearing that they are lost forever.  They also have a fear that they might be scolded by their parent when they find them again. 

This is what happened when the Christ mind contemplated the concept of separation from God.  There was in instant sense of shock fear and confusion that initially took place in the mind of the son. 

After this a sense of deep fear shame and guilt took over the Son which he then REACTED to. This is where the ego or the satanic mind is ‘born’ that tells the Son that if he comes with him they can escape this perceived impending punishment and HIDE from God in their own universe. 

If this story sounds somewhat familiar, this is actually the true meaning of the story of the Garden of Eden.  When the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil is taken, a sense of duality, separateness, nakedness, and shame and guilt overtake Adam and Eve. 

They seek to hide from God and then are ultimately banished from the Garden, or rather they banished themselves with the help of the ego or the snake in the garden. 

 This as we’ve also discussed is what gave ‘birth’ to the universe of time and space and of duality.  This is where the Christ mind has split off into a million different people or souls, and is both pursuing his own will and desires apart from God the Father, and also to HIDE. 

Now this is where we come to the prime program that is running the matrix and keeping it together.  This prime program is what keeps us bound and in a cycle of shock fear confusion reaction and suffering.  Remember the loop we talked about in a previous video? Well this is what this loop REALLY is.

It is a loop that is running underneath everything in the universe of time and space and within all of our lives to one degree or another.  It is the cause of our suffering and of the rounds of rebirth as well. This is how the loop works. 

We are going along in our day to day lives doing what we normally do, and everything is fine for the most part.  Then seemingly out of left field something comes at us that causes us to experience a certain degree of shock fear confusion and a certain amount of shame. 

We then REACT in some way to it in an attempt to avoid these feelings of shock fear confusion and shame and this reaction always brings some form of suffering with it. 

It could be something simple like your mom or dad nagging or yelling at you which causes you a subtle sense of shock fear confusion and shame, It could be a spouse that is fighting with you or your boss at work, or just someone in traffic who cut you off. 

It could also be something major like a breakup, a divorce, getting into a fight with someone, and the ultimate:  the death of a loved one. In every instance running underneath all of these scenarios is the prime program running in the mind where first everything’s fine, then something comes out of left that causes us a sense of shock fear and confusion that we then react to.

Even when we are born into the world, at first everything is perfectly warm and taken care of in our mother, then we are pushed out into the world which feels cold and separate and scary and so we re=experience that initial shock fear and confusion of the perceived separation from God from the very beginning of our lives.

THIS cycle of shock fear confusion reaction is what is keeping us BOUND and is also the cause of our suffering.  This is also what the cycle of reincarnation really is and why we reincarnate, it’s what hell really is or eternal suffering for the soul, and it’s also why the whole universe of duality itself is on a loop as we saw with the yugas.

It’s all the loop of the shock fear confusion and subsequent reaction to the perceived separation from God.  As long as we keep reacting to these events that mirror the initial trauma of separation from God, the loop will stay in place in the mind.

To stop this loop and to reunite with our awareness of oneness with God requires two fundamental steps:  first we must desire God over our own personal ego desires wholeheartedly, and secondly we must stop upholding or perpetuating the shock fear confusion reaction cycle by ceasing to react to the things in our lives that serve to cause us to lose our sense of peace. 

THIS is what spirituality REALLY is, and stepping off this loop is what salvation REALLY is.  Loving God with all our hearts mind souls and wills and to practice nonreaction, nonjudgment, or true forgiveness as Jesus said, is the cornerstone of all spirituality.   This is when polarity union occurs, union of the soul with the spirit of God, or yoga. 

This is PRECISELY why Jesus said that the highest teachings are to love the lord thy God with all thy heart mind soul and will and to love your neighbor as yourself.  He also told us not to judge or to practice nonjudgment.

This is because forgiveness and nonjudgment are actually ceasing to react to those things in our lives that cause us to lose our sense of inner peace, or that cause us to feel a sense of shock fear and confusion that we then react to. *rerecord

Now, in order to pull this off, loving and desiring God whole heartedly and to stop reacting to those events which cause us a sense of shock fear and confusion, there are a number of ways to go about doing this. 

 Because the ancient yogic sciences are the most direct and scientific paths to uniting the polarities and of achieving true salvation, we will be using the examples of yoga to illustrate the universal harmony of all religions and spiritual paths. 

Although there are a number of yogic systems, the three fundamental paths are known as Karma yoga, the yoga of action, bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion, and jnana yoga, the yoga of knowledge. All spiritual paths follow these fundamental paths either consciously or unconsciously to one degree or another. 

Karma yoga, or the yoga of action, is all about surrendering the ego and uniting with God by emulating the true nature of God, which is never ending giving and service.  This is along the lines of what a mother Teresa would do, constantly and tirelessly giving up ones own interest to serve others. However karma yoga isn’t about serving one’s brothers and sisters alone, but rather of serving God within one’s brothers and sisters. 

Bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion, is to love God with all thy mind heart soul and will as Jesus recommended.  This can be done in a number of ways, but going within with some form of meditation is generally the way this is done.  Through loving God with all your mind heart soul and will, the little river of your consciousness merges with the divine river of God’s consciousness, and you become free. 

Jnana yoga or the yoga of knowledge is using the mind to realize the truth.  This could be any form of contemplating God, of seeing God as the sole reality and that all else is delusion, or that the separation from God never actually occurred.  Self inquiry is also a form of jnana yoga where the mind undoes itself through certain questions and inquiry and oneness with God is eventually achieved in awareness as the mind dissolves. 

As you can see, serving God by serving others, loving God with all your mind heart soul and will, and using the mind to contemplate God and the kingdom of heaven and to see God everywhere are all inherent within all religious and spiritual paths of light to one degree or another.  Because of this, the yogic sciences are nonsectarian and can be practiced regardless of one’s religious beliefs or whether or not one has any religious beliefs. 

 In the next video, we are going to explore the most powerful and quickest methods for achieving oneness with God, yoga, or breaking free from the matrix, along with a simple and powerful method I created to complement any path of healing and growth we are on.  See you then. 

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