Do Our Thoughts Control Reality?

Do Our Thoughts Control Reality?


How’s it going?

I hope things are going well.

So I was thinking the other day about why our lives are the way they are, and if there’s any way to change that.

I remembered all the different sources that say we are the creators of our reality and our destiny, and although I don’t disagree with the idea it seems like it’s something that’s easier said than done, you know what I mean?

I myself have certain challenges in my life and wondered why it was that way.

Then I picked up a book I hadn’t looked at in a while that you may be familiar with.  It’s called Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill.

And I remembered by re-reading some of the words in the book that it’s really the dominating thoughts in our SUBCONSCIOUS that is really the blueprint for why our lives are the way they are.

For example, some of us may naturally have programs running in our subconscious that we are powerful, worthwhile, abundant, successful etc, and life sort of flows for them.

But for some others, we may have been deeply conditioned that we are powerless, worthless, hopeless, and almost permanently broken in some way shape or form.

And I began to realize that my background and upbringing had PROGRAMMED me to see myself as powerless and hopeless.

Not only that, I realized that much of the things we see in the mainstream media give us these messages as well.

You see, it’s all about SUBCONSCIOUS programming.

And while it does take a little effort to change, once we learn how to change what’s in our subconscious consciously, we can LITERALLY free our minds and create whatever kind of life we’d like for ourselves.

Needless to say, I was excited to see and directly experience the correlation between my outer life and the predominating thoughts that are in my subconscious currently, and I am now busy on reprogramming myself to where I’d like to be.

If you haven’t checked out the book Think and Grow Rich yet, I’d HIGHLY recommend it.

I honestly believe it is one of the greatest books ever written in all of human history, and is sort of a blueprint for understanding your inner self and how to put it into action for you.

If you’d like to check it out you can do so here:

Either way, maybe try to take a look at your own life if it’s not where you’d like it to be, and then take a look at your predominating thought patterns and see if there’s a correlation.

Also, start paying more attention to how we are being spoken to and what we are being shown through various forms of media.

I promise you a whole new world will open up to you when you do, and you’ll REALLY be able to start freeing your mind.

Be well, and we’ll talk soon.


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