What is Luciferianism? – The Whole (and Non-Christian) Explanation

What is Luciferianism? – The Whole (and Non-Christian) Explanation

What is Luciferianism?

Chances are if you even know what this term is or have heard it somewhere before, you are either a Christian person yourself and are interested in and concerned about the dark occult, or you might be a conspiracy person.

In my own experience Luciferianism is generally only discussed by Christians who not only have no idea what it really is, they don’t have a good grasp on their own Biblical teachings or what’s really going on with the cosmos anyway.

And of course when you hear the name ‘Lucifer’ you automatically assume it’s bad, because, well, that’s what you’ve been taught and conditioned from the very beginning.

And admittedly it does sound a little strange to say you are a Luciferian if you aren’t into some kind of evil or darkness.

So the question does arise, how can Luciferianism be a good thing if Lucifer is involved?

Isn’t Lucifer the devil?

So in the interest of clarity, and of you know, bringing delusion to truth, I thought I’d do a little piece on breaking down exactly what Luciferianism is, as well as the different kinds that are out there.

Luciferianism – The Basics

So if you did a quick google search on Luciferianism and found yourself checking out a wikipedia page or something similar, you will find a general description of Luciferianism being something like:

Lucifer is seen as the light bearer in the garden of eden who brought the true knowledge and wisdom of light to Adam and Eve against the evil God who created the world of suffering in the first place, and serves as a light bearer who gives one the keys to their own spiritual enlightenment to achieve oneness with God.

This is generally done by uniting the polarities within oneself to achieve Godhood and of raising the kundalini up the spine into the brain and thereby illuminating the thousand petalled lotus to be free from the matrix of God for eternity.

That is Luciferianism in a nutshell.

Now when you hear about things like secret societies such as the Masons or the Rosicrucians, many if not all are at least familiar with the description above.

And to many of these people this philosophy is exactly what they adhere to and the way that they see things as far as the world, the universe, and being human goes.

SO, people in secret societies would generally refer to themselves as Luciferians and not bat an eye.

Of course, just as in every organization there are good elements and bad elements within them, secret societies have their share of corruption and trouble to contend with.

Essentially this just means that dark occultists have infiltrated various secret societies for their own purposes and have sought to destroy their essence from the inside out.

One of the principle ways of doing this is through confusing both religious information as well as information within secret societies so people in general have no idea what’s going on and can thus be easily misled.

So What IS Going on Here?  What IS the Truth?

The fact is there are actually two fundamental groups of what would be called Luciferians, and this is something that you will not likely hear everyday.

I like to call them Light Luciferians, and Dark Luciferians.

First off, when it comes to the whole basic premise covered above about the God of the Old Testament REALLY being sort of a malevolent entity who set human beings up to begin with and whom some consider to be the REAL devil character, and whether or not this story is true, the truth is….it is.

In other words, yes, the God of the Old Testament is really the cause of darkness and suffering, while the REAL God is in the Kingdom of Heaven, which we must strive to reach if we are to experience liberation and TRUE salvation.

Of course most Christians and others of various faiths, mostly the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, would say this kind of thinking is evil and completely blasphemous.

The principle argument for their point of view is that it was Lucifer in the Garden of Eden who tempted Adam and Eve with fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, from which original sin came from.

And this is true too.

But when people then hear the word ‘knowledge’, they assume that Luciferians and Gnostics are referring to worldly knowledge being the path to salvation, or some other esoteric knowledge alone.

What they fail to understand and never reiterate is that it was the knowledge of good and evil that Lucifer in the Bible was offering, which is another way of saying duality, which is another way of saying time and space, which is another way of describing the entire UNIVERSE in which we currently reside.

The Garden of Eden wasn’t some garden in the middle east or in Africa somewhere.

It was a pre-creation state of cosmic mind of divine harmony with God, and when Adam and Eve ‘bit’ into the apple and were cast out, this is symbolic of the big bang of the entire cosmos.

So you see, the knowledge to be as gods by partaking of the fruit of good and evil, or duality…..already took place.

In fact that’s the universe we are living in now.

In other words, and to just give you the raw truth whether you believe it or not, this world and the universe of time and space is the work of the dark lord as they refer to him, lucifer, satan, or the unconscious mind.

The REAL God, is on the other side of this.

SO (I know this is quite an explanation but bear with me).

True Luciferians, or what I refer to as LIGHT Luciferians, are individuals who understand this and are seeking spiritual liberation FROM the prison that we are currently in as a result of partaking of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil at the beginning of time.

They are trying to get back to divine union with GOD.

So IF we are talking about the devil acting as God, then the opposite of God, or in this case, Lucifer, would actually be the bringer of salvation.

Oneness with God is another thing that has been shunned by many religions as somehow blasphemous and evil.

Well, it’s only evil if you want to keep people in a cosmic prison of sorts and you don’t want them getting out.

But if you pay close attention to the details of the Old Testament, the temptation of the serpent in the garden of eden was not to be as GOD but to be as GODS (plural).

Light Luciferians seek the Light and union with God.

Dark Luciferians, as I call them, seek the darkness to be as gods (which is done here in this universe).

Light Luciferians

As mentioned above, Light Luciferians seek spiritual liberation, enlightenment, or salvation through surrendering their personal ego’s on the alter of truth and seeking God alone.

And when I say seeking God alone, I am not referring to believing in God the way a monk or priest does.

I’m talking about something called God Realization.

Some also call it Self Realization.

However, this is not the personal ego self that many believe the phrase Self Realization refers to.

This is referring to the divine universal self that exists equally within all everywhere that many have called Christ or Christos.

Light Luciferians seek this in a number of different ways.

But it all comes back to uniting the polarities (or canceling out duality) within one’s own consciousness and mind, and thereby waking up to the true reality of the perfect oneness with God as Divine Light, Love, and Eternal Awareness.

Traditionally some of the more popular and well known methods of doing this is through things like yoga meditation, although there are other methods.

It can be done through Bhakti Yoga or the yoga of devotion, such as is evidenced by the famous sage Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

It can be done through Karma Yoga or the yoga of action, which is pretty much what many of Christ’s disciples and followers were doing such as Mother Teresa with tireless selfless service and other saints.

It can also be done through Jnana Yoga or the yoga of knowledge, which is using the mind to undo the mind.

This is done through using one’s mind to see God everywhere and in everything, and to also use one’s mind to see that God has been one with us and always has been.

In other words, Jnana Yoga is kind of like using your mind to realize that you never left the Garden of Eden, but are really just dreaming there currently.

Self inquiry as taught by the revered sage Ramana Maharshi and various disciples is a perfect example of this.

Although from the perspective of a Light Luciferian all paths ultimately lead to God, some are just quicker and shorter than others, there are a couple of methods that have been introduced in the current day and age that are state of the art spirituality and are available to all mankind.

These two methods are the science of Kriya Yoga as brought to the world by Babaji Maharaj, and A Course in Miracles as brought to the world by Jesus Christ himself as his pure and unadulterated teachings.

Both paths are extremely powerful and will lead one to the goal of God Realization faster and more directly than anything else that has ever been on the Earth.

Of course, there are other paths, and all of them fall in the areas of Bhakti, Karma, or Jnana Yoga to one degree or another, but these are the main paths for uniting the polarities within oneself.

These paths will all ultimately activate the kundalini energy in the spine and bring it all the way up to the thousand petalled lotus in the brain, where one will be liberated into the eternal bliss of God.

This is what all Light Luciferians are doing, and those who have succeeded such as Krishna, Buddha, Christ, and others are living embodiments of the Light of God and are what are referred to as sages or serpents of wisdom.

So if you ever hear of someone referring to Light Luciferianism, this is what they are referring to.

On the other side of this coin, however, is Dark Luciferianism.

Dark Luciferianism

Dark Luciferianism is the path that is adhered to by those who would be responsible for the satanic illuminati, the move toward a new world order in our world, a mind controlled populace etc.

As touched on above, Dark Luciferians are not interested in raising the kundalini, uniting the polarities, and merging their souls with God.

They believe and feel that separation from God, IS enlightenment.

THIS is why they worship Lucifer as the light bearer.

These are the people who REALLY DO see the real God as evil, and see Lucifer as the dark lord, but also the bearer of enlightenment and salvation for them, in their own twisted way.

In their eyes the devil is the one who is responsible for all form in the cosmos.

And this form allows souls to have individual lives and to live by their own will alone, seemingly apart from the will of God.

Dark Luciferians and Light Luciferians are completely opposite in their views and goals.

Where Light Luciferians see suffering and death as burdens to be ultimately liberated from, Dark Luciferians see suffering and death as the price of being able to maintain a separate existence from God and to be one’s own god here in the universe of time and space.

For a Dark Luciferian, knowing that God did not create this universe and that it is a place to hide or escape from God is what they consider to be enlightenment.

From here, they have no problem doing as they wilt.

For them, following one’s will is the whole of the law.

These people are not only interested in staying away from God, but they are interested in consciously bringing punishment, sin, and guilt upon themselves so that they stay away from Heaven and have to continually reincarnate in the universe of time and space.

This is why they are involved in things like pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse among other things.

And through these means these people are interested in controlling the entire world and having the universe as their oyster.

For those of you who are familiar with the new world order agenda, it’s the Dark Luciferians that are behind it all.

They hide in plain sight in politics, governments, religions, and various secret societies.

But their goal is always the same.

Manipulation.  Domination.  Control.

All for their own will.

Bringing it All Together

So this is what Luciferianism is all about.

And these are the differences between Light Luciferians and Dark Luciferians.

Some refer to them as light occultists and dark occultists.

They each have their own disciplines and are all over the world.

But each group has their own goals.

For the light, it’s liberation of the soul from the world back into the Light of God.

For the dark, it’s binding the soul to the world to stay away from God and so that the world can continue to seem to exist.

I suppose if you boil it all down, it all comes down to good vs. evil.

But for a Light Luciferian, they know that ultimately evil and darkness, are themselves, just a dream.

So what do you think about Luciferianism?

Are you a Luciferian of some sort or are you wondering where you fit into all this if you aren’t?

Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Toksik66

    I think your pretty spot on here.
    There are some deeper aspects to each philosophy but considering the target audience I believe you an absolutely thorough job at explaining the 2 sides.
    But, there is also more to figure out, but which is the ultimate point to luciferianism of either polarity, there is always more to learn.
    The only thing I would add is that there is more sides them just the light and dark.
    There there are many shades of grey in betwixt. And let’s not forget all the hues of color between black and white.
    Black and white is only the beginning.

    1. Well, yes, this is intended to be sort of an intro to your every day reader.

      I am aware of what you mean by other shades besides light and dark…..I myself have been attracted to sort of ‘the gray side’ on many occasions.

      But of course all of duality is only an illusion and ultimately we’ll never find true fulfillment or happiness here frolicking through time and space.

      Many say it’s like a video game that we are in now, and so there are many who simply like playing the game to one degree or another.

      But there are also those who have had enough and simply want to move on from the game altogether….

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