Trump and Q are REAL – Top 10 Events to Support This

Trump and Q are REAL – Top 10 Events to Support This

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For those not in the know, there are many who believe that Donald Trump and QAnon are part of a military resistance against a global cabal of satanists who want to push the world into WWIII and to then usher in their new world order:  global fascism.

Others either believe that Q and Trump are completely insane, phony and dangerous OR that QAnon and Trump are a part of the global cabals agenda to roll out the NWO and that it’s all a smokescreen.

Here are the top ten reasons why you should believe that Q and Trump along with a global resistance to the global cabal is in fact, REAL:

1.  Hillary Clinton not elected president:

For those in the know, it was decided back in the mid 80’s that the final sequence of presidents to go into office to usher in the NWO would be George H.W. Bush followed by Bill Clinton followed by George W Bush followed by Hillary Clinton who would usher in the complete collapse of the US and lead us into a global war that would allow the global cabal to bring in their new world order.

The fact that SHE was not allowed to get in with rigged elections is hugely telling that there is a resistance going on.

The mainstream media, Hollywood, the press…..EVERYONE was shocked that Hillary Clinton didn’t win.

This is because she was SUPPOSED to win and DIDN’T.  That alone is a huge win for the American people and all free people around the world.

2.  Trump stopped the TPP:

The TPP, or the Trans Pacific Partnership, was being pushed by Obama to be something of a consolidation between pacific rim territories and the US as far as free trade was concerned.

This was something of a new version of NAFTA, which would be part of consolidating countries and powers to bring in the new world order.

If Trump was part of the NWO agenda, why would he have withdrawn from it and put America first?

3.  Trump renegotiated NAFTA into the USMCA:

Not only did Trump put an end to the TPP, he also renegotiated NAFTA or the north American free trade agreement, which was the foundation of the proposed North American Union similar to the European union, that was a large part of moving the world toward globalism.

Manufacturing was helped in the US with the deal, and many believe this is the first stage of getting away from NAFTA entirely.

4.  Human Trafficking executive orders put into place:

As one of the first things president Trump did when he got into office, he signed executive orders to stop human trafficking and to crack down on it.

While Trump has been in office, human trafficking has gone down significantly with tons of arrests.

Human and child trafficking is conducted by the cabal for their dark occult schemes and rituals, as ritual pedophilia and child sacrifice is a huge part of where they derive their power.

Many in the US government and around the world take part in this, and this is a huge step towards helping these children as well as to fight the corrupt cabal.

5.  Jeffrey Esptein arrested and now dead:

If you find dark occultism and child rape and torture to be too much to believe, just take a look at the now deceased Jeffrey Epstein’s island and the temple that is there.

The owl represents moloch, who the dark occult sacrifice children to and have been doing so for thousands of years.

The flight log of those who have flown on the Lolita express include many celebrities like Kevin Spacey, as well as the Clintons, prince Andrew and others.

If Hillary Clinton was president, you can believe that Jeff Epstein never would have been arrested and he wouldn’t have been killed to try to cover up bigger names from being released.

Jeffrey Epstein’s involvement with international child trafficking for ritual child rape and murder is just the beginning of what will ultimately be revealed to the public.

6.  Saudi royals and billionaires arrested in Saudi Arabia:

Another huge part of the NWO power structure was Saudi Arabia and the house of Sahd.

There were unbelievable levels of corruption and of human and child rape and torture that went on in Saudi Arabia, and they financed much of the new world order operations that took place around the world.

Many who say QAnon is simply a psyop do so because they believe there haven’t been any arrests of criminals made.

On November 4th, 2017, 11 princes including the billionaire Alwaleed Bin Talal were arrested in Saudi Arabia as a new power structure was being formed in Saudi Arabia to cut off the legs of the NWO movement.

This would not have happened if Q and Trump were not real and part of the resistance against the NWO.

7.  Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicted:

Many also site the fact that Israel is running the show and nothing is being done about them.

Israel is a large part of the NWO initiative that is being largely run by the Rothschilds.

On November 21st 2019, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was indicted with criminal charges and has stepped down from all ministerial positions while a transition of power takes place in Israel.

8.  All the resignations of politicians and business men and women all over the globe:

Something that you don’t hear many talk about who claim that Q and Trump are part of the NWO psyop are the unprecedented and frankly unbelievable numbers of resignations going on in politics business and other places all over the world since Trump has been elected.

To date there have been over 11,000 resignations from various CEOS, politicians, and other businessmen and women all over the world.

The reason is because a change of power is underway and these people can see the writing on the wall that their involvement in corrupt activities is going to be brought to light.

9.  John Huber, Bill Barr and John Durham investigations:

If Trump and Q were fake, then why would there be long and in depth investigations into the Clinton Foundation, the FISA abuses where president Trump was spied on illegally by the Obama administration before running for president, as well as the origins of the Russia hoax led by AG Barr, special prosecutor John Durham, and John Huber?

Those who believe Trump and Q are real and who are part of a real resistance against the NWO know that the Huber/Durham/Barr investigations are about to reveal the unbelievable corruption by well known political players for a long time and who will be indicted and brought to justice.

Those who believe that Trump and Q are part of the cabals show or simply a psyop never mention these investigations or give any evidence as to why they are not legitimate.

10.  The fact that democrats and deep state players have been trying so hard to stop Trump:

Although there are more than 10 reasons to believe that the global resistance agains the NWO is real, or rather KNOW that Q and Trump are real – the final one for this list is simply the unbelievable levels democrats and other deepstate players have gone to try to stop Trump:  including a completely fabricated Russian collusion story that was proven to be completely baseless by the Mueller special investigation, and now with the impeachment of Donald Trump based on him having a phone call with the Ukrainian president and allegedly withholding military aid to the Ukraine unless they investigated Joe and Hunter Biden and their corruption when Joe Biden was elected.

Of course this WAS alleged until president Trump released the phone call transcript and it was revealed that what the dems and the deepstate players were saying took place actually DIDN’T take place.

These people have nothing but they are fighting for their lives because many are about to be exposed, indicted, and brought to justice for their many heinous crimes against humanity over the last number of decades.

If Trump and Q were fake, these deep state players would not be scrambling to defend themselves with the weakest means possible.

This is happening because they are unprepared, caught off guard, desperate and they are GOING DOWN and they know it.

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