What is the Great Awakening? – Let’s Take a Look

What is the Great Awakening? – Let’s Take a Look

Have you heard about this whole great awakening thing that’s apparently been going on?  No?  Well ifeye looking you haven’t heard at least a tiny sliver of this idea somewhere along the line within the last few years you just might be living under a rock somewhere.  The fact of the matter is, talk of this great awakening has been happening for quite some time and is rapidly spreading throughout the world.

So what is the great awakening anyway?  Some might say that it is part of some new age belief system that is just a bunch of nonsense, and yet if you talk to people and keep an eye and ear tuned into talk on the internet, you’ll find that the great awakening is happening in all different countries, all different belief systems, sects and creeds, and it’s happening in all areas of our lives and society.  The great awakening would very much appear to be a global phenomenon taking place in virutally area of our lives.

Is There Really a Great Awakening Going On?

In my own personal and humble experience, yes, there very much is a great awakening going on.  I mean in my own life alone I have seen and experienced such dramatic shifts in the way I look at life from my childhood until now.

I have also experienced some pretty radical and profound spiritual experiences at the same time, and this is coming from a guy who was raised in a Christian household and attended a private Christian school for some time.  I was also someone who didn’t really think much about religion or spirituality anyway, but even I was not exempt from experiencing some of this awakening process.

two guys talkingFor a while I thought I was alone, but as I started looking around on the internet for like minded people and started talking to people more, I began to realize that there were a lot more people aware of far more of what’s been going on in our world, in our universe, and in regards to spiritual things than I would ever have imagined.

It was really quite fascinating for me to literally and directly witness what seemed to be a global awakening of social collective consciousness.  Sure, people can read books on spirituality and the deeper aspects of life, or on the darker more conspiratorial type of things going on, but there seemed to be something happening on a much deeper level for many people.

Many people seemed to be simply coming into a much more heightened awareness of themselves and the world and universe around them sort of organically somehow.  Even in the political sphere I can tell you from having my eyes blasted wide open as to the dark and heinous realities of evil that have been going on underground in our world for quite some time, and which are bubbling to the surface now, that what was planned for the United States government and countries around the world is being thwarted because people are waking up.

And don’t misunderstand me if I speak about things like President Trump or the Brexit or things of that nature.  Those things are just symptoms of an expanding awareness taking place within a lot of people all over the world.  It’s simply the people saying no to corruption, power, lies and tyranny.  Especially with the creation and progress of the internet alone and our ability to communicate with each other all over the world simultaneously almost, more and more people are seeing through the b.s. and the blatant distortion of truth and reality.

What the Great Awakening Really Is

Perhaps the most famous and well known prediction of a great awakening was the prophecy of December 22, 2012.  It was predicted by a Mayan calendar that the world would come to an end in mayan templesome way shape or form on that date.

Many people didn’t really know what this was supposed to mean, but many others felt that it simply meant that the former world that we were in and had known was dying and that a new world was going to take its place.

Some referred to this time as the rising of the phoenix out of the ashes of the previous age to bring us the light of an entirely new one.  And as I mentioned it’s easy to say, well all that’s nonsense and nothing happened on December 22, 2012, but was that really true?

Perhaps it wasn’t just a particular day where all of a sudden the whole world was supposed to completely change to a golden paradise.  Maybe it was more of a time frame around the date of December 22, 2012 that was where huge shifts were to take place.

Just look at the technological developments and advances in science in medicine within the last 100 years.  Take a look at how much faster and smarter the younger generations are.  We have made unbelievable strides in a short amount of time that perhaps this December 22 2012 date was simply pointing to a timeframe where things would be radically shifting and changing on all levels of our lives and society.

Not only that but when it comes to things like what we understand about emotional healing and health, of the human mind, and even of ourselves as spiritual beings, our understanding and awareness has been radically growing.

hidden temple of wisdomI have also seen and experienced first hand many illumined sages as I have mentioned before.  The main reason that I have come across them other than the fact that I was seeking them out, was because many of them are literally coming from places like the east and other places to bring humanity tools and methods to directly know and access the deeper light and reality that is within us all.

For thousands of years, for example, certain knowledge and methods were kept secret by sages like this for those who were truly seeking them and who undertook the utmost discipline and vows in their life in order to have access to them.  Of course much knowledge was also kept secret to prevent destruction or perversion of the methods as well, but we are living in a time now where much knowledge and many methods hidden for so long are now becoming freely available to all mankind all over the world.

How the Great Awakening Affects Us All

In fact the things we see going on in the world currently, such as in the political arena for example, political protestare in my opinion the result of the global awakening.  I believe that the massive upheaval we are seeing take place in the United States and all around the world is a result of the darker more unconscious aspects of our world that are coming to the surface to be looked at and healed, precisely BECAUSE of this great awakening.

Dark underground information, for example, used to be brushed off as mere conspiracy theory, yet today more and more people are aware of the dark things that so many have tried to keep secret and underground for so long.  Things like dark occultism, satanic american illuminatiritual abuse, child trafficking for dark satanic and dark luciferian purposes, and even the overall agenda to take over the world through economics, technology, and mind control are now far more widely known to people at least in a small amount than in the years and decades before now.

It is true that more and more people are becoming aware of these things, but the truth is that it is the processing THROUGH these things that are coming up for us that will allow us to awaken as whole nations and even the world.  In my experience and opinion, those things which bring us great pain and suffering either personally or collectively as horrible as they are, can and often are the catalyst for massive growth and massive awakening.

When we are able to take a look at what has been going on under the surface in our lives and in the world and to process through what they bring up for us internally, we will have access to an increasing sense of peace and joy within us.  This will allow us to be far more connected to ourselves and others and will therefore allow us to create a new world of peace, joy, and prosperity such as we have never seen before.

How YOU are a Direct Part of the Great Awakening

Honestly just the fact that you are here in this world at this time, regardless of what you are doing or your vocation in life, says that you are here to literally be a part of the great awakening taking place in our world now.  In fact just the fact that you are reading this blog post says that you are interested in waking up and of expanded awareness.

Forget about the so called fake news that we hear about so often, what about the things going that are simply completely omitted from our awareness?  Things like what we are talking about here for example.  What person or outlet is talking about an awakening and expansion of consciousness on a global scale that no one can stop or control at all?  Not many.

And yet in the current day there are so many people interested in health, personal development, andhealthy happy lady spirituality like never before.  If you do a rudimentary search on the internet you can see this for yourself.  There is very much a huge influx of people who are interested in things like yoga, a more conscious diet, A Course in Miracles, meditation, and of getting in tune with their authentic selves that you will never hear in any form of news but that is happening nonetheless.

The more you become interested in the things we are talking about here and of getting in tune with your own inner self, the more you will be awakening yourself.  But as I mentioned before, regardless, there is a level of your being and mind that is simply blossoming and unfolding on it’s own and it is a beautiful thing.

It’s Time to Wake Up!

alarm clock bedsideNo, you don’t HAVE to wake up if you don’t want to.  It’s not a command at all, I promise.  We are all on our own journey of self discovery and awakening and expansion of our understanding and awareness, and speed and urgency is not a necessity or requirement.

But there is sort of a nudging from the cosmos to our deeper selves that it is time to wake up to things about our world, ourselves, and our universe that perhaps we haven’t paid much attention to before.  As stated before there is a certain degree of collective awakening that is taking place whether we are aware of it or not, or if we want to be active participants or not.

However, the more we do strive to consciously awaken and to learn more about ourselves and of truth, we won’t only be helping to serve our fellow brothers and sisters inadvertently, but we will also be finding real peace joy and happiness within ourselves.

The more we decide to wake up consciously, the more joy we will experience, and the more we hasten the ultimate and inevitable realization that our true nature is the very joy love fulfillment and security that we’ve been seeking all along.  So with that said it’s really up to you.  Would you like to jump out of bed now, or hit the snooze?





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  1. jessie palaypay

    I feel like while their are many people who are waking up to the true realities of the world, there are still many who choose to turn a blind eye. Sometimes, when the world gives us a truth that is contrary to what we were always taught, we tend to want to react negatively because of the pain the truth provides. It is painful adding our views of the world are wrong. 

    1. Yes I agree, the truth can be rather uncomfortable at times. But if we don’t periodically take a look at uncomfortable truths, how can we grow?

  2. Jenny

    Although your article is quite deep, it was quite uplifting for me too. It gives me hope that we will come out of this darkness and fear that the world is currently experiencing. And I suppose that even if we are each on our own journey, that as a group, humanity will move forward if enough individuals can move forward.

    1. Hey Jenny, thanks for your comment! I’m glad you found the article to be hopeful. And yes I agree that if we move forward and grow as individuals, that the collective will follow suit.

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