How Did the Universe Begin? – A Blasphemous Tale About God, Christ, and Satan in the Light of Non-dualism

How Did the Universe Begin? – A Blasphemous Tale About God, Christ, and Satan in the Light of Non-dualism

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Who Am I to Be Saying These Things?

How did the universe begin?  Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Who is this guy writing this and how would he possibly know how the universe began or what is really going on with God Christ or Satan? What are his credentials? What is his authority?

Reasonable questions, without a doubt. To answer the first question, honestly I’m just a dude. I’m not man smilingspecial in any way shape or form, nor do I have any credentials. In fact you probably shouldn’t even believe a word I say.

But I’m a dude who’s got a really strong passion for the truth and truth seeking and I always have. The fact is, many people have asked themselves how the universe began and whether or not God is real. I was just someone who couldn’t let the question go without delving into it as deeply as I could to find the answer.

And I spent a lot of time and energy doing it. I sacrificed a cool persona for the identity of a strange guy who likes to think deeply about things and to question everything I’ve been taught growing up. I didn’t have many friends and only a few girlfriends here and there.

So I’m no expert and I’m not even any kind of teacher. But I thought since I put so much time and energy into this area that I would share with you all what I was able to find and put together. So with all that out of the way, let’s jump right in.

There’s 3 Guys:  God, Christ, and Satan

Sooooo… the beginning……You know what, we don’t need to get dramatic here.

There’s 3 guys. God, Christ, and Satan. That’s all there is.

light shining through cloudsWe’ll start with God. Now God, I have found, is a word used to describe actual and true reality. Reality with a capital R that is.

And for me I always thought it was a good idea to have a definition of God, although admittedly it would be difficult to try to define the undefinable. The definition of God I really like is really just infinite unbounded unconditional love and awareness.

In the east they call it sat cit ananda. This means being, consciousness, and bliss absolute.

Never ending bliss and conscious awareness. This is how I define God and what I mean when I say the word God.

So we’ve got that down. All there is is God and never ending divine bliss and awareness. That’s the first guy.

The second guy is what is known as Christ. And I don’t necessarily mean the Christian version althoughchrist statue that is also a big part of this picture which will get into later.

When I say Christ I’m talking more along the lines of what you could call Christ consciousness. Christ consciousness is just like God in every way. It’s all pervading, omnipresent bliss awareness and love. The only real difference being that Christ did not create itself.

You could call Christ the extension, the child, the offspring, the son, or DAUGHTER, yes ladies don’t think I forgot about you or that you’re not included in this because you are. But really Christ and God are beyond things like man and woman anyway yknow?

So alright. We’ve got God and we’ve got Christ now. And Christ was created so God had another to share himself, or HERself with.

The relationship that existed between the two was kind of like this: Christ could have an idea or something He wanted to create. This idea would be shared with God and then God would give it power and bring it to life.

It’s like a little kid thinking to him or herself, hey you know what would be great right about now? Some yoohoo. So the little kid takes this idea to the parent and says hey ma, can I have some yoohoo and the ma is all like hmmmmm, ok! And the little kid gets some yoohoo. It’s all about CREATION and extending it in perfect harmony with one another.

So this relationship between Christ and God was going nice and smooth for a while. All until this one day Christ, the son or daughter, had one crazy little idea that it never had before which would turn out to be an idea that would change EVERYTHING.

That crazy little idea was…..what if I was separate from God? What if I ran off and did my own thing?

Of course the truth is because Christ is an extension of God, this was impossible, but BECAUSE it was impossible God for the first time did not respond to this thought that Christ had like He normally would.

And because God did not respond to that thought it SEEMED as if God was either GONE or somehow separate from Christ.

amusement parkThink of it like being a little kid at an amusement park with his or her parents. At some point the child has the idea to run off to do whatever they want. So they try this a little bit but then they turn around and see that their mom or dad are gone and there’s just a sea of people in front of them.

In that moment there is a sense of fear. There’s a sense of panic. There’s a sense of shock fear and confusion. And because the mind of Christ or the child is so powerful, it begins to manifest the separation in its own mind and projects it outward.

At this point, because there was no fear or sense of loneliness before, there comes into the mind of Christ or the child a little voice that was not there before. That little voice says, you know what? You’re lost, in

satan artwork

danger and alone. Not to mention your parents are going to be really angry with you for what you did when they find you. So you’d better listen to me so we can be safe.

This little voice is the birth of….you guessed it….the third guy. SATAN. Although some refer to it as the ego mind.

Now the nature of satan at the core is an idea.  It’s the BELIEF in separation from God that is taking place INSIDE part of the mind of Christ that is asleep, or lost. In ultimate reality satan is not real, but only seems to be real in the dream of Christ and its primary purpose is to KEEP CHRIST ASLEEP SO that this satan character can SEEM TO HAVE ITS OWN EXISTENCE.


So in this one instant where Christ has the idea of being separate from God, or the child has the idea of being separate from his or her parents in the amusement park, all hell breaks loose. Either that or you could call it the big bang that created the universe of time and space. Of opposites. Of duality. Of good and evil, light and dark, up and down, man and woman, you get the idea.

big bangAnd this is the universe we know. But it is a universe of chaos, suffering, and death ultimately. In truth it’s the complete opposite of reality, or heaven. Instead of the oneness of God in Heaven, we’ve now got twoness or opposites. Instead of everything being whole, everything is separate. Instead of everything being perfectly fulfilled and taken care of, we experience a cold world where we have to constantly fight and struggle just to survive, even though no one ever does in this world.

Some call this maya. Some call it hell. Others call it the matrix. It’s a universal dream nightmare of separate duality and death being projected by a part of the mind of Christ that is currently asleep and that deeply believes that not only is it separate from God and lost, but that punishment is coming its way FROM God.

Because of this shock fear and confusion in the child or the mind of Christ and the subsequent terror of an impending punishment from God, Christ or the child listens to the voice of satan, or the ego, within its mind to hide and run from God forever, lifetime after lifetime. Continuing to be separate from God or rather to BELIVE that he or she is separate from God is the sole role of satan aka the devil aka the ego.

To touch on the analogy of the child lost in an amusement park for a second, the child continues to run through the amusement park riding ride after ride and pretending that he or she is one pretend character after another. Continually distracting him or herself from the fact that they are lost and feel a great deal of fear shame and guilt about the whole thing.

In this way the child brings on its own suffering in its various forms. This analogy is similar to the story of the prodigal son in the Bible incidentally.

If Only the Child Would be Still and Look Within, the Nightmare Would Cease

But little does the child know that his or her parents own the amusement park and everyone who works meditating childin the amusement park knows the identity of the child and tries to take the child to safety like angels but the child continues to run in panic. If the child would be still and simply ask for help or seek their parents, the problem would be solved quite quickly.

In this way we live lifetime after lifetime as infinite beings of being consciousness and bliss believing we are these limited mortal bodies and that we are here only to suffer and toil for a little while before we die and are gone forever. It’s only when we turn within and begin to inquire to God or our true self as to what is happening that we begin to wake up.

And the day WILL come when we really DO wake up fully and completely and be saved from the cycle of reincarnation, of being born again in flesh over and over again, or of being in hell, and to find REAL salvation in the omnipresent eternal light and unconditional love of God.

It’s All a Dream….

dreamscape ship on waterSo that’s the story of how the universe began in a nutshell. We’re in a dream of separation and suffering right now in our universe of duality. And true reality is whole unconditional boundless love and awareness that we must wake up to ultimately.

How do we know this is a dream and how do we wake up from it you ask? Well, that’s the subject of a whole other story.

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