Archetheya Part 3: The Seven Levels of Heaven

By Justin

June 21, 2022

“For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day:  wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.” –Exodus 20:11

Hello and welcome to part 3 of the Archetheya series.  Today we will be discussing what took place after the big bang that brought the physical cosmos into being.

So we’ll start at the point of what happened just after the perceived separation in the mind of the son of God, or the big bang, and cover the basics of what happened. 

This is designed to be a big picture overview of what generally took place on a cosmic level.

I will be taking the best of what I have been able to find on my journey, coupled with my own personal insights and knowledge based on things I have been taught and seen coming from a light occult background to present an overall picture of our cosmos. 

I hope you enjoy what is being presented here.

So according to ancient legends in the occult world, both light and dark, the very first manifestation of God that came forth from the formless unmanifest aspect of God was akin to a dragon, or a serpent. 

This dragon or serpent represents the mind that was formed that was to become the architect of the universe of time and space.  Because of this, there are a number of views about this mind that different paths adhere to. 

First and foremost, because this mind, or dragon, is the creator of the physical cosmos, many see this entity as God and worship it as such.  Being the creator of the universe, many people don’t know any different. 

They do not realize that this mind is actually the architect of misery, suffering, and death, and that the true God is beyond this mind altogether in absolute timelessness.  The Hindus refer to this transcendent and timeless God as Brahman. 

This absolute unmanifest aspect of God is truly God, true reality, and is the ocean from which all else has sprung. 

Some realize this fact, that the being who is responsible for the creation of the physical cosmos is actually the architect of suffering and death, and they understand it to be something of a satanic mind. 

In this case, this dragon or lower mind is seen to be the devil or satan.

If this view is sounding familiar to you, it is the view of many mystics and especially the gnostics. 

They view the creator of the universe of time and space as the demiurge and understand that the true God is the infinite Light that lies beyond duality. 

Although some have been taught that this idea is evil, and although I certainly do not expect you to believe me or anyone else without your own digging and research, it is nevertheless true. 

The third view is that both the manifest and un-manifest aspects of God are divine even though the mind projecting the universe of time and space is also the architect of suffering. 

Many see everything as a manifestation of God, and so also revere this dragon mind or unconscious mind as it is the vehicle which gave birth to time and space and to our experiences here. 

The fourth view is the view of the dark occultists.  They understand everything we have covered here regarding God and the dragon mind that is projecting the universe of time and space. 

But unlike the mystics of light, they see this dragon mind, or the satanic lower mind, as being THEIR true God for giving them the gift of individual will apart from everyone else, including God. 

Their view is completely inverted then, and they do not seek to reunite with God but rather to worship this lower satanic dragon mind as God and to stay here and rule in the universe of time and space as their own gods. 

These are the four fundamental views of this lower satanic mind that is dreaming the cosmic dream of time and space.  This dragon mind or lower satanic mind is known in the mystic underground as the first manifestation of God or the first serpent of wisdom. 

Serpents of wisdom will be covered more in depth as we continue our journey here.

This primal serpent god is the primary reason that there is so much serpent and dragon symbology replete throughout the various cultures and religions of the world spanning thousands of years. 

Some believe that this serpent imagery and symbolism is there because of a malevolent group of extraterrestrials known as the reptilians who have been ruling over our world for hundreds of thousands of years. 

While I am not saying that there is no such thing as reptilian beings or extraterrestrials at all, or that there haven’t been reptilian entities involved with human affairs in one form or other, the fact is that the majority of the serpent mythology refers not to reptilian overlords, but to this primal serpent of wisdom mind, and the serpents of wisdom as awakened mystics throughout our history.

Serpents of wisdom are enlightened beings who have come here to teach us how to reunite with God in truth.

So this primal serpent or first serpent of wisdom was the result of the perceived separation from God the father when the son of God perceived separation, experienced shock fear and confusion and then REACTED to it, thereby making it real in the collective Christ mind. 

When this happened, time and space was born, and the collective unconscious mind, or the first primal serpent, was divided into seven primary parts. 

These seven parts are what are referred to as the 7 levels of heaven in some traditions, and they are reflected in various places throughout the physical cosmos such as the 7 colors and the 7 sounds, including the 7 chakras. 

Of course, as we know the days of our week are divided into 7 days and the scriptures say that God created the heavens and the earth in 7 days as well. 

These 7 aspects of the collective mind of the matrix, or the first serpent of wisdom, are what it means for God to have created the heavens and the earth in 7 days. 

From here you can visualize the universe of time and space as kind of like a pyramid that is divided into 7 levels.  These 7 levels have varying rates of vibration and awareness, and go as follows:

The first or base level of this pyramid of consciousness and energy is the lowest level of vibration and is where our planet and universe are located.  This part of this pyramid is associated with the subconscious and hertzian energy. 

The second level up from our universe is where the vibration becomes quickened a bit, which is why the sides of the pyramid get closer and closer together until they reach the very top of the pyramid.  Time and vibration move faster until they reach the apex of the pyramid where there is absolute timelessness.

This second level is associated with social consciousness and the infrared energy.  The third level up is associated with conscious awareness and the energy of visible light. 

The fourth level up is associated with what is known as bridge consciousness and the energy of ultraviolet blue.  The fifth level up is associated with superconsciousness and the energy of x-ray. 

The sixth level of the pyramid is associated with what’s called hyperconsciousness and the energy of gamma ray.  And the 7th level is associated with ultra consciousness and the energy of the infinite unknown. 

The peak or apex of this pyramid is known as the zero point, which is where timelessness resides and the eternal moment of now.  Incidentally, when it says that God created the heavens and the earth in six days and then rested on the 7th, this is what it means. 

God is literally at the apex of this pyramid of consciousness and energy, and this also corresponds to the 7th chakra on top of the head.

For those of you who are familiar with chakras, you will probably surmise that each of these seven levels of heaven correspond to each of the seven chakras within us. 

It is said that a human being is the microcosm of the macrocosm and this is true.  The entire universe is indeed within us, as we are within it. 

So this is the overall layout of how our universe and time and space is set up.   As the primal serpent mind is the true source of all of the serpent and reptilian imagery and symbolism throughout our history, so too this consciousness pyramid of reality is the inspiration behind the many pyramidal structures in ancient civilizations around the world. 

Representing this pyramidal matrix of time and space, however, is but one of the meanings and uses behind the pyramids. 

In the following few parts of this series, we will delve into the ancient and underground history of mankind, and the struggles of the light occult and the dark occult leading up to the current day. 

I’ll see you in part 4!


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