What is QAnon? – A Look at Q, Trump, and the New World Order

What is QAnon? – A Look at Q, Trump, and the New World Order

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What is QAnon?

If you are reading this post there is a good chance you know all about Q as well as the movement.q anon This post is not designed to provide any “new” Q information perse, nor of analyzing any of the newer Q posts, but rather to give a brief synopsis of what Q is to those who are not yet aware. This post is also designed to give a big picture view of not only the Q Anon phenomenon, but of what is and has actually been going on in this country for decades.

If you are learning about Q for the first time here, “Qanon” refers to an as of yet unidentified individual or group of individuals who have been giving the public “breadcrumbs” of information since October 27th 2017 on what is “really” going on in our country. And when I say what is really going on in our country, I’m talking about subject material as it relates to mass corruption within our government, as well as what the Trump presidency is really all about. As of this writing there are 2, 493 breadcrumbs of info or Q drops as they call them.

These breadcrumbs of information are found primarily on the site qmap.pub and I’d highly recommend checking it out to follow Q directly as well as to brush up on what has actually been taking place in our country and around the world in reality. The link for this will be provided below. There are also some great you-tubers who regularly follow Q and who give a synopsis of all the latest Q posts as they drop that I recommend checking out if you are interested, and I will provide links to their channels below as well.

Now to state it again and to put it simply, it is believed by many who are aware of and who follow Q that the information that Q provides is legitimate information coming from someone with high up access in our government or in military intelligence that is giving the people the real scoop on things going down in our country currently.

Is QAnon Just a Conspiracy Theory?

all seeing eyeThe reason many believe and refer to Q as a conspiracy fringe movement is because if you boil it all down, what Q is saying is that there is a vast network of corrupt politicians, bankers, CEO’s, people in business, entertainment and intelligence all over the world who have been systematically working to dismantle the sovereignty of the republic of the United States as well as the sovereignty of nations all over the world to usher in a fascist totalitarian one world government.

Not only this, but Q mentions many times that many of these people doing this are literally of the dark occult and who worship satan, who traffic children for various purposes, and who have been involved with unbelievable crime, corruption, and treason to pull off their agenda. In other words, Q is saying that the conspiracy theory that many have heard for so long of many people in our world working toward a new world order actually ACTUALLY IS happening and has been going on for some time.

For many who have been following underground information and events unfolding around the world for decades, those who many would consider conspiracy theorists, they would see what Q is saying and doing as proof that what they have believed in and have been saying all along is true.

But interestingly enough there are a completely new set of people who have stumbled upon Q who either never heard of the idea of a global conspiracy toward a one world fascist government, or have heard of it but just never put much stock in it as being real. Many of these people, however, have discovered Q and have been following them for a long time and believe that Q is legitimate.

Of course there’s the mainstream media and everyone else who think all this is a bunch of nonsense hocus-pocus insanity and don’t pay much attention to it at all. But at this stage in the game, regardless of what you believe or what your point of view is, it should be blatantly obvious that SOMETHING huge is happening right before our eyes.

What is the Truth About President Trump?

Some see the election of President Donald Trump for example as the beginning of a fascist regimepresident trump speaking at rally who came to power illegitimately with the help of Russia that must be stopped at all costs. Others see Donald Trump as a someone who has risen up to fight the dark globalist cabal, to not only expose them but to actually try the corrupt players in the game as criminals and to literally clean the swamp from a group of satanic pedophile elitists who span the right and the left of politics and to restore our republic.

Then there are people who just think Trump is a racist and are pissed that he’s lowering taxes and talking about building a wall on the Mexican border, while others still believe that he is simply another political puppet of the international banking cartel and the zionists.

But what is really going on in Washington with Donald Trump? Why did he use his own money to campaign for president, and then forgo getting paid for doing the job of president, essentially volunteering to be president? Why is he so interested in nationalist views of putting America first and of moving away from “globalist” movements and agendas, a term which he uses often?

And furthermore, why does everyone hate him as if he was the devil if he has simply been lowering taxes and allowing deregulation for businesses as most other republican presidents have? Why do people hate him simply for the idea of being pro America and of putting America’s interest and prosperity first?

Who is Julian Assange and what is wikileaks all about? Why is it widely believed that they hurt the Clinton campaign so badly that an investigation that is still ongoing to this day had to be launched to find out if there was Russian collusion with Wikileaks and Donald Trump which cost Clinton the election? Why was Seth Rich killed, and who did it?

Maybe the Conspiracy Toward a One World Government Has Been Real All Along

Why were people like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden popping up before this, risking their lives and their freedom to bring people classified yet important truths about what their government had been doing for so long?

And why do we now have an individual or group of individuals that go by the anonymous pseudonym Q-Anon that are leaking even more information to us?

Maybe, just maybe, it’s because the long told tales of a shadow government of corrupt and powerful people from all over the world who were trying to destroy the republic of the united states and to unite the world in a one world fascist government were true all along. Come to think of it, is it really so hard to believe?

I Believe Q is Legitimate

There are some in the truth movement who feel that Q is just some larp or someone playing games with everyone with this information being given to the public. But after reading many of the Q posts and of listening to many breakdowns of the Q posts from various youtube creators, coupled with what I personally was already aware of concerning the reality of a deep state dark cabal with nefarious intentions for the United States and the world, I believe that Q is legitimate.

military intelligenceNot only do I believe that Q is legitimate, but that it is an operation being conducted by a certain group within our government intel that is designed to not only gradually inform the people of what has really been going on, but more importantly to acclimate the people to some very dark and uncomfortable truths about what has been going on in our country for decades that will be coming forth in the coming months and years.

To share a little about me personally, I have been aware of the things that Q has been talking about since I was in high-school in the early 2000’s. I knew that Hillary Clinton was planned to be the final nail in the coffin of our republic since George W Bush was in office and frankly I was terrified.

I was terrified because so few people had any idea what was going on. I was terrified because of the very dark future that was headed our way and that didn’t seem to be slowing down.

When Obama was running I could see right through the mass propaganda and social engineering machine, and it wasn’t Obama that frightened me so much as all the blind supporters chanting his name and buying into the social engineering without taking a look at what was actually going on. I didn’t think there was any hope for us at all.

You see, when I was about 17 years old around the year 2003, I had my eyes opened to the reality of the most unimaginable evil that had been existing and growing within our very own backyard for decades. We’re talking about many individuals in the public spotlight in the form of politicians, celebrities, and various heads of organizations who were involved with things like illegal drug running and trafficking, human and child trafficking, pedophilia, the production of child pornography, the creation of mind control slaves for various purposes as well as the refining of this mind control technology for the use on the masses. It was believed by a great many world leaders and powerful people that world peace was only possible through the mind control of the masses.

People like Gerald Ford, George HW Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Robert Byrd, Larry Flint, Bill Bennett, and many others. To put it in the simplest in mildest terms, just imagine that full blown Nazis were here in America and the movement of eugenics, of fascism, and of a mind controlled populace was growing and taking place in America.

Imagine that the Nazis didn’t so much lose the war as much as they simply moved to America andhitler giving salute were inducted into our CIA and proliferated our schools and universities and other areas. It’s an uncomfortable idea, sure, but it’s not inconceivable and in fact actually happened as is documented in project paperclip.

You know there are many people out there who know full well of what I’m talking about here and they’ve heard it many times before. But what I’m saying here is information that is all on record if you look it up. And I haven’t even gotten to 9/11 yet and what that was really about. You see it was 9/11 that blew my eyes wide open literally. I was only a sophomore in high school when it happened and I’m not even sure youtube even existed back then.

But I’m talking about getting the above information that I am referring to from sources of information that were beyond well documented that were released prior to 9/11 even taking place. Sources like Trance-formation of America by Mark Philips and Cathy O’brien. Sources like the Franklin Coverup by John Decamp. Sources like Behold a Pale Horse by Bill Cooper.

Not to mention all of the talk and supporting evidence of this very thing from the various works by David Icke. And I know people can’t handle the reptilian stuff, but what he said about Satanism and dark luciferianism existing throughout the world, of drug running and child rape and torture, of mind control and the movement toward a one world fascist dictatorship was and is true. And if you did a little research you can verify all these things for yourself.

The ironic thing was when I started reading Q’s posts for me it was like, oh yeah, ok. Sure. People who worship satan in our government, pedophilia, drug running, treason, the systematic destruction of our republic, massive corruption all across the board. Not only was all this information not new to me, but the truth is I was SO relieved that there was very obviously a resistance happening to the massive corruption that had been growing in our country for so long. I was so relieved that there was at least some hope to prevent or curtail the planned global economic collapse and global holocaust that was supposed to take place, and take place under Hillary Clinton as president.

Do you know that it was decided in the mid 80’s that the succession of presidents to be in office leading up to the downfall of the republic and the merging of the United States with a new world order was to be George HW Bush, followed by Bill Clinton, followed by George W Bush, and finalized by Hillary Clinton? In fact the only reason Obama went into office first was to make it look a little less obvious to people as to what was going on. The only reason Bill and Hillary are democrats was to give the illusion to the people that they had a choice.

hillary clintonBut I’ve known that Hillary Clinton was one of the most evil people who ever walked this earth a long time ago, and I got this from a source of information that was released in 1995.

Q says many times that these people running things worship satan. He (or she or they) say many times that the whole picture is more than people can handle.
I believe and have a feeling that some of that big picture is what I’ve just touched on with you here, and of which has been available to people all over the world for many years and decades at this point.

If Q is Real, All the Information Being Presented is Quite Disturbing

To the people have never heard of these things and who don’t believe that Q is real, I get it. It’s very uncomfortable to have to contemplate that you have been a part of one gigantic super cult that has become the United States of America since pretty much 1947 and the passing of the National Security Act.are you in a cult

To the people who have heard of these things and think that Q is nonsense or some psyop, I would say just look at the big picture. It’s about the AWARENESS spreading to the masses. Even if it’s Alex Jones doing it. Yes there is controlled opposition but it BACKFIRED. THE PLAN IS BACKFIRING AND ITS ACTUALLY CAUSING PEOPLE TO WAKE UP because the information is spreading out there and there’s no stopping it now. There’s no stopping people from putting the pieces together.

To believe that evil people are and have been running things is extremely uncomfortable. People struggle with denial when it comes to someone having an alcohol or drug problem in their family all the time. Imagine trying to cope with the idea that fascist satanic pedophiles have been running our country for a long time now.

Regardless, It’s Time to Wake Up

cosmic eyeBut it’s time to wake up and open our eyes to the truth of these things. It’s time to open our eyes to the fact that the drug running and the human and child trafficking was in large part to fund black operations that were not sanctioned by congress, nor were many in congress even aware of it. And it’s time to realize that our country has largely been manipulated and run by covert Nazis essentially using agencies such as the CIA the FBI and the NSA to do it.

And what’s happening with Donald Trump now is an operation with men and women in military and intelligence who know exactly what’s been going on and who are working to stop it. BECAUSE IF SOMEONE DIDN’T STAND UP AND FIGHT THIS AND WORK TO STOP IT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A GLOBAL ECONOMIC DEPRESSION AND GLOBAL HOLOCAUST SUCH AS THE WORLD AHS NEVER SEEN.

Q Anon is a branch of these good men and women who are acclimating the public with some uncomfortable truths and information to understand what’s really been going on, and also to prepare people for even bigger reveals and bigger events that take place in the next number of years.

But the most important aspect of QAnon, whoever they are, is that they are dropping breadcrumbs of information that are designed for every day people not to just be fed information as they are through the mainstream media, but to actually look into these things for themselves, to do a little digging, to start putting pieces together of the bigger picture for themselves, and to start critically thinking again.


As of now nobody knows WHO Q is exactly. But WHAT Q is something more than just one personwwg1wga or a small group of people. It’s about something bigger. It’s about being something that is beyond what can be destroyed or what’s corruptible. It’s an idea, it’s A symbol. A symbol that is incorruptible, that can be everlasting. Q, could be anybody, THAT’S the point.

In many of Q’s posts he she or they urge us the people to continue to be involved or to get involved in the task of informing ourselves and of being involved in our democratic republic if nothing else through voting. Whoever Q is, it’s not designed to last forever. It’s about us. The people. It always has been. It’s just that for once someone has our backs in a real way, and many people don’t know what to do with that or how to feel about it.

If Q is some psyop and everything that has happened with Trump and Julian Assange and pizzagate and all the rest of it is one massive psyop to confused the truth community into believing that everything was going well when it really isn’t, it is the greatest longest con in all of human history. And it would be a con that I frankly believe is unnecessary given that all the deep state and the globalists had to do was let Hillary go into office, not pull all these extra overly complicated antics with Trump, Wikileaks, Russia, and now Q-Anon.

But even if that’s true, LOOK AT HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE WOKEN UP AND CONTINUE TO WAKE UP. The country voting against Hillary Clinton was voting AGAINST THE NEW WORLD ORDER and TYRANNY AND LIES AND CORRUPTION. And if Trump is part of the corruption, how would that be different from any other day for us?

But what if it’s true? What if tomorrow the war we’ve been fighting for most of our lives could be over? What if what’s happening now is real? Isn’t that worth hoping for? Isn’t that worth fighting for?

And if it’s all bs, there’s still us. WE are the revolution. WE are the great awakening. WE are the change. Can’t you see it? WE ARE Q.

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