What is the Matrix? Vol. 1 – The Genesis

What is the Matrix?  Vol. 1 – The Genesis

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What is the Matrix Vol. 1 – The Genesis

A few videos back I created something of a prelude to the series that’s starting here called How did the Universe Begin, a blasphemous tale about God Christ and Satan in the light of non-dualism. In it I briefly described the creation of the universe from the perspective of what is known as non-dualism, and you are free to check it out if you like.

But in the beginning of that video I made it clear that who I was as the creator of such a video and of someone perpetuating such ideas was that I was just a dude interested in truth.   Not only was I a dude interested in truth, but I was in all honesty a hard core truth seeker and I have been all my life.

Nothing appealed to me more than the great mysteries of life, and that of course included religion and spirituality, how we got here in this world, how the universe got here and things of that nature. Really I unearthed pretty much everything I could get my hands on if there was a mystery behind it in order to learn the truth.

I Want You to Know There’s Nothing Special About Me, I’m Just a Dude

But I want to reiterate that point again here and at the beginning of this series that I call the What is the Matrix series, because I want you to know that the things you will be seeing and hearing as this series rolls on are just coming from a guy who is a hard core truth seeker, who has a passion for understanding things, of taking them apart and putting them back together again, in particular as this relates to spirituality and esoteric truth.

What I am going to be presenting to you here is in all honesty the culmination of my life’s journey and my life’s work to understand just exactly what is going on in our world and universe, what we are as human beings, to strip away all dogmas and belief systems and to just get right down to raw truth.

In reality the world and system we live in is very much predicated on many lies, much manipulation, and an unbelievable amount of deception. Many of us are aware of this from one degree or another, but there are those who are a bit more uncomfortable trying to roll back the curtain of delusion when it comes to religion and spirituality in particular, because, well, many people are simply afraid of going to hell or of somehow ‘messing up’ spiritually so royally that they fall off the road to redemption altogether.

There are and have been many great researchers, authors, writers, content creators etc who have illuminated a great deal of what is really going on in our world, what it’s made of, and the true nature of our being. Some authors and content creators that come to mind are people like David Icke, Mark Passio, David Wilcock and others who come close to bridging the conspiracy community with things like consciousness and spirituality.

Of course there are those who are more focused on spirituality whom I personally look up to such as the many true saints and sages from various backgrounds like Paramahansa Yogananda and his works, the teachings of Ramana Maharshi and non-dulaism and his students such as Robert Adams, David Hoffmeister and the text A Course in Miracles and the various teachers and authors of books surrounding the Course such as Gary Renard, and a number of others.

These souls really pierce the mysteries of life and consciousness and illuminate the world’s various religious scriptures in a way which are frankly unparalleled. The real matrix as it were, and really being ‘woke’ or awakened is what many of these realized saints and sages are, God realized souls who have truly broken free from what we could call the matrix and have attained true salvation.

Of course many feel that people or beings like this are evil blasphemers who are apart of evil things like esoteric yoga and meditation or the various mystical practices of the so called secret societies of our world, and it’s actually people like this that are running the show toward a new world order of total control.

Many feel this way simply because they’ve been told these things by their organized religions, probably Christianity, and they have been heavily conditioned and programmed that their line of thinking is the one way of thinking and that everyone else is going to hell.

Well, in the series that will follow here, we are going to dismantle and rebuild all of these ideas and concepts so that you have the truth once and for all. Not because I’m saying it of course or anyone else, but because you will be given the insights and the tools to find the truth for yourself within your own being.

I Want to Bridge the World of Underground Truth with Consciousness and Spirituality

Furthermore, I have never quite seen anyone attempt to bridge the world’s of conspiracy theories and underground truth with true universal law and spiritual teachings, including how to tap into your own inner power and to ultimately break free from what we’d call the matrix itself. I have seen some that have come close, David Icke will say things like ultimate reality is pure consciousness and love, but he sort of leaves it at that. Leaving many people to wonder to themselves, ok, now what?

To attempt to answer that question, as to what we should do after having being given all that information is what I hope to accomplish with this what is the matrix series. I’m going to give you everything I’ve learned, everything I’ve seen, and really my heart and soul in what will be presented here.

Of course you are free to take or leave whatever I present, but I will always urge you to believe nothing until you can prove it to yourself with your own research and more importantly your own personal experience.

What You Can Expect from This Series

To briefly go over what I’ll be covering in this series and what you can expect moving forward, we will be covering the nature of God as I have come to understand it, the nature of what they call satan or the dark force in our universe, we will be covering the creation of the cosmos and the world we live in, including how mankind got into the world called planet earth.

We will also be covering the pertinent underground or otherwise forgotten history of Earth all the way up to the present day in age and what is happening now. Of course we will also be delving into religion and spirituality including the various occult brotherhoods that have existed on this planet for thousands of years and what they’ve been up to. We’ll really be striving to get to the universal core of all spiritual and religious paths and to clear away the dogmatic cobwebs as best we can from our minds.

But perhaps most importantly, we will be covering you. What you really are, what is within you, and what these various dark brotherhoods and these so called elites in this world among other insidious forces have worked so hard to try to prevent you from realizing and discovering. We’ll be talking about just what exactly the matrix is, as well as what you can do about it to free yourself and your mind.

So this is the beginning, or genesis, of this series that I call What is the Matrix. It’s interesting to note that one of the main tag lines for the third matrix movie: The Matrix Revolutions, was that everything that has a beginning has an end. Another way to say that is that everything that has a genesis, has a revelation. And that includes confusion, manipulation, darkness, and suffering that many have gone through at the hands of others. That too, will be coming to an end.

Strap in, ‘Cause Kansas is Going Bye Bye

So strap in my brothers and sisters, my fellow viewers and friends, because Kansas really is going to go bye bye in this series. I promise to bring you the very best information tools and insights that are available on this planet and that I have found on my journey. I also promise to treat you with the utmost respect and care as far as giving you the real truth as clear as I can get it rather than try to water things down or manipulate things or try to brainwash you in some way.

For far too long up until the current day mankind has had to endure being lied to, manipulated, and treated like garbage by virtually every institution on the face of this planet in some way or another. We’ve been given corrupt religious institutions that we were supposed to believe in but in many cases just turned out to have their own insidious agenda including things like mind control and the trafficking and rape of children.  We’ve been given watered down or manipulated education, corrupt media and politicians and yes, even a cabal of insidious dark mystical men and women who would see mankind enslaved and or eradicated for their own pleasure.

But it’s time for you to be given and have access to the truth and to free yourself from all this darkness and deception, and I hope to contribute to this very end here in this series.

Will You Be Taking the Blue Pill, or the Red?

So, I suppose it would be fitting to pose that one question to you now. You know, that question about which pill you’d like to swallow based on whether or not you want to wake up and tumble down the rabbit hole or whether or not you’d like to go back to sleep.

Some of the things presented here you might find fantastic to believe, mind blowing, or in some cases down right blasphemous. And I want you to know it’s ok. We’ve all endured a heavy degree of conditioning and programming over the years, and it doesn’t disappear over night. You are also free to disagree with me and send me all kinds of emotionally charged messages. I am completely open to debate discussion and discourse.

But I want you to know just one thing.

What I’m offering to you is the truth, nothing more.

So what’ll it be? The blue pill or the red?


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