QAnon – Best Evidence the Resistance is REAL

QAnon – Best Evidence the Resistance is REAL

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Since October 2017, the mysterious source known as QAnon has been providing the public with information, that many believe, reveals the truth about what is and has been going on behind the scenes in America and around the world for decades.

Some say Q is legitimate and is actually a US military intelligence operation whose mission is to wake the public up to the reality of a dark cabal working behind the scenes of governments worldwide to collapse the current world order and usher in a new world order in the form of global fascism.

Others say Q is the work of a bunch of alt-right conspiracy nuts, while others still say that Q is simply a psyop designed to mislead those in the underground truth movement about what’s really going on in the fight against the new world order.

However, when one takes an honest and objective look at the facts, the truth is there is a lot more to support the idea that what QAnon has been saying is in fact, true.  Compiled here is a summary of the major events that Q predicted that have in fact come to pass:

2016 – Present:  Nearly 30 notable deaths have occurred between 2016 and the current day including but not limited to:  George HW Bush, John McCain, Jeffrey Epstein, Seth Rich, Gloria Vanderbilt, Anthony Bourdain, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, Justice Antonin Scalia, and Chris Cornell of Audioslave and Soundgarden. 

Q says that some of these people died of ‘apparent suicide’, some were outright killed by unknown parties, and some, such as John McCain, were apparently already tried by military tribunals and put to death for treason and other crimes against humanity. 

May 9th, 2017: James Comey, the former head of the FBI and the one who gave Hillary Clinton a pass for using a private server while serving as secretary of state under the Obama administration, as well as for deleting thousands of emails when asked to turn them over to the FBI, was fired by the Trump administration.

May 19, 2017:  Anthony Weiner, the husband of top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, is charged with exchanging obscene material with a minor.  It was later discovered that there were also some of Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails on his laptop, including many top-secret documents. 

Some believe Wiener’s laptop actually contained far worse material on it than has been widely reported, such as pedophilia as well as pictures of satanic ritual abuse.  Some officers who reportedly saw this material have mysteriously died since.  Anthony Weiner is serving 21 months in prison currently.

October 28th, 2017:  QAnon makes its first appearance on 8chan and begins dripping out information that appears to be the truth of what’s really going on behind the scenes of the US and other governments around the world. 

Interestingly, this is also the exact date that current US Attorney John Durham was appointed to the position of interim US attorney by former US Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  President Trump nominated Mr. Durham to US Attorney on November 1st 2017 and he was confirmed by the Senate on February 16, 2018.  

Since May 2019 John Durham at the request of Attorney general Bill Barr has spearheaded an investigation into the origins of the FBI’s Trump Russia investigation.  The fact that Q started posting intel the SAME exact day that John Durham was appointed as the interim US attorney is one of the biggest Q proofs that we’ve had.

John Durham is indeed in the midst of a widespread investigation of the origins of the Russia probe officially, as well as conducting an investigation into deep state corruption and their war crimes unofficially.  

November 2017 – Present:  Strangely, there have been over 12,000 resignations of CEOs from various companies, politicians stepping down or not seeking reelection, and others leaving their positions for various reasons.

Q hints that this is because a lot of people are about to be indicted with serious charges and they want to get out of dodge beforehand.  But ask yourself, is it normal for so many people in so many different positions around the world to resign in a mass exodus?

November 4th, 2017:   Saudi Arabian royals and billionaires arrested.  Saudi Arabia is not only one of the most corrupt countries in the world but is in fact one of the primary legs of the new world order initiative.

Saudi Arabia has also been reportedly involved with the events of 9/11 among other atrocities.  This is 100% one of the biggest arrests and Q proofs that we’ve had and again, few ever mention this.  

March 2018:  NXIVM cult leader arrested and charged with sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and conspiracy to commit forced labor.  Allison Mack who was involved with the cult was also arrested and charged with racketeering.

Q says that Allison Mack has actually been flipped and has been naming names of many powerful people involved in sex trafficking crimes and worse.  

May 2018:  Harvey Weinstein arrested and charged in February 2020 on counts of rape and a criminal sexual assault.

June 12th, 2018:  An historic meeting takes place between Kim Jong Un of North Korea and President Trump.  According to Q North Korea was actually run by a corrupt wing of the CIA and was going to be used as the excuse for the US and the rest of the world to enter into World War III after the events of a nuclear strike of some kind.

Q also says that President Trump and the US military prevented this from happening and that peace talks are indeed taking place with  North Korea including talks for denuclearization as North Korea is freed from corrupt CIA control.  

March 2019:  Robert Mueller hands in his report from his investigation into the Russia Trump collusion accusations.  President Trump is vindicated in that there was nothing the special counsel could find to suggest that Russian collusion actually took place to help Trump win the 2016 election.

Now, if there WAS no collusion with Russia, then where did so many, including the mainstream media, get the information that it DID happen?  According to Q, the Russian collusion story is one of the biggest examples of fake news and information warfare that we’ve ever seen.  

2019 – Present:  Construction of the border wall.  The mainstream narrative is that Trump is interested in building a wall along the US Mexico border because he’s racist, but Q informs us that the wall is really to prevent human trafficking, drug running, and weapons running, between the US and Mexico and that this was a large source of funding for CIA black operations.

July 6th, 2019:  Jeffrey Epstein arrested for sex trafficking of minors.  On August 10th, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was allegedly found dead in his cell even after being on suicide watch and then taken off for whatever reason.

Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest is not only another big name involved with sex trafficking and sex trafficking of minors, but this case is really the first time that the public has gotten a small glimpse into the reality of the dark occult and satanic rituals.

Epstein’s island clearly has statues of the owl that is representative of Moloch, which is a demon that dark occultists sacrifice children to.  Not only this, but there is also a flight log of MANY big names including politicians, businessmen and women, and even celebrities that flew to Epstein’s bizarre island on many occasions.  

December 2019 – Present:  The FISA abuse investigation is currently being handled by Lindsey Graham, a senator from South Carolina.  What’s known from the FISA declass so far is that there was conscious criminal activity on the part of the FBI DOJ and Obama administration in the form of them illegally spying on the Trump campaign.

Q says that the investigation into FISA abuse is simply the catalyst for opening the door into much larger investigations that will ultimately bring down the global cabal.

January 3rd, 2020:  Trump takes down Qasem Soleimani, an Iranian general essentially cutting the head off of ISIS as according to Q Soleimani was the deep state’s frontman in the middle east building maintaining and managing Isis activities. (rerecord above passage)

January 5th, 2020:  Ricky Gervais outs Hollywood pedophiles, friends of Jeffrey Epstein’s, and dark occultists at the 2020 golden globes.  This validates Q’s assertions that there are a lot of sick and twisted pedophiles in Hollywood among other places.

Jan 31st, 2020:  Human trafficking executive orders signed by Trump and the Whitehouse and many arrests of human traffickers made since.  

March 2020:  Federal Reserve begins the process of being nationalized by the Trump administration through a partnership with the US Treasury via the CARES act which was in response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

July 2nd, 2020:  Ghislaine Maxwell, former associate of Jeffrey Epstein’s among other powerful figures, is arrested by the FBI for the sexual trafficking of minors and the sexual abuse of many young women and girls by associate Jeffrey Epstein.  

July 2020 Twitter bans thousands of QAnon accounts seemingly in an attempt to prevent even MORE truth from getting out to the public.  

At this point, John Durham’s investigation is said to be about finished and should be released in August or sometime in the fall of this year.

As can be clearly seen, there is indeed a direct correlation between what Q has dropped over the years as far as what was going to happen in the future, and what has actually taken place on the world stage.

However, it won’t be until John Durham’s investigation and findings become public that we will see whether or not an enormous amount of people are going to be indicted for various crimes against humanity and brought to justice accordingly.

If nothing happens as a result of the Durham investigations, it could indeed mean that QAnon was just another sleight of hand from the powers that be.

Time will tell, but from everything we’ve seen so far, it would indeed seem that the resistance to global tyranny is in fact, real.

Links to all relevant information and articles will be provided in the description below.

Links for relevant sources and evidence are as follows:

List of notable deaths:

President Trump fires former FBI Director James Comey:

Anthony Weiner arrested and charged for sexting with a minor:

QAnon makes first appearance on October 28th, 2017:

John Durham is appointed to US interim US Attorney on October 28th, 2017:

Attorney General Bill Barr appoints John Durham to investigate the origins of the Trump Russia probe:

Over 12,000 resignations of various ceos and businessmen and women since 2016:

Saudi Arabian royals and billionaires arrested in 2017:

NXIVM cult leader arrested and charged in sex trafficking:

Harvey Weinstein arrested and charged in sex abuse and rape:

The historic meeting between Kim Jong Un and President Trump:

Robert Mueller finds to collusion between Trump and Russia:

Construction of the Mexican border wall:

Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest and charges:

Jeffrey Epstein’s bizarre island:

FISA abuse investigation:

Qasem Soleimani killed:

Ricky Gervais Golden Globes monologue:

Executive orders to combat human trafficking from Trump administration:

Beginning stages of the federal receiving merging with the US treasury:

Ghislaine Maxwell arrested and charged with sex trafficking crimes:

Twitter bans thousands of QAnon accounts:

Durham investigation to be wrapping up by end of summer or fall of 2020:

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