Harvey Weinstein Goes Down! The Cabal is Being Dismantled….

Harvey Weinstein Goes Down!  The Cabal is Being Dismantled….

Harvey Weinstein has been convicted on two counts:

-Committing a criminal sex act in the first degree


-Rape in the third degree

This is HUGE not only for the #metoo movement, but also big for the global power structure of sex abuse, sex trafficking, and other heinous crimes that many in the ‘underground’ have been connected to for decades.

I do believe that what is happening with Harvey Weinstein is a part of a larger operation in both exposing and bringing down global elites and their rings of power for the purposes of ushering in global fascism.

The arrests and disclosures of abuse we have seen thus far have been, in my opinion, acclimating the public to much larger arrests and much deeper issues uncovered by various investigations into criminality in our government, being conducted principally by US AG Bill Barr, John Durham, and John Huber.

What has happened with Harvey Weinstein is not too much different than what happened with Jeffrey Epstein and others who have been exposed for various sex crimes, arrested, fired, etc.

Make no mistake, the justice being brought against these predators that have been allowed to operate for so long freely is a huge win for the movement for truth and accountability in America and abroad.

Keep your eyes peeled for more arrests and more convictions coming up in the coming days, weeks, and months.

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