What is the Matrix? Vol. 10: The Truth About Religion, Spirituality, and the Occult Part III – Are Jesus and the Masters Simply Myths?

What is the Matrix?  Vol. 10:  The Truth About Religion, Spirituality, and the Occult Part III – Are Jesus and the Masters Simply Myths?

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Hello and welcome to vol 10 of the what is the matrix series.  Today we’re going to be taking a look at the various ideas and beliefs as to why people generally believe that beings like Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, and other masters or serpents of wisdom are simply myths.

Now many believe that the ‘son of God’ is simply referring to the sun of our solar system, as it appears that many ancient religions and cultures were sun worshippers.  The truth is the sun representation in these various traditions and faiths is not about worshipping the sun itself, it’s about being a symbol for the great central sun of the entire universe, or God.

The story goes something like this:  the sun actually represents various messianic figures such as Krishna, Buddha, Mithra, Christ, Tammuz, Horus etc.  The 12 disciples that surrounded them represent the 12 months of a solar year or the 12 signs of the zodiac that the sun passes through.

This ‘sun’ or messianic figure is for many deities said to be born on December 25th .  Well, it just so happens that December 21-22nd is the winter solstice, where the sun is at its lowest point in the cycle through the zodiac.

This is where the sun has ‘died’ symbolically.  December 25th, then, is when the sun starts its journey back toward its highest point of power in the year, and so it is said that the sun is ‘reborn’.

On the zodiac symbol, the 12 signs of the zodiac are divided into 4 sections of three months each, with the sun at the center on a cross.

This is said by many to be the true meaning of the sun or son being crucified on the cross, dying at a certain point on the zodiac, the winter solstice, and then being born again as it rises and continues its journey through the zodiac.

This astrological symbolism used in various religious scriptures and traditions, along with similarities amongst various religious texts such as virgin births, miracle workers, followers, and crucifixion and resurrection is why many have been led to believe that these various prophets, messiahs, and spiritual masters are simply  fabricated stories in order to confuse and control the masses.

Well, this is partly true, as manipulation domination and control through religion is one of the dark occults primary weapons against humanity.  But you see, the above astrological symbolism as it relates to various religious prophets and messiahs IS a large part of the mind control conditioning efforts.

You see, certain religious texts were compiled and/or manipulated for control of people’s minds and this was achieved for many simply with the surface level stories in these various scriptures.

However, should someone decide to start questioning things and dig a little deeper, and find that many of the stories in these scriptures mirror the sun and the 12 signs of the zodiac, that person would then simply have entered into a 2nd level of manipulation and control of spiritual knowledge and truth.

Because a person’s natural conclusion to discovering something like this would likely be, ok so all religion and spirituality and their teachers are completely fabricated.

So, I should just go about living my life as I’d like because religion is nonsense and there is no God.  THIS IS SIMPLY THE NEXT LEVEL OF MIND CONTROL IN RELIGION.

Generally speaking someone who finds this information won’t dig any deeper into spirituality and will end up staying stuck in the matrix.  See it?

So the next big example that people give who believe that all religion is nonsense, is that there is no historical evidence for many of these religious prophets having existed.

Now the truth is this is not accurate, there are historical records for many of these beings, you just have to dig enough.

And WHY do we have to dig enough?  Because destroying historical records en masse such as what happened with the destruction of the library of Alexandria was another HUGE part of the dark occultists conquest for power and control over the minds of men.

As we have seen in this course the truth is we are dealing with a case of the deliberate destruction of many historical records and truths on the part of the dark occult, combined with manipulation of the scriptures to mislead people with spiritual disinformation.

We won’t go into all the historical evidence for these various beings here, but we will take a brief look at the historical records of Jesus.  First of all, as many know, Jesus’ name was actually Jeshua Ben Joseph.  So if you’re trying to look up a guy first name Jesus last name Christ, yeah, you’re not going to find anything.

But his life and teachings were indeed stamped out and destroyed, just as the dark occult tried to stamp out and destroy him, of which they failed to do so.  The crucifixion did indeed take place ironically enough as it was a Roman practice, and Jesus or Jeshua Ben Joseph did teach people, perform miracles, and rise from the dead.

The records of his life and teachings were largely destroyed but there were some kept hidden in temples in Tibet.  These records chronicled the life of a prophet named Issa who traveled to that area and taught people during the same period of time of Jesus’s missing years.  These records were translated and put into book form called the life of saint issa the lost years of Jesus Christ in India and the east by Nicholas notovitch.

These findings coupled with the findings of the gnostic gospels and the dead sea scrolls gave us even more evidence that there was a lot of information destroyed buried and suppressed.  Otherwise these texts wouldn’t have been physically buried so they would have a chance of surviving.

Another major key point to support the idea that Jesus and all masters are simply  myths lies in the similarities between baby Jesus and mother Mary and a number of other divine mother/divine son depictions.  Some examples include Semiramis and her son Tammuz, as well as Isis and her son Horus among others.

The truth is, there are similarities to these figures and their stories but for very specific reasons.  The dark occultists manipulated scriptures for control as we know, but the light occultists hid certain truths in symbolism for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

The truth behind the various virgin mothers, their divine offspring, the immaculate conceptions, the 12 followers or disciples of many of these entities, and their death and resurrection on a cross is as follows:

As we have discussed in many videos now, God the Father, the true God, is a timeless formless entity beyond time and space.   This Father is actually what many traditions refer to as the invisible or unmanifest aspect of God.

In Hindu and eastern traditions this unmanifest aspect of God is known as Shiva or Brahman.  The Babylonians referred to this aspect of God as Nimrod.  The Egyptians refer to this unmanifest aspect of God as Ra.  And the Hebrews and Abrahamic religions refer to this unmanifest aspect of God as Yod He Vau He or Yahweh.

Now, this unmanifest aspect of God is what is really referred to as the masculine or positive polarity that we have been discussing in previous videos.  So Shiva/Brahman/Nimrod/Ra/Yahweh is the unmanifest, masculine, and positive aspect of creation that is known as God the Father.

On the flip side, the physical manifestations in the universe are considered to be the female or negative aspect of God.  In the Hindu and eastern traditions this is known as Shakti, in the Babylonian traditions its known as Semiramis, in the Egyptian traditions its known as Isis, and in Christianity and the Abrahamic religions it’s known as Mary.

So the immaculate conception is really another way of saying polarity union.  When polarity union occurs within an individual, Shiva and Shakti unite, Nimrod and Semiramis unite, Ra and Isis unite, and Yahweh and Mary unite and from their divine union is produced a divine offspring.

This offspring for Shiva and Shakti is known as Kumara or Murrugan.  The offspring for Nimrod and Semiramis is Tammuz.  The offspring of Ra and Isis is known as Horus.  And the offspring of the divine union of Yawyeh and Mary is Christ, or Jesus.

As we’ve discussed, when the mystical inner polarity union occurs, or the merging of the unseen and the seen, the masculine and the feminie, then a new being is created:  a Kumara/Krishna/Tammuz/Buddha/Horus/Christ.

The 12 disciples or followers refer not to astrological signs, but of a certain number of what’s called Kriya pranayamas that are needed to get into the promised land, the true Israel, or the crown chakra or kingdom of heaven at the top of the head.

This kriya pranayama is in reality the true keys to the kingdom of heaven within, which will be discussed in a future video.

And as we’ve also discussed, the death and resurrection on the cross symbolizes the death of the ego or the personal self.  This takes place on the cross of inner polarity union, and the subsequent resurrection of that person into a divine being as a Kumara/Krishna/Tammuz/Buddha/Horus/Christ etc.  This is what salvation and resurrection TRULY is.

Krishna, Buddha, Christ, and all other masters are very real and many are walking the earth today that anyone can find and experience.  They are a direct threat to dark occultists and their agenda however, so the dark occult doesn’t’ want their existence and true teachings getting out.

The analogy of the sun and the 12 signs of the zodiac is clever, but it is just another form of disinformation to prevent people from realizing that the Kingdom of Heaven is within and then actually going within to find it.

We will take a closer look at real life examples of many of these masters as well as their teachings in an upcoming video.  In the next video, we are going to take a look at the great awakening that we are in now, and how it is truly a spiritual renaissance that you will not hear about on the news.  See you then.

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