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It's Time for a New Way to Look at the World

It’s been said since time immemorial, and in the modern day by our quantum physicists, that the world and universe we see around us is not separate from us.  It’s not separate from who and what we really are.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Ghandi

The World is a Projection of Your Unconscious Mind

The truth is, what we see and experience in the world in our personal lives and in the media is a projection of our own unconscious minds.  So, if we really want to heal and change the world, we must literally heal and change ourselves first.

You'll Need Some Concepts and Some Tools

From Delusion to Truth is a revolutionary new way to heal and empower ourselves through what’s called quantum personal development.  It not only takes into account our needs physically, emotionally, and mentally, but includes a blend of spirituality with the events we see in our lives and in the world to heal the deepest aspects of ourselves and to thereby help heal the world.

Are You Ready to Heal Yourself and Your World at the Same Time?

By being involved with From Delusion to Truth as a site, a channel, and a podcast, you will be involved in an interactive process of acquiring new information regularly, and will also be offered tools for learning how to transform what you see in the world by transforming what’s within you.

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