Archetheya Part 2: God Satan and You – The Great Cosmic Conspiracy

By Justin

June 14, 2022

Hello and welcome to part 2 of the Archetheya series.

Today we will be diving into God, Christ, satan, you, and the great cosmic conspiracy as some have called it.  What they are, how the universe and everything we know came into being, what is really going on here and what we can all do about it.

So let’s talk about God first.  For many people the word God means different things.  But in my journeys as well as in my prayers and meditations, I have discovered that what God truly is, is unlimited divine bliss, love, joy, and infinite awareness. 

To put it simply, God is love.  Divine love.  And this divine love is not just ‘out there’ somewhere.  This divine love is eternal, and is actually TRUE reality.

“Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.   He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.” – I John 4:7-8

So in truth, God, or divine love and awareness, is all there really is.  In the east they call it sat cit ananada, or joy, consciousness, and bliss absolute. 

THIS is truth.  THIS is reality.  And furthermore, this is also YOUR true nature. 

When you hear different scriptures say that you are made in the image and likeness of God, this is what it’s referring to, not our limited human forms. 

So, this is God, or God the Father as some refer to him as.  In truth God isn’t necessarily a ‘he’ or ‘she’ but is really beyond all duality, forms, and concepts, yet resides within all of us. 

Now, the second part of this cosmic equation is what is known as the son of God, or Christ.  Some call Christ, Christ consciousness, and it’s really the same thing.

Christ, you see, IS the only begotten son or really offspring of God.  Christ is just like God in every way, the only difference being that Christ did not create itself.

Now the relationship between God and Christ is such that they were in complete harmony and communication with one another.  Essentially Christ would have an idea, communicate this to God, and then God would bring it into manifestation.

In this way God and Christ would extend reality in perfect harmony, perfect bliss, perfect union, and perfect communication.  This is reality and is perfect union and love, the perfect union and love that we all look for by the way.

This relationship was interrupted one ‘day’ we’ll call it, when Christ had what a course in miracles calls a tiny mad idea.  This tiny mad idea, was essentially, what if I were separate from God?  What if I ran off and did my own thing?

Now, in truth this is impossible.  It is impossible to be separate from God.  Even now, it seems as if we are somehow separate from God, but we are not.

But because this was impossible, for the first time God the Father did NOT respond to Christ’s thought of separation.  Because the Father did not respond, a few things happened in the mind of Christ. 

First, it seemed as if God disappeared because God did not respond to the idea of separation.  When this happened it caused a sudden and abrupt sense of shock, fear, and confusion within the mind of Christ, which caused the mind of Christ to REACT to this apparent separation from God and to make it real in its mind. 

The second major thing that happened was that Christ sort of panicked in that A.  it believed it lost God the Father, and that B.  that God the Father was angry with the son in some way and that there was some form of punishment coming from the Father to the Son. 

Again, it’s important to highlight that this scenario is NOT happening in reality but rather only in the MIND of Christ. 

The shock, fear, and confusion that took place in the mind of Christ led to the rise of a third party, which some call the ego and others refer to as satan. 

Satan refers to the unconscious part of the mind of Christ that is still asleep and dreaming dreams of projected shock fear confusion and in particular GUILT about separating from or ‘sinning’ against God. 

The ego is the individualized aspect of this satanic cosmic mind, or what some circles refer to as ‘the lower mind’, and it is sort of the ‘voice box’ in the mind of each person that is connected to this satanic mind.  

In ultimate truth satan or the ego do not exist.  They only exist in the dream of separation from God that is taking place in the collective Christ mind. 

So basically this is where an aspect of the Christ mind listens to this ego voice that was born out of this shock fear and confusion. 

This ego voice says to Christ, “oh boy you’ve really done it now.  You’ve lost God and you’ve really pissed him off.  You’re all alone now and there’s a big punishment coming your way.  But if you listen to me, I’ll protect you and we can escape from God forever.”

Believe it or not, this ‘escape’ from God or the kingdom of heaven corresponds directly with the big bang of the physical cosmos.  When the ego and the Christ mind decided to ‘split’ from God, although this was not possible in reality, it took place in the mind of Christ and created something of a dissociation within the mind of Christ. 

It was a dissociation from eternity, and this is what gave rise to the complete opposite of the kingdom of heaven, which is the universe of duality and of time and space that we know.  Where in heaven everything is one and whole, in the universe of time and space everything is separate and divided. 

In heaven where there is only the eternal moment of now and perfect love and bliss, in the universe of duality there was time and space which gave rise to separation, suffering, and ultimately death.

In other words, we created our own hell.  Hell IS the universe of time and space, of duality and death. 

Thus the universe of time and space, or the great cosmic dream was born. 

As dreams are themselves unreal, so is the universe and world that we are in now.  It is a collective interactive dream universe, that can be correctly referred to as ‘the matrix’. 

This is what the matrix is. 

It is a prison of your mind, for your mind, of self hatred, guilt, punishment, and condemnation, and is a prison to keep you away from the kingdom of heaven.

Now comes the fourth player in this cosmic game:  the holy spirit.  The holy spirit or holy ghost or what some refer simply as the spirit, is an agent of God that was dispatched into the mind of the son of God when he fell asleep into dreams of fear hell and separation in order to guide the mind of the son home. 

The spirit is a universal function and exists both within and beyond all religions and spiritual paths. 

The spirit guides most of us through our intuition, but can also take the form of physical guides such as true sages or gurus.  These are fully awakened sons and daughters of God that have fully remembered their union with God and can work to help guide the other lost minds back home. 

Now when it comes to YOU and what you really are, the truth is, YOU are the son of God.  You are a part of Christ.  Jesus Christ is simply an elder brother of ours who has awakened and is now in charge of the atonement process to bring us back home as fast as possible.  

As a being, you are one with Christ or the only begotten son of God.  As an ego, you appear as a human being.  But it’s all MIND.  In truth there is no physical body, just as there is no physical reality.  It’s ALL MIND. 

So within us essentially are two forces or voices so to speak.  There is the ego, which is sort of the voice box of the lower satanic mind that tells you that you are abandoned and alone and are nothing but a worthless sinner and who tempts you to all kinds of desires and attachments outside of God himself. 

The second force or voice could be said to be your soul, your heart.  This is the voice box of your true self as well as the voice box of the holy spirit.  At all times both voices are speaking to us, one leading us to joy, freedom, liberation, love, bliss, and life, and the other leading us to pain, suffering, depression, anxiety, despair, loss, and death. 

In this dream we are at war with ourselves.  We are conflicted by these two voices and all of our choices in life are a reflection of listening to one voice or the other. 

Many believe that we are simply ‘sinners’ and that there’s nothing we can do about it.  Not only is this not true, but if we don’t decide to make a firm commitment to the light and our true self, we will be forced to stay in this struggle lifetime after lifetime. 

If you are not born again in spirit, or what is known as realization, liberation, enlightenment, or salvation, then you are simply born again of the flesh in a new lifetime either as a human being or a similar entity on another planet somewhere. 

Some do not believe in ‘reincarnation’, but they do believe in ‘hell’.  In reality they are one and the same.

When you wake up for real, or truly break free from the matrix, you will be awakened to the divine realization of your oneness with God as well as with all of your brothers and sisters in the consciousness of Christ. 

The great cosmic conspiracy, then, all ultimately comes from your mind.  From our mind.  From THE mind.  And it is a conspiracy to keep one looking outside of themselves and away from God for fulfillment and safety, of which none ever comes. 

The great game then, is to seek the truth with all your heart soul mind and will and to break free from this matrix of suffering and to re-enter the kingdom of God, your true home. 

To do this, the ego self, the false self, must be relinquished, surrendered, and ultimately done away with completely in the light and love of the spirit.

Learning to discern between the satanic ego mind and the holy spirits voice within, to overcome this great cosmic conspiracy, and how to re-enter the kingdom of heaven for real will be the subjects of this series as a whole. 

Thank you again for taking the time to inform yourself with this series, and I will see you in part 3!


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