What is the Matrix? Vol. 11 – The Great Awakening and the Modern Day Spiritual Renaissance

What is the Matrix?  Vol. 11 – The Great Awakening and the Modern Day Spiritual Renaissance

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And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.” – Matthew 24:31

 Hello and welcome to vol 11 of the what is the matrix series.  Today we are going to be covering a birds eye perspective of what has become known as the great awakening and what it really is. 

Now many in the spiritual community have known that we are in a period of great shifts to one degree or another.  Others still in underground and conspiracy type groups have come to understand the great awakening as the worldwide awareness of the dark occult, their existence, what they do, as well as their pursuits for global control in their own version of a new world order. 

Many who are seeing this great awakening take place are followers of QAnon, the anonymous source for releasing all kinds of information about dark occultists in the world and in particular the US.  QAnon reveals to the people that a resistance within military and intelligence has been actively fighting the dark occult and their agenda for quite some time. 

It has been said that the election of President Donald Trump was actually part of this resistance.  It’s been said that the military resistance recruited Trump to run so they could get the country back on track and prevent the dark occult’s agenda for a global breakdown and the ushering in of their new world order.

Many believe this is all a smokescreen and that Donald Trump is part of the dark occult’s agenda for global dominance, and that QAnon is also part of this agenda.  Time will tell which scenario is true.

 However, QAnon is not the only source of what is known as the great awakening.  In truth, the great awakening is something much larger in scope and scale and has been taking place for quite some time. 

 Many are aware to one degree or another of the Mayan prophecy that the world was supposed to end in 2012 in some form or fashion.  Of course we are still here, but this prophecy wasn’t referring to the literal end of our world, but rather the end of an age and the entering into a new one. 

In fact, looking back to the videos on our ancient history, it was said that roughly 104,000 years ago beings came to teach mankind and to prepare them for the next 104,000 years.  They would do this with spiritual knowledge and techniques, along with knowledge on how to cultivate civilizations so mankind could grow on their own. This would set the stage for the next 104,000 years, and the end point for this period of time was indeed December 22, 2012.

 The truth is we did indeed enter into a new cycle of evolution and awareness for our planet.  We are now on an ascending arc through the great galactic year, which is a period of 24,000 years in total.  In Vedic astrology we are in what is known as Dwapara Yuga. 

According to the great Kriya Yogi Swami Sri Yukteswar and his astrological calculations, the top of this 24,000 year period,  known as Satya Yuga or the golden age of enlightenment, lasts for 4800 years of both ascending and descending arcs.

The next age moving down is called Treta Yuga and is known as the mental age.  This age lasts for 1800 years in both descending and ascending arcs for a total of 3600 years.

Dwapara yuga is the age of atomic and technological developments and its descending and ascending arcs last 1200 years each for a total of 2400 years.  The final and darkest age is known as Kali Yuga and lasts on a descending and ascending arc for a total of 1200 years.

The Kali Yuga corresponds perfectly with the dark ages of our history, and so the last Kali Yuga was from roughly 700 BC to 1700 AD.  At this point we entered the ascending arc of the dwapara yuga or atomic and technological age and will continue to ascend for thousands of years into the treta and then satya yugas.

Now, corresponding with the technological developments we’ve made from the 18th century until now, we are also in the time period of the comforter, which we discussed in the first video.

 This is a time period where Christ has sent the comforter or the holy ghost to teach us and remind us of all things Christ said while he was here, and more.  In other words, the spirit has come to really clear things up for us as far as spirituality and religion goes.

 I like to refer to this time of the comforter as the great spiritual renaissance.  Although there are many masters and many amazing things that have happened in our world during this spiritual renaissance from 1700 AD onward, I will cover now some of the main figures and events that have taken place behind the scenes on behalf of the masters and the light occult. 

Legend says that Jesus Christ appeared before another immortal avatar in the Himalayas who is known only as Babaji Maharaj in the 19th century.  Here it is said that Jesus asked Babaji to make his divine science of Kriya Yoga public to the world for the spiritual quickening of our evolution. 

So, in the year 1861, Babaji summoned a disciple to him that would have a very divine mission in his life by spreading Kriya Yoga throughout the world and this disciples name was Lahiri Mahasaya. 

Lahiri Mahasaya was initiated into Kriya Yoga by Babaji, and was instructed to spread the Kriya Yoga science far and wide so that people could experience the divine within them in a real and powerful way, and achieve self realization or liberation. 

Reserved only for the most advanced and devoted monks before, Kriya Yoga would now be given to householders or those who were living in the world and who had families and worldly responsibilities.  This would allow all to be able to experience the divine within and to take it with them and spread it throughout the world in their day to day lives. 

 In 1894 a man named Baird T. Spalding and a team of researchers went to India and Tibet and came in contact with a group of enlightened masters, of whom things like miracles and walking on water was normal.  They taught Baird T. Spalding and his group everything they knew and these events and teachings culminated in classic texts called the life and teachings of the masters of the far east. 

In 1897 a spiritual master by the name of Peter Deunov or Beinsa Duono came to the Earth in Bulgaria to harmonize mystical spiritual truth with Christian understanding, and to help quicken our evolution back toward harmony with the divine.

 In 1920 Paramahamsa Yogananda fulfilled Mahavatar Babaji’s prophecy to Yogananda’s Guru, Sri Yukteswar that one of his disciples would bring the Kriya science to the west. 

This would thereby bridge the east and the west via scientific spirituality. Master Yogananda traveled the western world and taught Kriya Yoga during the time period of World War I, the great depression, and world war II.  He founded his organization known as Self Realization Fellowship so the Kriya Yoga science could propagate throughout the world. 

Shortly after this time period, the Dead Sea scrolls were uncovered in Khirbet Qumran during the time period of 1946-1956.  Here a ton of texts were uncovered that were no longer a part of the current day Bible and showed that there very much was a lot more to the story and the Bible than people have largely been told.

 In 1965 two important spiritual events took place.  The first was when the 2nd Vatican Council made the decision to change many of its previous policies of suppression of certain information regarding the Bible, the church, Jesus, and Christianity as a whole.  It was in this historic year that the 2nd Vatican Council decreed and even encouraged any and all questioning and research into Jesus and what the Church had been teaching all through the centuries.

 In direct relation to this event, the 2nd important event would take place.  This was when Jesus Christ himself, or Jeshua Ben Joseph, began to dictate his total, absolute, pure and complete teachings to a woman named Helen Schucman. 

This text known as A Course in Miracles, contains the full and complete teachings of Christ. A Course in Miracles is one of the most significant and powerful sources of truth and liberation for mankind that exists on the planet.

 In 1975, another Kriya Yoga master would come to the west to continue Babaji’s vision for spreading Kriya Yoga to the world.  This would be my own Gurudev, Paramahamsa Hariharanada.

Through master hariharananda and his realized disciple, my Guruji Paramahmasa Prajnananda, the Kriya Yoga science continues to be spread throughout the world through the Kriya Yoga institute.

 This over view of the spiritual events taking place all over the world within the last 150 years or so is to give real examples of why this is the time of the comforter, or the great spiritual renaissance, as well as to show that the dark occult are not the only ones working behind the scenes in our world. 

We are most definitely not alone in these tumultuous times, and the masters of light, the great white brotherhood and the serpents of wisdom are here and are guiding humanity to a better tomorrow.

In the next video, we are going to finally take a look at how we can take all the philosophy we have been talking about here in this series, and all the spiritual and religious philosophy that has ever existed, and make it into direct personal experience for you so that you can finally KNOW the truth, rather than just believe it.  See you then. 

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