Archetheya Part 4: The Ancient History of Mankind Part 1 – The Intervention of the gods 500,000 Years Ago

By Justin

June 28, 2022

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” – Genesis 1:26.

Hello and welcome to part 4 of the Archetheya series. 

With the description of the 7 aspects of the primal serpent, the architect of the entire matrix of time and space in place, we will now zoom in to planet Earth and cover some of the relevant ancient history that has largely been forgotten, buried, or in many cases destroyed so that humanity could be manipulated and controlled. 

Now when it comes to the question of exactly how mankind originated on planet earth, of course there are a number of views. 

Some have the creationist theory where God created mankind in a relatively short period of time and most things simply ‘appeared’ rather quickly.   Others of course believe in the theory of evolution. 

However, even for those who believe in the theory of evolution, there is a common issue that has been known in the scientific community as the missing link.  Essentially, while it seems as if evolution was taking place over millions of years or more, the time span that gave birth to current day humanity which is homo sapiens sapiens happened in an unbelievably short amount of time. 

Seemingly overnight cromagnon was transformed genetically with bigger brains and the capacity for more advanced linguistics etc.  This has led many scientists to scratch their heads as to how exactly this could happen in such a short period of time.

However, there is a popular theory that has quite a bit of circumstantial evidence to support it which has become known as the ancient astronaut theory.  This idea basically says that a group or groups of extraterrestrials came to planet Earth and gave the beings here a genetic jump start with their own genetics for one reason or another. 

Some believe they did this to the cromagnon species of planet earth to simply help them to evolve faster as sort of a gift, while others believe they did this for more selfish reasons. 

In either case, we will now explore ad story that pops up in many cultures around the world for thousands of years.  This story is largely chronicled in a set of ancient tablets found in Sumeria, which resulted in the Zecharia Sitchin books on the ancient beings who came here to walk amongst men and of who many believe are the inspiration behind the world’s major religions as well.

Our story begins roughly 500,000 years ago from our current time, and it includes some extraterrestrial beings who came to our planet for a very specific reason.  In truth there were a number of various races who came to our planet for various reasons, but this particular group came here from a planet that had an elliptical orbit around the sun of our solar system that spanned  roughly 3600 years to make a complete orbit according to some legends. 

Legend has it that they came here to mine the gold of our planet in order to scatter gold particles throughout the atmosphere of their own planet.  They did this so they could capture and reflect the light of the sun to them when their planet’s orbit went too far away from the sun. 

They apparently also had other uses for the gold such as putting gold particles in their food as it had a benefit on the molecular structures of their bodies.  In either case, they settled in our world and began to mine our gold. 

The race of human beings that were here at that time were known as cromagnon, and they did indeed get to that point through the process of evolution. 

And as you can imagine, when this primitive version of man saw these advanced beings come from the sky with flying ships and advanced technology, they believed them to be gods. 

And in a certain respect they were and are gods, just as we are, but we will cover more of that in a future part of the series.  So after some time of mining this gold themselves, this race of beings which are referred to as the elohim, seraphim or annunaki, decided to use cromagnon of Earth to mine the gold for them. 

They also decided to start splicing their genes with cromagnon, and after some experimentation they were able to successfully create what we know as modern man and woman. 

You could say Adam and Eve were sort of test tube babies.  In the Bible when it says let us make man in our image, this is one view of what that means, that there were a number of beings who created us in their image. 

However, although these beings were the mothers and fathers of our genetic bodies, they are NOT God the father although some see them this way and some of them would like to believe that humans should worship them as gods. 

These new human beings, which is what we are and are known as homo sapiens sapiens, were used to mine gold for these beings primarily.  Some of these beings loved the humans and sought to guide them along in their spiritual development as well as in guiding them in learning the art of building and maintaining a successful and prosperous civilization. 

Some others however had an interest in dominating men and women and in ruling over them.  These beings were opposed by the beings who loved mankind and wanted to help them grow and prosper and so resisted the efforts of these dominating beings. 

This resistance eventually evolved into what has been known as the war of the gods. 

Although there were a number of these beings, the three that were of primary significance were 1 female and 2 males.  The female was the most brilliant geneticist among them and was the one who primarily successfully engineered the human race in its current form. 

She is known by a number of names and is revered in many cultures and religions, but the Sumerian texts refer to her as Ninkharsag.  She has also been referred to as mammy by many as she is essentially the mother of the human race. 

The two males have also been known by many different  names.  The Sumerian texts refer to them as Enki and Enlil, two brothers with opposing views on human beings and what should be done with them.  These beings have also been referred to as the names Yahweh and Jehovah in some traditions. 

Enki was the brother who loved mankind along with Ninkharsag or Mammy, and sought to teach mankind and to guide them.  Enki was the one who some referred to as Yahweh, and was a champion of mankind. 

Enlil, Enki’s brother, was the one who sought to dominate and enslave mankind for his own purposes, who some have referred to as Jehovah in some circles.  And this is the entity that ruled over many groups of human beings with an iron fist, tyranny and blood shed. 

In the old testament of the Bible some have noticed that it seemed like god was a blood thirsty tyrant who visited plagues and wrath upon his followers and required various forms of blood sacrifice for worship.  Some others have considered this being, Jehovah, to be more of a devilish tyrant and not the true god at all. 

They are correct, and this is where that primarily gnostic view comes from.  When Jesus refers to his father, he is referencing Yahweh and not Jehovah. 

Enlil or Jehovah was able to use his power and might to attract many devoted followers.  Enlil’s followers were used in his various wars against those who followed Yahweh and the other beings who were interested in light and harmony rather than fear and domination. 

As previously stated, these beings had many battles for and over mankind which resulted in all kinds of  disasters on the Earth.  Ultimately Enlil or Jehovah was driven back though not completely defeated and left the Earth. 

These wars were the origins of the struggle on Earth between light forces and dark forces. 

Yawyeh and other masters of light and those who followed them taught mankind the art of civilization but also gave mankind spiritual knowledge and wisdom so they could evolve spiritually.  This was where various mystery schools of hidden knowledge and wisdom began to form, with spiritual evolution being the primary goal of these mystery schools. 

This is what I refer to as the light occult and what is also referred to as the great white brotherhood of spiritual masters both on the Earth and beyond the Earth.  Enlil or Jehovah and those who were interested in domination, control and power had their own arts too, and the beginnings of a very different type of secret society began to form. 

This is what I refer to collectively as the dark occult. 

It is the light occult and the dark occult who have been working behind the scenes for the bulk of human history who have shaped things and who continue to shape things today.

 So it is true that extraterrestrial beings and other beings have been involved with our Earth and the human race in many different forms over hundreds of thousands of years. 

But the primary purpose was always to help mankind to be able to grow and evolve further on their own with minimal intervention from these cosmic brothers and sisters.  These entities are in part also responsible for sending certain representatives to help guide humanity at certain key times in a spiritual capacity.

Humanity would continue to progress until the next major period of our ancient history, which was roughly 104,000 years ago from where we are today.  We will delve into this period in part 5.  See you tomorrow.


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