Are YOU Where You Want to be in Life?

Are YOU Where You Want to be in Life?

So I was thinking about life the other day, and thinking of what meant most to me.

You know, what actually brings me the most joy and happiness in life.

And honest to God, the truth is, I have derived the most joy in my life from my meditation practice of Kriya Yoga.

In fact, nothing in the world that I’ve ever experienced comes close to the joy bliss and feeling of all around satisfaction from going within and communing with my inner self and the spirit.

And I got to thinking about all the people in the world who are unhappy and unfulfilled, and perhaps don’t know what to try or where to turn in order to change that.

The fact is, people are too focused on the outside world of their lives and on other people and events, and rarely if ever go within their own temple to experience the natural and inner joy that is already there.

So I thought I’d reach out and ask… are YOU doing?  Are you where you want to be in life internally?

Are you happy and fulfilled or do you feel a sense of unhappiness and a lack of joy?

Well, what I’ll tell you is that regardless of what your outer life consists of, you CAN tap into the joy and happiness you’re looking for that’s right within you!

There are many methods out there that can help you do this, basically you just need some tools to help the mind go within and to calm down so you can experience your own inner joy and bliss.

My favorite is the science of Kriya Yoga, but if you’d like to get started you can check out my Bringing Delusion to Truth course to help you get started on your inner journey and so that you can start tapping into some inner peace for yourself.

Check out the course here:

Regardless of what you feel compelled to do, always remember that happiness and fulfillment are ALWAYS within you and are just a few breaths away from you!

I hope you are doing well, and I will talk with you soon 🙂


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