Archetheya Part 5: The Ancient History of Mankind Part 2 – Lemuria, Atlantis, and the Serpents of Wisdom

By Justin

July 12, 2022

Hello and welcome to part 5 of the Archetheya series. 

Today we are going to be delving into the next major period of our ancient history, which is roughly 104,000 years ago from where we are today. 

This time period is where the civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis really came into prominence. 

It is also when more beings came to the Earth to assist mankind with their spiritual evolution and development, and to set the stage of our progress for the next 104,000 years.

So the two ancient land masses of Lemuria and Atlantis were known as twin dragon lands as they were populated by spiritual masters known as serpents of wisdom. 

Serpents of wisdom refer to those who have successfully united the polarities within themselves, raised their serpent kundalini energy into their 7th chakra and reunited with God outside of time and space permanently and while in their bodies.  We will delve more into exactly what polarity union is as well as how to achieve it in future entries of the series.

It is because of this that the serpent mythology and symbolism really took hold and spread through so many cultures throughout the world. 

These enlightened beings came to help humanity spiritually and to teach them how to reunite their own polarities within themselves and thereby attain union with God beyond the universe of time and space, or to achieve salvation and go to heaven.

On Lemuria, or Mu, there were a number of beings and entities that came to assist with humanities spiritual evolution.  However, the most notable ones were known as the Kumaras, and they hailed from Venus. 

This is where the legends of Sanat Kumara and Sananda Kumara come from.  Sananda Kumara was a Venusian master who would eventually incarnate as the one known as Jesus Christ.

The Kumaras founded mystery schools that would teach students how to unite their inner polarities or the positive and negative, or male and female aspects within themselves and thereby to become enlightened and become a serpent of wisdom themselves. 

The serpent also refers to the kundalini energy coiled around the base of the spine as well as to the spiral-like nature inherent in many of the aspects of creation, including things like phi aka the golden ratio as well as the DNA strand.

During the last major cataclysm that occurred thousands of years ago and culminated in the destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis, the serpents of wisdom including the Kumara’s fled to other regions of the earth for survival as well as for the survival of the sacred teachings of spirituality and enlightenment. 

These beings fled to places like India, China, Tibet, and even to central and south America. 

The Kumara wisdom was the foundation of all yogic and meditation systems that would come out of the east.  Yoga, in fact, is a term that means union with the divine, or union with soul and spirit.  This is what polarity union is all about, and is the final evolutionary destination for mankind. 

Now in Atlantis, the primary beings that came there to teach mankind polarity-union and spirituality were from the Pleiades and Sirius.  These beings came to teach polarity union but also to teach the power of the mind and the individual will. 

The primary vehicle for polarity union that the Pleidiens and the Sirians taught were through the process of alchemy, which would be the foundation of future mystery schools such as the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, and the Rosicrucians most notably. 

However, on Atlantis while there were a great many beings interested in cultivating spirituality and enlightenment and in helping humanity to progress, there did come a group that were more materialistic in their pursuits and sought power and domination over others through things like mind control and military might. 

Those who were attuned to the spirit and who were interested in awakening spiritually and in living in harmony with others were known as the sons of the law of one.

The materialistic or egotistical group that arose who were interested in manipulation, domination and control were known as the sons of belial. 

This was really the continuation of the teachings of Enlil or Jehovah that would become the modern version of the dark occult that is prominent in the world today.

The sons of belial or the dark occultists had incredible technology with which to wage war and to attempt to dominate the world.  In their arrogance, greed, and lust for power they ultimately ended up causing major destruction as well as the eventual destruction of Atlantis itself. 

The sons of the law of one who were working in harmony with spirit fled to different parts of the world to survive, but the sons of belial had to flee as well once Atlantis sunk.  The primary resting place for many parties involved was in the area of Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, the Mediterranean, and Phoenicia. 

Here the knowledge of alchemy, polarity union, and spirituality as well as the various knowledge bases of technology were moved to these areas of the world.

In this way the dragon cultures and teachings of the serpents of wisdom spread throughout the world in various forms and capacities, both the light occult as well as the dark occult. 

Starting around the 4th century BC, a city was formed known as Alexandria in Egypt that would serve to be a mecca for all serpents of wisdom throughout the world where they could come and learn from one another and support one another. 

Alexandria would become the capital of the worldwide dragon culture for all serpents of wisdom and the adepts of spiritual truth. 

A magnificent establishment was created for the purposes of learning and growing academically, philosophically as well as spiritually, and where much of the knowledge and records of the sacred teachings of the serpents of wisdom were kept.  

This establishment was called the museum, and resembled something of a modern day university.  Its chief feature was its library known as the library of Alexandria which contained over 700,000 scrolls of teachings, wisdom, and records.

For quite some time the city of Alexandria flourished as a place where mystics and serpents of wisdom would come to learn and mingle with one another. 

But around the year 389 A.D. the Christian church, specifically the Roman Catholic Church, began to grow intolerant of the serpents of wisdom and their teachings and knowledge. 

In truth what is known as Roman Catholicism was a major hub for the sons of belial and the dark occult in which to continue their own growth and expansion. 

Key to the spread of their manipulation, domination and control was the issue of spirituality and what men and women knew and had access to concerning their true nature. 

The dark occult sought to manipulate the minds of men and women through fear for social and political control.  One of the primary ways they did this was through religion. 

One of their biggest achievements in doing this was in creating a warped version of the movement and teachings of Christ that would become Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church.

It was because of their agenda for control over the minds of men and women that they also sought to stamp out the serpents of wisdom and the sons of the law of one as they posed a direct threat to the dark occult’s conquest for domination and control. 

Thus, using the Christian church and its doctrines as justification for what was to come next, it was decided that the serpents of wisdom and their teachings and knowledge were heretical and that they should be stamped out and done away with openly. 

The museum and the libraries of Alexandria were ransacked and destroyed by fanatical Christian groups.  A colossal amount of written knowledge both spiritual as well as historical records of our ancient past were completely destroyed.  

Luckily some of the texts were saved and preserved by some students and serpents of wisdom who were forced to flee in fear of their lives.  People who adhered to these teachings were also hunted down and killed in many cases. 

The beauty, knowledge and wisdom that flourished in Alexandria was virtually wiped out completely by 415 A.D. by the dark occult under the guise of Roman Catholicism.

The serpents of wisdom and the light occultists took a huge blow and had to go underground to hide and to preserve their teachings. 

A dark time came for the light occultists as they were driven underground and hunted and persecuted.  It wasn’t any coincidence that this would take place during the dark ages of our history.  

It is also no coincidence that the dark occult under the guise of the Roman Catholic Church grew and expanded its power and sphere of influence both over the minds of men and women as well as over kings and queens and their kingdoms.  

The dark occult did indeed gain a tremendous amount of power for quite some time. 

In part 6 of the Archetheya series, we will see how the struggle between the light occult and the dark occult for the greater part of our history began, and how their activities specifically shaped our history up to the current day.  

See you then.


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