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My name is Justin, and I am your host.

My Story

So as I said my name is Justin, and I am originally from south Florida in the Palm Beach area, where I was born and raised.

I'm currently living just outside of Charlotte, NC in a town called Huntersville near Lake Norman if you are familiar.

Now my truth seeking journey really started when I was young.  

Honestly for whatever reason I just had a strong thirst and yearning for truth and I let that drive guide me throughout my life growing up.

I was really interested in anything mysterious in life in general, but it was the big questions such as "why are we here?" and "how did the universe come to be"? and "what is the meaning of life?" that drove me more than anything else.

I pursued the truth and the deepest mysteries of life in the world's major religions and spiritual paths.

I started by just reading whatever books I could get my hands on that called to me.

Things really accelerated when while I was still in high school and I was introduced to a book called Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch, which completely changed my life.

Honestly at that time in my life I had been in sort of a bizarre existential depression which I now believe was in part fueled by the high stress levels in my household and my isolation because of it (I grew up in a broken and dysfunctional home life with a mother who's behavior was strongly in line with narcissistic personality disorder), and reading this book had something of a transcendental effect on me.

Instantly I felt like I tapped into something powerful within me that was also a source of great joy where all doubts and fears completely vanished and in their place was simply a calm and solid knowingness of things.

This led me to absorb even more spiritual books and to start talking to people online about these things as well to try to connect with other like minds and go deeper in my pursuit of truth.

I started going to different spiritual centers and trying to connect with anyone who resonated with my heart.

I came across many fascinating people in the spiritual community and had many amazing experiences and synchronicities occur.

I also came across a number of teachers whom I learned much from.

Although I read countless books and had a number of teachers on my journey, the two sources of knowledge that have by far had the most impact on me are the science of Kriya Yoga as discussed in the famous spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi, and A Course in Miracles.

In fact, I was ultimately led to my own spiritual guru on the path of Kriya Yoga whose name is Paramahamsa Prajnanananda.

The experience of being with a realized sage and with being in a lineage with so many awakened sages was far beyond anything I can put into words, but the joy and wholeness I experienced was so intense that I knew I was on the track of finding what I had been searching for from the beginning:  total joy and fulfillment and ultimately the end of suffering in my life as a whole.

I Wanted to Try to Make Spirituality Scientific, Easily Understandable, and Most Importantly:  Experiential 

Not only did I have a strong drive to discover the truth in life, but I also had this interest in sort of making spirituality more simple conceptually, and honestly more scientific so anyone could apply universal principles and get benefit from their lives without getting lost in the labyrinths of dogma superstition and fear.

You know, religion and spirituality has been and still is extremely mysterious and shrouded in mystery, even for those who follow a devout path.

I really wanted to try my best to uncover the deepest universal spiritual truths and then present them in a way that made them more understandable to people at large, and to hopefully be able to show a pattern or a universal harmony amongst all religions and spiritual paths.

Furthermore, many feel that religion and spirituality is just a bunch of hocus pocus and nonsense designed to control people socially and politically.  

Now the truth is, religion HAS been used in some circumstances in that capacity, but the truth is there very much IS something extraordinary and extremely deep in the world's religions and spiritual paths that anyone can access if they want to.

I also feel that as we are now in the 21st century and have uncovered many laws of nature and truths that were not understood before, that the area of spirituality and religion should be no different in that it should be clear, approachable and practical to anyone seeking spiritual truth in their lives.

Not only that, but I also firmly believe that spirituality and religion should be EXPERIENTIAL and that people should be able to follow practical steps in order to experience what's called the spirit within.

It's been said by many sages and masters over thousands of years that a human being is actually a microcosm of the macrocosm, or a little universe inside the big universe.

With this idea in mind, I realized that if I or anyone else wanted to understand and be in more harmony with the universe around us, we had to understand and be in more harmony with OURSELVES, or the universe within.

Realizing this, I was inspired to create something of a new model of what we call the self that was easily understandable conceptually, as well as something that could be EXPERIENCED.  

This model of the self that I put together includes the 7 major areas of our lives:  physical, mental, emotional, personal, social, financial and spiritual.

This model shows how each of these major areas of our lives are connected and how they can be tapped into to extract the most joy and fulfillment out of our lives, up to and including the ultimate goal of our existence:  total spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

I call this model of the self, the being tree.

You can learn more about exactly what the being tree is HERE.

I then took this model of the self and with everything I had learned and experienced over the years in the areas of spirituality and metaphysics, emotional health and well-being, and personal development, and created a unique, all-in-one personal development, emotional health and well-being, and spiritual growth course that covered ALL areas of what we call the self so people could get the whole story AND everything they need for personal development and spiritual growth in ONE place.

I call this course The Whole Life Solution.

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The Goal of This Site

So given these interests and pursuits of mine, I ultimately took everything I learned, discovered and experienced over the years and decided to put it all together in a form where I could share these things with others who might be interested.

The purpose of From Delusion to Truth is therefore to be a source of information, healing, and empowerment for those who are seeking truth in their lives and to sort of demystify religion, spirituality, and some of the more obscure parts of our nature and existence as human beings in this world.

In other words, this site is designed to literally help people move from delusion to truth in their minds about the deeper aspects of life and our existence and how we connect to it and can tap into it.

I decided to create a site and show where I can regularly share my findings and insights with others who are interested and to work to clarify much of the mystery surrounding the nature of life, the universe, our nature as human beings, as well as our existence in the universe.

We will cover the world's major religions and seek to demystify their meanings and show the universal harmony among all true religions and spiritual paths.  

However, the bulk of the thought system that this channel is founded on is from the text A Course in Miracles and the concept of what's known as "pure non-dualism" that it expounds within, all while still honoring all spiritual paths as simply different universal paths that lead to the same ultimate goal.

There is so much confusion, misunderstanding, dogma, superstition and frankly FEAR surrounding the ultimate questions of life, but if we are all created by God and are children of the divine, then being crystal clear on our true nature, our true destiny and what the purpose of it all is is, in my firm opinion, our birth right as divine beings from a divine source.

Some might think the things discussed here are in the category of the "new age", but we will show that the focus here is not on time at all whether "new" or "old" but on the timeless truths inherent within the world's principle religious and spiritual paths, as well as the timeless truth that is our very being.

As mentioned briefly on the previous page, I am NOT any kind of "special" teacher or guide here to fulfill any kind of "prophecy" or anything like that, nor am I any form of spiritual master so to speak.

I am literally just a regular guy who has had a strong drive to find and understand fundamental spiritual truth in life and have spent a great deal of my time in my life seeking and uncovering those truths, and although I am still growing and a student on the path myself so to speak, I felt it was time to start sharing my findings and connections with others.

I want to make that VERY clear as we are ALL divine beings and I'm just kind of like a brother on the path who has remembered and uncovered some things about our true nature and am just looking to say hey!  remember who you are!

But we're all divine beings and in ultimate truth we are the SAME universal being of love, bliss, and wisdom created by God.

On top of these aims and drives of mine, with everything that we have seen unfolding in our world on the main stage, my goal is to also contribute to what many have come to call the Great Awakening going on in our world on all levels.

I ALSO believe and have experienced that the things that have gone on in my life as far as being driven to find truth myself and all the things I have been lead to, is actually a PART of a much larger global awakening process that many others have and are going through in their lives as well.

I have great admiration for the many truth seekers and truth tellers I've seen and read about throughout the years and decades, and I really hope I can help contribute to this process of global awakening in some way.

I sincerely hope you find something useful on my site or channel.  

If you ever have any questions or concerns, or would like to speak with me directly, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

You are not alone and are in good company.

I'll see YOU in the show!

Welcome to From Delusion to Truth.