Is Q REALLY a Psyop? Let’s Have Another Look

Is Q REALLY a Psyop?  Let’s Have Another Look

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Is Q REALLY a Psyop?  Let’s Have Another Look

Alright so there have been more than a few people out there talking about how Q is a psyop, and frankly, I haven’t seen much good rebuttal of this out there in YouTube land.   So I thought I’d take a crack at explaining why I believe Q is NOT a psyop, and what it means if it is.

First let’s get the top 3 sources of those who believe that Q is a psyop out of the way. I watched probably the number 1 video out there on this issue by American Intelligence Media on how Q is a psyop, and I watched some material from Titus Frost and Defango.

Now incase you either are not familiar with the general story here or if you found it hard to follow some of these YouTubers explaining it, let me sum it all up right here:

The Story Behind the Belief that Q is a ‘Psyop’

A YouTuber by the name of Defango claims that he went to a hacker convention called DEF CON after solving one of the puzzles for Cicada3301. And for those of you who aren’t familiar with cicada3301, they’re basically just a club of super smart geniuses who create super complex puzzles for other super geniuses to solve and if they do get solved, they can get asked to join the club of super geniuses. Not much else is known publicly as to what exactly it is they do other than that, although one hopes that perhaps they are doing some good for humanity.

So Defango is apparently one of these people who was able to solve a cicada puzzle and so he went to DEF Con to meet some of these people.  Also, Defango apparently helps to create these puzzles as well.

On a side note I do not know Defango myself, I’ve just seen him in some videos, and I am not saying he is lying or that this did not happen. I am just relaying this information as a viewer myself to fellow viewers, who, unless you were there with Defango and know him personally, there is simply no way for any of us watching these videos to know whether or not this is true.

So the story goes that Defango mentions to this cicada3301 group that maybe if instead of just making super complex puzzles to solve, they could create something that would be a source of informing people on the truth of what’s really going on.

So according to Defango and Titus frost, not long after this Def Con convention Q anon was born. Also according to Defango and Titus, Q actually started before October 27th 2017, but how they know that I don’t know. I also don’t know how any of us are supposed to know that’s actually true.

Now essentially what this information means is that Defango is responsible for the creation of QAnon. Whether or not this is true, it is quite a gargantuan claim, and again, we’re supposed to pretty much just take their word on it.

Now from what I was able to surmise, Defango actually was in contact with the couple from American Intelligence Media, Thomas and Betsy, and he told them what I just told you here and apparently a lot more that we’re not privileged enough to know.

QAnon is Actually the Cicada 3301 Group?

And so the story that is now being relayed by Defango, Titus Frost, and American Intelligence Media is that it was Cicada3301 that was actually responsible for the ‘original’ Q, (more on the different Q’s in a moment), and that it was designed to help inform people using the socratic method of questioning, coupled with what they call cryptology to encode the messages. And basically cryptology is simply the use of codes to communicate with others so that third parties can’t read them. Although why a third party like a corrupt CIA or NSA couldn’t crack them is beyond me.

So according to Titus Frost and American Intelligence Media, there came a time when the original Q, the one that was Cicada3301 and posting using cryptology to communicate with people, was seemingly compromised around November or December of 2017, at which point a ‘new Q’ came into the picture or what they refer to as Q2.

Now the way that American Intelligence Media says that he knows this beyond any shadow of a doubt is that Qanon basically stopped using cryptology to communicate it’s messages and started communicating in a more basic format to people. This change alone is seemingly the bedrock of the claim that Q was taken over by corrupt forces and is now a psyop, as stated by both American Intelligence Media and Titus Frost.

Also, Thomas says that he is an old school NSA guy and was responsible for helping to develop their cryptology methods, and so he is an excellent source to be able to relay the information to people that Qanon is now at the helm of insidious individuals and is nothing more than a psyop.

These YouTubers then go on to say that there is in fact a third Q, whom they refer to as Q squared, and that the information coming from this source is just a bunch of gibberish and also should not be trusted.

Another clue to the fact that the new Q is a complete farce is that there were certain times where pictures were taken such as out the window of air-force one and posted on the Q thread, and a time when there was a picture taken of a pen on the desk in some office in a high position somewhere. And it is said by American Intelligence Media and Titus Frost that this would be considered a leak by the military and government and that this person would be thrown in jail. Not to mention the fact that Trump and his team are on the look out for leakers and whoever was doing this would be spotted instantly and dealt with accordingly.

So this is what the main story is to support the idea that Q is a psyop at this point in a nutshell. Shockingly, Titus Frost admits in one of his videos explaining all this, that neither he, nor anyone else knows who took over for the original Q, or essentially who Q2 is.

Here’s What I Think About All This

So with all that said, I would like to put in my two cents, as well as share my own personal critical thoughts of all this with you.

First of all, as I stated before, apparently we the viewers are supposed to just believe all this from these people.  Again, they are probably very nice, smart people, and I’m not saying that any of them are lying, but the fact is there is simply no way for any of to know this is all the truth. And what really bothers me to be honest with you about all this is these YouTubers are claiming that the Q hoax has been 100% debunked and anyone who still believes in Q or follows Q is an idiot.

And to that I say…..not so fast. We’re all supposed to believe that a guy name Defango on YouTube, who is a master puzzle solver and hacker went to a hacking convention, met with some people from this super secret cicada group, he mentioned the idea that maybe instead of just being nerds with each other and creating puzzles for other nerds to solve and then when they do solve them they give each other high fives because they’re so much smarter than everyone else, they could you know, create something that would help inform people of the truth. A little while after that Q anon starts posting on 4chan.

Whaattt????  I mean look, let’s get real frickin’ real here. If Q is fake or a psyop, fine. I have no problem with the truth and of being wrong on something.

But if that is the evidence we’re all supposed to swallow and jump off the Q train, you’ve got to be kidding me. We’re apparently dealing with some super smart geniuses here, but apparently none of them can seem to understand that what they have presented to us all as ‘evidence’ that Q is a psyop is shoddy at best.

Now let’s slow this down a bit and look at the big picture.  Let’s say that this story of Defango’s went down exactly as he claims and as Titus claims as well as American Intelligence Media.

Well, although it would be quite a coincidence that Q started posting after that convention, if we’re being real honest here, they nor us nor anyone else KNOWS that it was the cicada group doing it. If there is better evidence somewhere out there that we haven’t gotten, fine, but we’re still waiting.

Titus says that he doesn’t know who Q2 is and no one else does either. Well I’ve got news for you, no one knows who Q1 really was.

There’s speculation, sure.  There’s an interesting story from Defango that we’re all supposed to just take as gospel, but even that story is a mind blowingly loose connection at best, and given the fact that we are supposed to be dealing with super geniuses here.

Alright. So the other big key here is that we are supposed to believe that Q changed when Q stopped communicating in cryptology.  Thomas from American Intelligence Media seems damn sure of this also.

But you know, listening to Thomas talk he reminds me of one of those people who’s so smart that he can’t see the forrest through the trees.  It’s like, yes, you are a cryptologist and you used to work for the NSA and you helped them develop it and you’re super smart, we get it.

What if Q Stopped Using Cryptology to Communicate with Every Day People?

But I’m going to throw a radical idea out here now.  What if the people behind Q realized that communicating with cryptology to a bunch of people who, you know, don’t even know what the hell cryptology is let alone how to decode it was uh…..let’s go with counter productive.

What if the use of cryptology was used to throw certain people off who believed that Q was supposed to be more sophisticated and complicated than the mission actually is?  What if it’s all about informing the people, you know, we every day people with things we can look up on our own, and at the same time throwing off the trail of some of these deep state dark cabal guys?

I mean, would it really be that hard of Q was like, hey you know what, I don’t think anyone other than these super genius nerds are getting my messages here. What if I just started speaking a little more plainly to people?

I’m not saying that’s exactly what happened, but what I am saying is that it’s just as possible a scenario as Q being hijacked and now it’s all one big psyop.

And as far as the idea of Q being a leaker near Trump and he or she would be arrested on the spot, did it ever occur to anyone that if Q was a military operation that WHOEVER WAS TAKING AND POSTING PHOTOS TO THE Q BOARD HAD PERMISSION TO DO IT FROM MILITARY INTELLIGENCE???

I mean look, I’m not a super genius.  I’m not even a genius.  Hell, I’m not even that smart.  And yet what I’ve shared with you here occurred to me instantly listening to these people.

This is the Truth About Q

I’ll make it real clear. This is the truth about Q.


And anyone claiming they have full knowledge of it or that Q is 100% debunked is full of it.  Q’s very first post was a form of dis-info, and the messages have been peppered with information that came to pass, some that didn’t, and some that has yet to be revealed.

There is simply no way for any of us, nor anyone else to know exactly the plays here or what’s going on.  Again, the so called ‘evidence’ we have gotten from Defango, Titus Frost, and American Intelligence Media is an absolute embarrassment to people who are interested in real facts and real evidence.  You know, TRUTH seekers.

They also don’t seem to get the biggest point of Q in my opinion.  It’s about hope.  It’s always been about hope.  Do these people and people like them really believe that the lot of us haven’t considered the idea that it’s all a rigged game and everyone’s in on it and we’re all screwed?

These people are so damn smart but they just can’t seem to understand or see the big picture. And frankly, I’m tired of people having to listen to stuff like this, to have their hopes and their feelings that there is someone fighting for us dashed across the rocks with mind numblingly horrible evidence to back up the claims.

It’s Real Simple

It’s real simple ladies and gentlemen.  We’re all just people.  And many of us have jobs, husbands, wives, children, and other obligations we need to tend to.

We don’t have time to sit around solving puzzles to try to figure out what’s ‘really going on’.  There’s good guys and there’s bad guys.  If the bad guys win it’s not going to be much fun, but it will only be a matter of time before the good guys rise up and stop them.

IT”S SO SIMPLE.  The big picture that is.

So you want us to see that Q is a psyop?  You’re gonna have to do better than that.


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