Pizzagate – Charlotte, NC: Pinkygate

Pizzagate – Charlotte, NC:  Pinkygate

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Are There More Restaurants Besides Comet Ping Pong that May be Involved in Child Trafficking?

After learning about pizzagate and seeing the pedophile symbols and codewords that were not fbi symbols pedogateonly declassified by the FBI and leaked by wikileaks but associated with certain restaurants, I began to wonder if specific restaurants were used heavily across the country as one avenue of trafficking children. Given how large the child trafficking epidemic is this made quite a bit of sense to me not just for pedophiles to be able to communicate with one another, but also for the more organized network of satanic illuminists for their own ends.

After seeing more and more of the symbolism and disturbing imagery associated not only with pedophilia but with satanic ritual associated with pedophilia, I am beginning to believe that there does indeed exist all around us and out in the open for those with the eyes to see and ears to hear, a completely different culture of people who are satanic and for whom pedophilia and even murder is just a normal part of their lives.

And while we were given a glimpse into this world with the pizzagate saga with certain symbols and codewords, I believe there are more symbols and codewords that have not been declassified that we as citizen journalists will have to uncover for ourselves. If we are revealing the symbols and codewords that pedos and satanic pedos have been using, it stands to reason that they would start using new codewords and symbols for their actions.

I Came Across a Creepy Restaurant in Charlotte, NC

As it happens, I happened to come across some things recently in my home of Charlotte, NC that put my feelers up. Then upon further investigation I found some rather disturbing things that I felt appropriate to share with the community of truthers and investigators. It started out with an every day trip out to lunch with a friend and culminated in the video that you are about to see here.

restaurantThe restaurant is called Pinky’s Westside Grill which is located in Charlotte NC. It should be noted as well before we move on, that North Carolina and specifically Charlotte is publicly known to be a huge source for child trafficking.

In fact, DC, Charlotte, and Atlanta are some of the largest hubs for trafficking on the east coast. For those of you who are not aware, Pinky’s was actually featured in Diners Drive Ins and Dives with the well known Guy Fieri.

Interestingly for those who are not aware, Guy Fieri and his show actually did an episode with James Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong at one point, leading some pizzagaters to believe that Guy Fieri and his show may have some connection with the much larger issue of pedogate with the various restaurants that he visits. For myself, I was not aware that Guy Fieri did an episode at Comet Ping Pong until I started looking into the stuff I found at Pinky’s.

One of the first things you’ll notice when walking into Pinky’s and even when you get inside, is that there seems to be a particular interest with little demons and monsters including Frankenstein himself. There is a large caricature of Frankenstein outside and pictures of him within.

It’s interesting to note that Frankenstein actually has some connection with pedophilia in general frankenstein signas in the story of Frankenstein just after his creation, he comes upon a child and sees within the child an innocence that he feels will not judge him for his ugliness and for his desires. The child in the story starts to scream and cry for his parents and Frankenstein becomes angry and kills the child to silence his cries. Whether or not the imagery of Frankenstein here has any connection to a deeper issue at play at Pinky’s and abroad is up to the viewer to decide.

Right when I walked into this restaurant and before any of these types of thoughts concerning pedogate popped into my head, I turned to my friend and I said, this place is scary, basically joking due to the funky symbols and caricatures that were all over the place. But the vibe was undeniable for me.

When we were seated the first thing I noticed was on the menu, there is a section called Weiner Wonderland that had a bunch of different kinds of hotdogs available. Then I noticed two other sandwiches, Da Pimp, and the Ding Dong chicken sandwich.

Right when the thought crossed my mind that maybe something strange was going on here related to pedophilia, I looked up from the menu and saw two infant onesies pinned to the wall next to a baby skeleton. Just above that and to the left a bit, was a giant eye with wings.

To me it looked like the all seeing eye of the illuminati that we are all familiar with. And then I began to look around and I saw a sticker that said I love ding dongs next to a chicken caricature, and noticed all kinds of imagery that came across to me as demonic or sexually suggestive in odd ways.

I mentioned something to my friend and of course she thought I was crazy, and to the casual observer what I was seeing could be easily construed as just a particular artistic style that the owner of the restaurant had. Nevertheless, I felt something was going on here. I did see hearts in certain places in even a large triangle for those aware of the known pedo symbols so far, but I was noticing a slightly different pattern here, one that I had not seen or heard of in the online communities.

I noticed monsters, dinosaurs and reptile like creatures, a chicken, ponies, unicorns, and the name Pinky’s itself was troubling for me. There was also the primary symbol of a closed fist with the pinky finger raised all over the place. To me this looked like some kind of illuminati symbolism.

My Investigation into This Restaurant Begins

google search screen shotUpon arriving home I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going on with this restaurant and I began to dig around on their sites and look up the owner of the restaurant. I did have the feeling that perhaps I was looking too much into this because nothing was sticking out quite as blatantly as was the case with comet ping pong, but I still felt something was under the surface and I couldn’t shake the feeling.

The first thing I noticed when I looked up the restaurants instagram was a baby in a onesie with what appeared to be a pony on it, kind of like a my little pony type of character. In the description, the child was described as one of their ‘littlest friends’. For those who are aware of pedophile code words, ‘young friends’ is used commonly among pedophiles to describe little ones they are interested in.

As I scrolled through the pictures I found pictures of other children and infants throughout the page, and a couple that really stuck out to me. There’s one where it appears that the little girl is dressed as a woman, and then there’s another one where it appears as if the mother is really planting one right on a little girl’s lips. I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall my mother ever kissing me like that.

A few other pictures have children with milkshakes that are called sparkle pony milkshakes and the descriptions have references to my little pony as well. While to me personally it seemed like there was a bit too much of a fascination with children going on here, it wasn’t quite enough to warrant any real alarms or even to make a video about it.

I was just about to wrap up my paranoid investigation into this local Charlotte restaurant when I came across another picture that caught my eye. This time it wasn’t anything to do with children, but it was a blatant satanic pentagram.

I clicked on the image and discovered the person who posted the picture works at Pinky’s and upon examining her instagram I found an almost obsession with satan. I mean she had the tattoo’s, the memes, the shirts, the comments about satan going on left and right.

I noticed her body was covered in tattoo’s quite heavily, and that many of them were blatantly satanic and of the occult. Then I began to realize that many of the people I saw who worked at the restaurant had a very similar look with the vast majority of their bodies covered not just in tattoos, but tattoos with similar satanic and occult themes. Of course I did notice some hand signs that people like to point to as being satanic, but even this didn’t feel quite enough to warrant any kind of alarm.

Then I took a look into the owner of Pinky’s himself, Greg Auten. This was an interesting looking fellow who also was covered in tattoos heavily, and was a part of a motorcycle group at the very least which seemed harmless enough.

But there was a vibe here that just wasn’t jiving with me. Then I noticed him in a picture with a flag that I personally had not seen before. It was a blue flag with a yellow equal sign on it.

Upon looking up what that symbol meant, I learned that it was the symbol of the Human Rights human rights campaignCampaign, which is the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community. It has become the chief logo for the fight for equal rights for the LGBTQ community.

It is worth noting that one of the co-founders of the Human Rights Campaign and a huge supporter of President Obama’s Campaign, Terry Bean was charged in a sexual abuse case with an underage male. But it seemed as though Mr Auten was interested in letting people know that any and ALL people were welcome at Pinky’s, as long as they were ‘cool’ with a short video he made with the Human Rights Campaign flag. Of course just because one is a member of the LGBTQ community does not necessarily mean they are a pedophile, but as we know various pedophile advocacy groups are pushing for their own rights and are seeking to push the envelope for what is acceptable.

Although the findings of connections to sexual openness and links to the Human Rights Campaign along with a liberal mindset toward satanic beliefs were present, I still felt like I wasn’t seeing something definitive. For those who remember what was discovered on the social media pages of James Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong, there were such extremely blatant examples of interest in infants and pedophilia that not much digging was needed to see something was terribly wrong there. This case seemed a tad more obscure, yet I kept feeling like something was under the surface and I just needed to dig a little more to find it.

I knew there had to be something linking pedophilia to the term pinky’s, to ding dongs, to dinosaurs, pony’s, and unicorns. I dug and dug and tried every possible combination you could think of to try to find some connection here. And then when I was about to pull my hair out, I happened to type in Pinkie’s Ding Dong and I found something that suddenly brought it all into light.

Pinkie Pie’s Ding Dong

It must be emphasized and stressed here that what I found was a sexually explicit hentai comic strip called Pinkie Pie’s Ding Dong and if anyone searches for that pleased be warned that it is sexually graphic and is definitely not for children. Not only was this a sexually explicit comic strip with Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, but it depicted Pinkie Pie desiring and then getting male genitalia on top of already having female genitalia, hence, Pinkie Pie’s Ding Dong.


Pinky is not only the name of this restaurant, but there are pictures of my little pony characters on coloring sheets for children as well as on the onesies for babies. The Ding Dong signs they had in the restaurant that said I love Ding Dong’s had a chicken character next to it. For anyone who is familiar with pizzagate, a chicken lover is one who loves young boys.

As a side note I discovered as well that there was a pedophile advocacy group with the acronym of PIE in the 80’s called the pedophile information exchange. Whether this has any direct connection I do not know, but it is creepy nonetheless.

As disturbing as this discovery was, I found on youtube some even more disturbing videos involving Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. There are a number of them but the ones that stood out to me were a music video with Pinkie Pie playing a game of ‘hide and seek’ with Rainbow Dash while singing a rather creepy song.

The song starts out ‘Ding Dong I know you can hear me open up the door I only want to play a little…..’ of course Pinkie Pie is outside ringing the door bell trying to get in this house, but the ding dong aspect pops up again hinting at someone trying to get at little children.

The next video that caught my attention was My Little Pony Cupcakes which is extremely disturbing showing Pinkie Pie torturing dismembering and murdering Rainbow Dash. This is clear satanic imagery, including the mark on Rainbow Dash’s leg that is a satanic symbol for lucifer.

Before slicing up Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie says the words ‘cup cakes’. Cup cakes also kept coming up with these themes as well, including in the pinkie pie cupcake party horror game.

The last video that I caught was titled My Little Pony: Cupcakes prehistory, and shows Pinkie Pie pinkie pie cupcakes prehistoryslicing up and murdering many different ponies and creatures and baking their bodies and remains into cupcakes, which is a horrifying thought when thinking of satanic pedophiles who own any kind of restaurant.

As if the previous discoveries and themes in this restaurant weren’t disturbing enough, Pinky’s restaurant also serves, small cupcakes periodically and a milkshake called a sparkle pony. Chillingly, As I was leaving the restaurant I turned around and noticed a cupcake store next to the restaurant called, ironically enough, small cakes, a cupcakery.

A few years back as some of you may remember, there was some backlash surrounding a new group of males who referred to themselves as ‘bronies’, or males who were into the show my little ponies. Not only were there males who were into a show for little girls, but there were many older men who claimed to enjoy it.

Many were quick to refer to these men as pedophiles which of course they quickly denounced, but given everything we have just seen these my little ponies are clearly satanic pedophile code for small boys and small girls that not only show interest in hurting and molesting them, but that they have interest in maybe even killing them.

We keep seeing in different places the gradual grooming of society to accept child love and even Satanism to one degree or another, and these people have been hiding in plain sight. I am sure that they are all around us in cities scattered throughout the nation and the world and have been there for a long time.

Child Trafficking and Pedophilia is Not a Joke, and Symbols and Code Words are Used All the Time Between Those who Are Interested in Such Things

It is important for us as citizens now to be vigilant and to not dismiss these types of things when pedo symbolswe have a strange feeling about a place or some people or what certain symbols might mean. We are talking about an epidemic of pedophilia and even satanic pedophilia as well as child torture and murder going on, and what once was considered crazy should be increasingly taken more and more seriously. We have been given certain code words and symbols through wikileaks to watch out for, but there are all other kinds of symbols and code words being used as well that we must decipher and investigate ourselves.

Whether or not there is actual pedophilia or satanic pedophilia going on with people involved in this restaurant cannot be stated with 100% certainty. But one thing is clear, someone or some people involved in this restaurant are clearly aware of what these names and symbols mean as they relate to extremely perverse sexual innuendos, extremely grotesque perversions and even murder.

They obviously have no problem with it in theory to the extent of naming the restaurant and items on there menu after these things, as well as having no problem putting these things on clothing and coloring sheets for small children. This is twisted, perverse, disgusting and extremely disturbing, which leads me personally to believe these people very well could be involved in occult ritual pedophilia among other things.

In either case, I urge everyone watching this to keep your eyes open for things like this for those little ones with no voice who suffer things most of us can’t even imagine. With Charlotte being a major hub of child trafficking and child porn production on the east coast along with DC and Atlanta among other places, I personally have absolutely no problem believing that something that what I have uncovered here is operating just as it seems.

Always keep in mind that not only is child trafficking, torture, rape and murder going on, but that it is estimated to be over a 50 billion dollar a year industry all over the world.

This is huge and there are wealthy, powerful, and every day people you’d never expect involved with these things. This is very real, it’s very large, and it is nothing to joke about in any way shape or form.

And Don’t think it can’t be or isn’t happening in your own town. Keep your eyes and ears open at all times, and let’s step outside of our comfort zones to bring awareness to and give a voice to the children so many would like to forget and ignore. Thank you.

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