Ep. 7: Interview with SRA Survivor Jay Parker

Today’s episode features a special guest, Mr. Jay Parker.

Jay is a survivor of a multigenerational satanic illuminati family and is now working to spread the word not only of satanic ritual abuse, the illuminati and their plans, but also who and what we are as divine beings.

Jay’s mission is to help guide the consciousness of humanity toward working together in finding and knowing the truth. He shares his amazing and in depth insights into the reality of the dark occult and consciousness on his website thecenterpath.weebly.com on a regular basis, and is working to help bring awareness and enlightenment to the world.

Links for his website as well as his social media profiles will be provided in the description below.

Jay’s Website:  https://thecenterpath.weebly.com/

Jay’s Twitter Profile:  https://twitter.com/RealJayParker1

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