Is the Brexit a Move AWAY from Globalism?

Is the Brexit a Move AWAY from Globalism?

I’m sure you’re familiar with the brexit by now.

You know, where the UK essentially SPLIT from the European Union.

Some say it’s a good thing, while others aren’t too keen on what has taken place.

Others say (myself included) that the brexit was actually a move AWAY from globalism altogether (aka the New World Order).

Many believe that the new world order is nothing but a wild conspiracy theory that has no basis in reality.

But if that’s true, why has the world been moving TOWARD centralization of power (United Nations, the European Union, NAFTA, the canceled Trans-Pacific Partnership, as well as a push for open boarders)

and now we are seeing a move AWAY from globalism, brexit being perhaps the greatest example we’ve seen of this, including President Trump stopping the TPP, renegotiating NAFTA into the USMCA, and of making new trade deals between the US and countries all over the world that benefit the US?

Interesting isn’t it……

It would appear if many in our world were indeed pushing toward a more global governance, and now the world is saying NO.

We know for a fact at least that Adolf Hitler and the nazis wanted a new world order with an imposed nazi worldview on the people of the nations that the nazis took over.

Well, perhaps the nazis didn’t lose the war and they simply had to move……to America…..

Keep your eyes peeled for what happens next on the global stage, but I do believe we are seeing the dismantling of a movement toward one world fascism, and the rebirth of nationalism and patriotism all over the world.

Talk soon.


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