The Being Tree

What is the Being Tree?

The Being Tree is a conceptual model of what we call the

self that is the result of my own journey spanning my entire life, so far anyway, to understand the root cause of my own suffering, as well as the suffering of humanity and how to end that suffering.

Over the years I had a deep yearning for spiritual truth and personal development in general, but I also had to try to understand the deep emotional trauma and pain that I went through in my life and how to heal it.

I went to countless workshops, events, studied with many teachers, guides, and even end up finding my own guru.

But I noticed a pattern in the world of personal development, emotional health and well-being, and spirituality.

That pattern was the groups that focused on personal development and/or emotional health and well-being did not seem to focus on, or maybe even understand, the deeper spiritual side of our lives and beings.

On the other hand, the spiritual groups did not focus much on the emotional aspect of our beings, or how one should deal with something like emotional trauma should they have gone through it.

Because of this, I felt that there needed to be a way to show, explain, and experience, ALL aspects of our being and to be able to do it in one place.

That’s where I came up with the model that is now what I refer to as The Being Tree.

The Being Tree is Fundamentally a Philosophical and Conceptual Model of What We Call the Self

Similar to what some refer to as the inner child, which was designed to try to give a visual picture of our inner self to make emotional healing and care easier, this model takes into consideration every aspect of our being:  mental, physical, emotional, personal, social, financial and even spiritual.

It is a model that shows how every aspect of our being, both seen and unseen are connected and work together.

By using a visual model of what our inner self looks like, it allows us to have a something of a barometer, or way to measure and keep track of our inner selves, to be able to see where we are out of balance in our lives if we are feeling unfulfilled or unhappy in some way. 

It also shows us what our true potential is at the same time, AND how to reach that potential.

The model of the being tree and how it correlates to our overall being is as follows:

The soil that The Being Tree is in represents the mind in all of its aspects:  unconscious, subconscious and conscious. 

This "soil" is what could also be called the shadow for those who are familiar with shadow work.

What's happening in our collective unconscious universal mind as I call it, is where the CORE of all of our issues lies and to go even deeper it's why our world is the way that it is with all the chaos suffering and death that we see here.

The model of The Being Tree takes into account the core issue of the predicament of the human race and provides an explanation as to why we are here in a world such as this as well as the nature of our suffering, and what to do about it.  

The truth is, this core unconscious issue, or wound as I like to refer to it as, if taken care of, will automatically take care of everything else in our lives and set us free.  

Whether consciously or unconsciously, taking care of this deep and fundamental core issue in our collective unconscious mind is what spirituality and all religions and spiritual paths of light are all about.

The Being Tree model as well From Delusion to Truth as a site and show will delve into exactly what this core issue is, as well as the various ways to deal with this issue.

Now moving upward on the Being Tree model, the roots of The Being Tree represent the physical aspect of our being, or our bodies, and is where nutrients are absorbed up into the whole tree of the being tree model. 

Of course, this does not only apply merely to nutrients in the form of food and water, but to mental nutrients as well.  This reflects our subconscious conditioning, our mental image of ourselves as a whole, and how we see ourselves, as well as our core beliefs and self talk.

The trunk of The Being Tree, or our core self, represents our emotional self and is the core connection between all other aspects of our being. 

This is where our heart center is and is why we experience our feelings here whether they are emotional feelings or deeper spiritual feelings like deep peace, serenity, joy, and love.

The branches represent our social self and every aspect of our relationships to others, and this includes the "financial" aspect of our being.

The leaves, flowers, and fruits of The Being Tree represent our higher spiritual self or what many refer to as the soul and its connection to the light of the "sun".

The "sun" in this model of the self is actually representative of what men have called God or the Source in some circles.  

Regardless of what name you ascribe to it, it is not only real, but is TRUE reality and is where our true being comes from.  

How to connect with our higher selves, as well as the source, and how to even completely merge with the source itself and find all happiness fulfillment and love in life will be covered with From Delusion to Truth as well as conveyed in the Being Tree model.

The Overall Idea is to Cultivate and Maintain a Healthy Being Tree Within You

Those with healthy Being Trees are well rooted, having healthy thought processes, a strong sense of self, are generally happy and full of life and enjoy connecting with others along with growing and achieving goals. 

These are people who are able not to just to survive but to thrive. 

Fully bloomed and awakened Being Trees are what one would call an enlightened sage and is what all religious beings such as Krishna, Buddha, Christ and others have been teaching mankind about and pushing us towards over thousands of years.

This state takes some real work and dedication, but it is where true, permanent, and everlasting wholeness, joy, bliss, harmony and love are experienced.  

Although this does take a little work, which is what spiritual paths are designed for people to do, the truth is it is the ultimate destiny of ALL souls throughout the cosmos to attain peak awakening and remember their oneness with the source of life or their true selves and be free.

On the other hand, some of us have no inclination of our inner selves or Being Trees, and believe that life is simply one obstacle after the next filled with pain and uncertainty.

These souls have Being Trees that are stunted in their growth or wounded in some way, perhaps due to lack of nourishment and care in the form of mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual nutrients, water, air, or access to the light of the sun in the in the Being Tree model.

Sadly, those with stunted or damaged inner Being Trees may have even been subjected to various forms of abuse and damage by outside forces either knowingly or unknowingly in their lives and require special attention, care, and healing.

For those with healthy Being Trees, their goal is to continue to grow and expand in joy and success, and even to reach into the farthest reaches of their being and realize their truest deepest self. 

This of course is the same goal for those with stunted Being Trees, but a process of healing and rejuvenation is essential before these Being Trees are able to flourish.

Helping people to be able to do either one of these things is what From Delusion to Truth is all about, including a soon to be released complete course, called The Whole Life Solution, that will provide one with everything they need to find ultimate joy, satisfaction, healing, and even success in their lives.

So That's The Being Tree!

As stated previously, I have seen many therapists and have studied and learned from some of the world’s greatest teachers, healers, and guides over the last 20 years of my life.  

On top of having a keen interest and passion for the pursuit of truth in my life, I myself also experienced a great deal of emotional and psychological abuse in my life in the form of what is called narcissistic abuse.

This led me to develop what's called CPTSD or complex post traumatic stress disorder as a result of it.

And for one reason or another, none of the therapists or doctors I ever saw ever mentioned anything about childhood trauma, emotional abuse, or complex ptsd let alone how to heal from it. 

The model of The Being Tree as well as the course that will be released in the near future, is a model and process I developed for myself so that I could continue my spiritual journey towards awakening, while at the same time being able to heal my traumatized and damaged emotional self.

After my years of experience, learning, and experimenting with different approaches for healing and for growth, I am thrilled to have been able to create something that makes sense and that WORKS both for healing, personal development, AND spiritual growth. 

This is something that very much can be done all on one's own in in their own time.

Of course if you are in therapy or would like to find a therapist, what I have created here is something that is quite complementary to such therapy and does not interfere in any way. 

I know that if you choose to discover the method of acknowledging, healing, and cultivating your own inner Being Tree, that you'll be able to tap into greater and greater levels of joy, healing, and overall well-being in your life that ultimately can't help but yield success in your life as well.

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Be well, and I'll see YOU in the show!